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What Did I Do Yesterday? Chapter10

Chapter 10

Translated by Nacchi

Edited by Schwarzel

Irregular sounds and vibrations of rattling are heard. I’m still sleepy, so can you be quiet? Somehow my body and head are very heavy.


As I relaxed as something warm touched my head. I wondered what it was, and when I rubbed against it, I heard a sneaking laugh. Laughter? Why?


Anyway, I’m lazy. It’s a hassle to open my eyes, and I can’t seem to move even one finger. Is it a fever?




It was my name that was whispered. I know this sweet voice.




My voice is strained and I can’t speak well. As I slowly lifted my eyelids, I saw the Captain looking at me. What? Why is the captain here?


At last, my head awakened.




I tried to keep a distance from the captain, but my body wasn’t strong enough and I collapsed on the spot. The moment I thought I would hit the floor, I was pulled up by a strong arm and put me on the lap of the captain. I’m in a very embarrassing position.


“Are you okay?”


“…Uh, yes.”


“Is there a little fever?”


The captain handed me a bottle of water. Involuntarily, I drank it hurriedly. Oh, I was thirsty. However, it is difficult to drink due to small vibrations. Vibration?


“Where are we?”


“In the carriage.”


“…Carriage? Where are we going?”


“It’s a fort near the border of a neighbouring country.”


The name of the city that was subsequently mentioned was certainly adjacent to the fort.




I put my hand on my head and looked down. Wait, I’m not crazy at all. Why am I in such a place by carriage? Why am I with the captain in the first place?


At that moment I remembered all the foolish things I did last night.


I tried to create some distance between me and the captain but I was grabbed. I was drawn in as it was and was embraced.


“Do not let go.”




I turned red when I was told with his voice tickling my ears.


“Wait, please. I can’t come back…”


While standing down, he pushed his chest to keep a distance, and the captain naturally said, “Maruno, it’s impossible to go back now.”


“It’s already in the suburbs. Will you walk home from here alone? Yesterday, it was so intense that you wouldn’t be able to walk right?”




I raised my face unintentionally. The captain was laughing.


“It’s okay. If you can’t move when you get to the city, I’ll hug you. I hope you’ll sleep again.”


“No, no, no, no.”


I can’t keep up with the development. I must have left the captain’s room and returned to the second-hand bookstore, and I thought I would never meet the captain anymore. That’s right, the shop!


“My bookstore! I haven’t told everyone in the city! I’ll bother everyone again!”


“It’s okay because I informed someone before I left. The man who issued that petition──”


“Is it Rikan?”


“Yes, I explained to him and asked.”


What time is it now? I wonder how long I slept. In the first place, I didn’t have enough sleep, and last night I was shaken for a long time, so I lost consciousness. When I turned red and looked away from the captain, I was patted on my cheeks.


“What does he have to do with Maruno?”


“Well, Rikan is a childhood friend.”




After asking, he looked out the window and shut up. The silence is unbearable. I tried to get off the captain’s lap, but I was pulled back again and couldn’t move.


“…Why are you heading to the fort?”


When I asked in a soft voice, the captain whispered, “Oh.”


“The neighbouring country is arguing over the issue of succession, but there is a little movement to take advantage of it. I’m going to visit just in case. I will stay for a while.”


By the way, I think Tsuku-san said that it is hectic there. It may be quite important that the captain is moving. In any case, it would not be a good story for the general public to enter. I replied, “That’s right.”, and continued the carriage trip while on the captain’s lap.


In the end, I was taken straight to the city with the fort. It seems that I fell asleep again while sitting on the lap of the captain. Already by the time I woke up, I wanted to dig a hole in the fact that I was lying at the inn’s bed. I was probably carried by the captain.


By the way, the room I stayed in was, of course, the same room as the captain, and there was only one large bed, so I froze for a moment. I wonder what the other knights think of me? The mistress of the captain, the commoner of that pop-out office work? If you think that, it’s true… Isn’t the image of the captain seriously deteriorating? Isn’t it exactly the situation that is not allowed for the Wayley family?





When I was having dinner at the inn, Fagany-san talked to me with an indescribable face as if he was pinched by a fox. By the way, the captain is not here because he went to the fort. There will be various meetings and so on.


“You were here.”


“That’s right.”


I gave a bitter smile to the words. It’s not my intention, but since this has happened, I have no choice but to stay here at least today.


“Well, I’m thinking of going home from tomorrow onwards when it doesn’t get in the way.”


“No, hmm… if that happens, I don’t know what the captain will do.”




“It’s been ridiculous for the last few days. Maruno is gone and everyone is afraid of the captain and no one can’t get closer.”




“Yes. I was wondering why he was in such a good mood today, but I was convinced it is  because Maruno was there…”


Fagany said that while scratching his head, then cut his words and gazed at my neck.


“Maruno, are you okay? Are you overdoing it?”


“Well? Well, I’m reluctant…”


After speaking the words, I felt déjà vu and I covered my neck with my hands. I remembered that Tsuku-san recently turned his attention to the kiss mark.


“It’s okay!”


As I screamed with my hot face, Fagany-san nodded, “That’s fine,” looking slightly diagonally above me.


“I didn’t expect the captain to be so mellow to Maruno, but… stay here as much as possible for the members who stay with me. I’ll be back to the headquarters tomorrow.



Whether he is mellow or not, for the time being, it’s not possible to unnecessarily confuse the Knights, who are likely to have something important. I had no choice but to nod to Fagany-san’s sincere words. 


No, I don’t think it will change anything because I was there.


“But is that okay? That, the fiancée of the captain… Isn’t there a strange rumour about it?”


“It’s okay because all the articles about engagement and other articles are hoaxes. The fateful partner is Maruno, who has a common understanding. Rather, I thought that it was this that the captain was saying to the Wayley Family.”


What does that common understanding mean?

Fagany-san probably doesn’t know what happens between me and the Wayley family. Even so, he doesn’t hesitate to be on the side of the captain. He laughed and told me, “It’s okay. It’s better if the captain doesn’t work properly.”


The captain is probably nervous about work and home now. At that time, I was gone so he got angry and came to pick me up. It may be good for the knights and the captain if I stay together for a while until things settle down.


The next day, so diligently, I decided to stay in the fort of the city with the captain for a while.


Rather, the captain has shown a willingness to prevent me from returning home.






“Please leave.”






In a place like the office of the captain who rented a room in the fort, I’m doing paperwork for some reason now. Because the work given by Tsuku-san was firmly carried here. I am working as a temporary member again. Well, it’s better than doing nothing.


“Oh, that’s okay. I can work alone.”


“I know. Maruno is capable.”


“No, so please stay away.”


In a position that was hugged by the captain from behind ── More specifically, it is honestly difficult to do paperwork with his hands on my stomach and his face on my shoulders. I mean, I can’t concentrate. What is this posture?


From the morning, the captain holds my waist or shoulders when I walk, and when I have a free hand, he also wants to put me on his lap, and when I say something, he restrains me.


Many times, not only the members of the Knights but also the knights who are resident in the fort have was giving me knowing looks. I can’t stand being there.


“It’s hard to work, but… isn’t the captain’s work delayed?”


“It’s okay. I’m waiting for a report, so I’m taking a break.”



If you show me this scene a month ago, I’ll probably say that it is a joke so I’m scared to get used to it.


But it seems certain that he was taking a break, and a few minutes later he was called out and reluctantly went to a meeting or something.


In the office where the captain left. Perhaps when I open the door, a member of the group stands as a lookout because I feel a strong will from the captain not to let me escape.


When the Wayley family appeared in front of me, I thought from the bottom of my heart that it was for the sake of the captain so I need to leave.


I remember the purple eyes of the captain that always look at me.


I must be prepared.


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