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What Did I do Yesterday? Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Translated by Nacchi

Edited by Schwarzel


Rikan laughed loudly, pointing at me, who showed up for the first time in about two weeks.

“Ahahahahaha! You’re really doing something!”

“Hey, don’t laugh too much!”

“In a sense, it’s amazing. That Maruno finally attacked the person he admired.”

“…I don’t want to walk around the city for a while.”

I covered my face with my hands and looked down, Rikan patted my shoulders to comfort me.

“Cheer up. You were drunk anyway.”


As expected of a childhood friend. He knows me very well.

“That’s right, you didn’t come back, and my grandmother, a tea-drinking companion, said a lot. Say hello later. Well, I was relieved to see that article.”


“It looks fun.”


“But, how true is that article? Are you okay?”


Unexpectedly, the words made me almost cry. He has a bad mouth but is kind. Somehow, he feels reliable.

“Thank you… I can’t organize my thoughts yet but I’ll say it soon… I’m sorry.”

“I understand if you can’t say it.”

My head was patted. 

I laughed a little and said “yes”.


The store after a long time welcomed me with the unique smell peculiar to that of old books. Oh, this smell makes me realize that I’m back. I think that I will return to my daily life in this way while opening the window and letting the wind through. The two weeks, which are still vivid and memorable, were a series of events that upset my life. It can’t be forgotten just yet.


This morning’s popular newspaper, as the Wayley’s said, had a huge article about the captain’s engagement.

For the first time, I didn’t bother reading the article about the captain, when usually, I read it again and again.

The warmth of the captain, his sighs, his words, and his eyes, I must carefully seal and remember them. Don’t hurt the honour of the captain.


“Maruno-kun is back. I’m glad you came back safely. I baked sweets, let’s eat together.”

“Grandma Neri! Thank you!”

Many regulars visited my store including Grandma Neri. To be honest, the sales were refreshing, but everyone said that it was okay to be safe, and I reflected on my unreasonableness. I heard that the letter that Rikan sent to the Knights was a compilation of the voices of regulars.


I spent a few days fluttering like that, but I finally managed to take a break.


I was sitting at the counter and handling documents such as letters and translation requests that Rikan had received while I was away. I’m glad that the one in a hurry didn’t seem to be so. I have to reply to the translation request again. As I was putting together the documents, the sound of a dry bell rang and the light shined into the store.




“Eh, Tsuku-san?”


I blinked my eyes.


“You’re a liar! You said you will stay there last week!”


“Oh, I’m sorry.”


It was Tsuku-san who came into the store with a large amount of paper. After cleaning up the counter, Tsuku-san put a piece of paper on it.

“This is the document I was planning to ask Maruno-san to help with during the last week.”


“I got it!”


“This is the wage and allowance money. Please count and sign here.”


“Oh, yes”


Apparently, he came all the way to my place for the paperwork since I suddenly disappeared. By the way, I was eager to stuff my work at the end.


Well, that’s right. It would be a nuisance if someone suddenly disappeared. It’s very unpleasant these days because of all that happened. I looked at my payslip and money with a bitter smile. It was a lot more than I expected.


“…Eh? Isn’t this too much?”


“A person from the Wayley family came to me, too. He left it in addition to Maruno’s wages.”




“That’s why I understand Maruno’s unavoidable circumstances. I think it’s unavoidable that he disappeared suddenly in silence. He was a very aggressive person! I’m angry! The Wayley family- I can’t complain about them but I’m angry!”


Tsuku-san got angry for me and I was a little happy. Anyway, then this money is like compensation. You can feel the silent intimidation not to talk with the captain. What’s more, I think they thought that I wouldn’t be able to refuse if they add it to my wages instead of giving it to me directly. I’m not Tsuku-san, but I’m angry.


I can only think that I’m holding in my feelings for the captain.


At night, in a familiar room alone, I was sitting in bed and looking out vaguely.


The same was true the day I came back. When I wasn’t drowsy and looked out, the morning had come before I knew it. I’m lonely because I can’t see captain, so for the past few days, I’ve been pulling books from the captain’s bookshelf and reading them. I stroked the back of the book and lay down. If I don’t sleep properly, I will worry about everyone.


Anyway, does the captain knows of my absence? There’s an article about getting engaged, he is so busy he couldn’t come back, and even if he knew it, what does he really think of me?


The captain told me that he believed and loved me, I don’t think there is a lie in that and although I believe in it, I don’t think that feeling will last forever. Besides, it is impossible as a member of the Wayley family, he can’t marry me.


The captain may know that, so maybe he just enjoyed it and forgot about me. Someday, he’ll get bored, the time just came a little faster, but it can’t be helped. Thinking like that made me a little sad.


The only thing I can think of without stopping is the captain.


“Ah, I thought I could sleep alone when I got home.”


I got up with the sound of knocking on the door. Who is it knocking this late at night? Is it Rikan? Although I was sceptical, I opened the front door, and I got stuck with my mouth open.


“You are not careful.”




It was the captain. I was confused by the appearance of the person I had imagined in my head in front of me, and I was reflexively trying to close the door and was blocked by his long legs. Oh, this is reality.


“No, no, no, no!”


“Crisis management isn’t done so you could open the door without being wary of someone who visits late at night.”




I was upset when the door was opened. I can’t beat the captain in terms of strength.


“How did you know this place?”


“I asked Fagany.”


“Don’t go in without permission!”


There are no words. Ignoring me, the captain looked around the room that he had forcefully entered.


“It’s a good house.”


“…Please stop. The room of the captain in the dormitory is much larger…”


“I feel relieved.”


With that said, the captain smiled. It’s really cool! Ah, don’t flutter, my heart!


“Oh, really, why are you here…”


“I came back.”




“The person at home was gone so let’s go home.”


“What? No, it’s impossible.”


“Why? I’m not going to let you go.”


I suddenly opened my mouth. I was surprised. Will the captain chase me to such a place and bring me back? You must be kidding.


“Well, you don’t have to worry about me. If you feel responsible, I don’t really care, so please take good care of your fiancée.”


“Why should I? I love Maruno. I can’t think of anything but you even if I’m engaged.”


“I’m a man, right?”


“I know.”


“We can’t get married.”


“That’s why I’m asking you to be my partner. Marriage isn’t the only way to be together.”


“It’s impossible! Look at reality. The captain shouldn’t be with a dull and ordinary person like me by any means. Sometimes I’m at home, even married…”


“I’m not getting married. Why do people other than me gets to decide about me!”


I was surprised by the unusually loud voice of the captain and I took a step back. The captain who saw it closed the distance with me.

“I want to be with you, Maruno.”


I shook my head. It is impossible. I’m not strong enough.


“I want you to be happy.”


“Isn’t Maruno needed for that happiness!?”


The captain approached me as I’m slowly retreating. By the time I realize, I was already cornered to bed and I realized I had failed. There is no escape.


“But my presence hurt your honour.”


“I don’t need honour!”


My shoulders are pushed and I fell onto the bed and was restrained. The familiar bed made a jarring noise. My bed, which isn’t as big as the one at the captain’s room, isn’t designed to support the weight of two adult men in the first place.


“…Please calm down.”


The captain exhaled as if he was groaning.


“At first, I was certainly just curious, but the everyday life of Maruno laughing in my room was the happiest thing for me.”




“You look normal at first glance, but you’re actually stubborn and hardworking, and you’re someone that confuses those habits as a nuisance…”


The captain rubbed his head against my chest and muttered, “I love you.”


“Don’t leave without saying anything.”


I inadvertently slipped my hand on the captain’s cheek. I thought I was crying. However, the purple eyes of the captain, who raised his face unexpectedly, looked at me. I held my breath at the colour of the attachment that dwelled there.




The next moment, I was kissed by the captain.




You can hear the screaming sound of the bed.


“Ah… ah…!”


I was lying down on the bed and raising my hips, and I was constantly wearing it from behind. My upper body feels like jelly. I buried my nails on the sheets because I wanted to miss the pleasures that passed. I can hear the captain’s rough breathing.


“Maruno, Maruno…”




I found that the captain moaned a little because I was involuntarily pushing behind him.


“No, I’m scared…”


“It’s okay, it’s okay, Maruno. It feels good.”




The tone is gentle, but the captain does not stop from slowly inserting it. I was deeply scooped out and heard a high-pitched voice that I had never heard from my mouth.


“I’ll make you understand. How much I need you. Do you love me? Hey, Maruno.”


“No, no, oh, do it!”


My waist is grasped more strongly, and it is pierced in the back again and again. I can’t stop my voice. I can see sparks from my vision and I’m swallowed by pleasure.


“Maruno, Maruno, I love you..!”


“Oh, oh..!!”


I couldn’t stand it and released. I found the captain laughing while holding my hips behind him.




“Ah, Maruno.”


I was turned on my back while still connected, and I looked back at the captain, raising and lowering my chest with an unprepared breath.




Our lips connected deeply, tongues entwined and my consciousness became hazy. 


“One more, Maruno.”




When I thought that my leg was lifted, It hung on the captain’s shoulder and I was entered.




“Haha, Maruno…”


After pulling it out once, it was pushed in again, and I felt it hitting my good spots. My head felt light and my body cramped.


“Let’s do it again, Maruno.”


“Ah, no, ah, ah!”


I was not allowed to rest and is struck by a bang. There was a naughty sound, whether it was made by the captain or because of the oil that was used first. Pleasure is pouring down like rain and there is no escape.


“Hey, Maruno, on your back, I’ll put it in.”


“Oh no, no more, it’s impossible…!”


“It’s not impossible!”


I was entered by the back while I was pressed against the wall and I screamed.

“No, no, hey, hey, oh!”


A gurgling sound echoed in my head, and my body bounced. I can’t breathe and move with my mouth open.


“Oh, oh! Oh!”


“…I’m in!”


Every time the captain repeats the drawing, my body cramps. It feels good.


“Maruno, Maruno! I was really thinking of waiting slowly until your feelings catch up with mine.”


At the innermost entrance, the captain is coming and going as if he’s being chased. It feels incredible.


“Ah, ah, captain! Ah, ah!”


“But I won’t allow you to just disappear from me like this!”


“Oh, oh!”


“Maruno, Maruno, I won’t let you go… Oh! I love you.”


“Ah, Captain, ah, ah ah!!”


I got thrust to very strongly and the thick liquid of the captain is released inside. Feeling the stimulations, my manhood overflowed with thick, white liquid.


The captain wiped the corners of my eyes, which are messy with tears, while I was adjusting my messy breathing.



“…Huh, hah, captain…  I’m sorry…”


Tears overflowed and I could not stop. The captain squinted and put my feet down from his shoulders and covered them.


At that moment, I felt pale again when I felt that the captain himself was growing up again in me. The captain smiled and licked his lips.


“Maruno, didn’t you tell me that we should understand each other?”


“Mmm… No more!!”


“It’s okay, let’s feel good.”


With that said, the captain shook his hips relentlessly. The creaking of the bed and my high-pitched voice echoed in the room.


On that day, I realized that the pleasure I felt before Is nothing compared to what I felt today.



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