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What Did I Do Yesterday? Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Translated by Nacchi

Edited by Schwarzel


I sighed while stroking the cold sheets. Embracing the captain’s book beside me. After all, he didn’t come back.


It was the morning of the third day when the captain couldn’t return to the room. It’s unavoidable not to come back, but it seems that I’m already used to the body temperature of the captain, and it was soberly stressful that I couldn’t sleep at night. I can’t help it, so I borrowed books from the bookshelf every night and read them. I’m completely out of sleep.


Even so, no matter how much Fagany-san told me, is it okay to rent a room in this way even though the owner of the room is absent? I’m telling myself that it’s only a few days left, but I’m a little uncomfortable.


Thinking about that, I headed to the dining room to have breakfast, and for some reason I felt a gaze from here and there. My skin is tingling with the feeling I have had since I was with the captain. I was confused because I didn’t understand the reason.






It was the captain who captured everyone’s attention and appeared






I was pulled and taken away to a storage room. The door closed with a bang. The dim room facing north is a little dusty. There was a heavy atmosphere and I couldn’t say anything.




He whispered my name as he hugged me. Wrapped in the scent of the captain, my body lost strength. This is nice. The back of my chest was numb because the captain is here.


“What happened to you?”


“Let me recharge for a while.”




The grip of his hug became stronger. Feeling that it was snarled for some reason, I put my hand on his back.


“I’m sorry we couldn’t eat together. I couldn’t go back to the room… I’m really sorry.”


The captain muttered while holding me.


“No, it can’t be helped. Rather, I’m really sorry that I was allowed to stay even though you, the owner, is not there.”


“That’s fine. I’ll ask you to stay just as it is.”


“Well, is that so…?”


As I tilted my head, the captain put his hand on my shoulders and let go. He looked at me and spoke with a serious look.


“Maruno, maybe there will be a lot of rumors coming out, but I want you to believe me.”




When I blinked my eyes, his gaze turned gentle and then he stroked my head.


“I love you, Maruno.”


He whispered, and gave me a kiss on the forehead. The captain went out of the room, leaving me breathless.


“What… what was that just now?”


My face heated and I put my hand on the place where I was kissed.


When I went to the office, Tsuku-san presented me with a tabloid with a laughing expression.


There was the captain and I, who was drunk and weeping at him. This happened last weekend.


 I held my head and sank to my desk.


What a mess I did!!!!!


“Ah, I’ve burst into laughter this morning. After all, when there are only two people, that’s it, Maruno-san!”


“What is it!? What do you mean by it!?”


Is this the true reason why everyone is looking at me since this morning? When he protested, Tsuku-san pointed to the captain’s face and opened his mouth.


“But look at this fluffy face. It’s mellow.”


“How to say…”


The burning of my face doesn’t go away. However, when I desperately read the article, I got a headache.


It was a malicious gossip. Despite looking for a “destined person,” the captain had a petite man drunk on his lap, enjoying eating and drinking, he hugged his shoulder and entered the inn…


It’s all true, but it’s even worse.


Tsuku-san humbly called out to me when he saw me stuck looking on the tabloid.


“Maruno-san, it’s okay. Because I know it’s pure love.”


“…Tsuku-san, that’s not a follow-up.”


I’m good. Even though they didn’t know what you were doing, you were ridiculed and you were accused. However, this article seriously damages the honor of the captain. It was a shock to me.


Because I’m just a burden to the captain. The facts that I have noticed runs around my head. It’s not good for him if I stay by his side.


“Maruno-san, I don’t really want to say this, but It seems that the members who were undergoing medical treatment will be able to return from tomorrow.”


Tsuku-san said to me who was deep in thought.


“Well, is that true?”


“It’s true, but… Please stay this week? Maybe you can stay here forever?”


“Ah, then this week, I’ll stay.”


I laughed weakly and told him that, and this time, Tsuku-san hung his head down. He was mumbling and groaning, but I felt like I shouldn’t listen and I pretended not to know.


Somehow I was very tired.


I managed to finish the day, and when I opened the door of the captain’s room, a voice saying “Welcome back” came from inside and I stopped moving while holding the doorknob.


From inside? Eh, did I make a mistake? Is this not the captain’s room? Anyway, once I tried to close the door, an elderly man with a white beard took control of me with the words, “Please wait.”


“I belong to the Wayley family. I’m sorry for surprising you, Maruno-san.”


“Wayley family…”


It’s the captain’s house. Even if you are from the same house, isn’t it strange to enter a room without permission…? Well, it seems that the captain doesn’t care if someone like me goes in and out. Is the custom in the captain’s house like that?


“Today, I want to have a talk with Maruno-san.”




“You must be the person who was said to have been with the captain in the popular newspaper, right?”


The words stretched my spine. I instinctively said it’s not a good story.


“That’s right.”


“Thank you. I would like to express my word straightforwardly. Can you return to your original residence?”


I held my breath. My heart is noisy.


“That is…”


“You also saw the popular newspaper, right? That’s a scandal. The Wayley family can’t forgive you.”


Ignoring the unresponsive me, the person in front of me continued.


“There is something that he has to do. It’s not about living a life like this with you. Okay, tomorrow’s popular newspaper will announce that he will be engaged. There will be an article. Oh, of course, I’ll correct you as a photo of a drunken fan. Don’t worry. Anyway, you’re harming the captain. Please go back as soon as possible.”


It was not a discussion. The person who hardly allowed me to speak is pushing me out of the room with the words “I have a carriage outside” with my few personal belongings.


I didn’t move my head well, so I almost kept what the other person said. 


Scandal. Man of Destiny. Engagement. 


Some words are spinning around in my head at a tremendous speed. I knew it couldn’t be helped if I was accused, and that was what I felt about myself. But I wasn’t ready at all.


It’s a mixture of the warmth of the captain that I felt in the morning, and my own existence that bothers the captain. I don’t know what to believe.


I felt my chest ache.


I closed my eyes strongly to escape.


As it is, I will return to just being a fan of the captain.


I have to go back.


And I was sent back to my second-hand bookstore, my house. Tsuku-san, I’m really sorry I couldn’t keep my promise to work until this week.



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