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What Did I do Yesterday? Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Translated by Nacchi

Edited by Schwarzel


This time, I didn’t forget the many blunders I made last night.


There was laughter and a small tap from above the blanket. It ’s the captain. I curled up inside the blanket, reflecting on my actions.


“Maruno, are you okay?”


Uh, uh, I can’t believe it! What did I do?!! As expected, I have a vague memory after the second round, but I remember it perfectly until the first round. It’s the worst! I’m the one who invited him, no matter what!!! What is he gonna think about me!?? I want to disappear!


The captain’s hand seemed to be slowly stroking where I was sore, over and over again. My head hurts, I can feel it pounding. Ah, I have a hangover. I had decided not to drink anymore! I had decided!!!


The captain softly called me, “Maruno.”


“Are you thirsty? There’s water. Come out.”


Certainly, my throat was dry. 


I pulled out only my face from the blanket and muttered, “Water.” The morning light is dazzling. My eyelids swelled because I cried so much last night. My voice is dead and my hair is surely unkempt.


The captain was laughing. It shines brilliantly in the soft light of the morning.


Such a beautiful person turned to me with such lust last night. Besides, I can’t believe such a thing, such a thing, or something like that… Wow!!!




The water he had in his hand was offered to me and I returned to myself. When I thought I had to put my hand out, the captain’s face approached me.




He kissed me, and warm liquid was poured into my mouth. It’s water. I suddenly sighed a little, but when I finally sighed, the captain, with a smile at a close distance muttered, “I’m glad.”


“You remembered.”


I turned bright red and retracted my face into the futon again.




The voice of the captain is behind the futon.


“Become my partner.”


“…Let me think.”


The captain laughed aloud at my muffled response.


“You have taken a step forward.”


The office after the holidays is busy with documents sent from each department.


When I turned my face with a “wow” voice from behind, Tsuku-san looked troubled and glared at the documents. “Are you okay Tsuku-san?”


I picked up the dictionary and called out to Tsuku-san who was scratching his head.


“No, I found a word that was a little worrisome. It seems that the relationship between neighboring countries is a little unpleasant… I will report it to the upper management.”


Tsuku-san, who stood up after saying that, glanced at me and stopped moving this time.


“Maruno-san… I think the captain wants to monopolize you. I thought it was amazing on the first day, but please be careful because you can’t hide the marks while wearing the  uniform.”






With that said, he pointed at my neck with a finger. I instantly understood the meaning and covered my neck with my hand. My face turned red.

There are too many clauses to come up with. Perhaps there are tooth patterns or kiss marks. No, when I actually saw it in the mirror, there were such marks everywhere, and when I remembered it, my body seemed to get hot, so I pretended not to see it. I mean, captain, please restrain yourself! What’s more, what happened on the first day? What is that! That’s right, I also have marks that morning!!!


When I got stuck and couldn’t move, Tsuku-san laughed and left the room. I can’t be crushed. I can’t hide in my uniform so I can’t help it. What’s more, Tsuku-san thought that I had such a relationship with the captain right from the beginning. I can’t deny it anymore, but it’s kind of embarrassing.


I continued to work while enduring the shame, but after a while, Tsuku-san who left the room, ran back.


“Maruno-san! I have a complaint from the city!”




“This is it…”


That said, what Tsuku-san unfolded was some kind of document. The title is “Alleged Abduction of an Old Bookstore Owner by the Knights.”


“…Are you perhaps  the owner of an antiquarian bookstore?”


“That’s right.”


“What are you talking so calmly! Tell the other party to withdraw the proceeding!”


“That’s right…”


When I revisited the document, it was due to my childhood friend Rikan. Well, I didn’t think it would have been a week, I left a message to Grandma Neri, but maybe he was worried. I’m very sorry. I have to give him a gift when I return. Fortunately, my pocket is not empty this time.


“For the time being, I have an idea of ​​the person who filed this complaint, so I will write a letter.”




“By the way, when will the members who are recuperating return?”




Tsuku-san averted his eyes.




“Oh no, no… I heard he’ll be back in about a week.”


Tsuku-san, who lost to my eyes, answered with a dangling argument.


“I understand. Then I will contact you in a little over a week.”


“Wait, Maruno-san!! As it is! Please accept it as an official job!”


“Tsuku-san… I’m sorry.”


Tsuku-san, who appealed while waving his hand in a desperate manner, was in tears. I wonder if there are not enough hands. I feel like I’m doing something wrong.


While writing an apology to Rikan and a letter about my recent situation, I face the reality of another week.


I can go home in a week. And I have to leave the captain.


My hand stopped unintentionally. The captain hasn’t been bored with me so far, but I don’t know how long he will like me, besides, same-sex marriage is not allowed in this country. I’m told that he’s a partner, but the captain is an aristocrat, and there’s probably a lot of things about the house and all sorts of things.

The captain is now 27 years old and is in good marriageable age, and there have been many rumors about it. He is a person who wants to marry a beautiful woman with a certain family. The gossip that “I found my destined person” was the same after all.


I’m not his destined partner, it will just hurt the honor of the leader.


I know it. I knew it and I thought I’d leave from the beginning, so I didn’t hold back from receiving the captain’s hand, but I’m a ridiculous idiot. Sometimes, I want to not have a relationship, and sometimes I can’t ignore my feelings because I’m attracted.


I sighed lightly and I began writing again.


I never thought I would have the courage to write the phrase that I would be able to go home in about a week.


But unexpectedly, the next week will shake me violently.


It all started at lunch time, when Fagany-san appeared with a bitter face. I blinked at the absence of the captain.


“It’s a little confusing but I don’t think you can eat with the captain for a while.”


“…Is that so?”


“There are a lot of things. I’m fluttering at work, but in addition, it seems to be harder at home. I think I’ll be going home at night.”


“I understand. I’m sorry to bother you, Fagany-san.”


“No, it was really a big problem that the captain came directly, but I forced him to stay in the office.”


“Oh, thank you.”


Fagany-san smiled with a face that couldn’t hide his tiredness.


“Maruno-san will be lonely, but the captain is more serious.”


“Is it a big problem…?”


“No, there is a story but I’ll ask you to wait in that room. It’s related to the motivation of the captain.”




And, after that day, the leader never returned to that room.


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