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What Did I do Yesterday? Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Translated by: Nacchi

Edited by: Schwarzel


It was a fluffy and restless day until the promised night. I’ve been eating three meals a day so far, but why does it feel a little special when we are just going to eat outside?


I’m sure it’s because my feelings for the captain have changed. It’s the feeling that I don’t want to give a name yet.


As a proof of that, I refused the kiss that was set up this morning for the first time.


At the moment of the kiss, I stopped the captain’s mouth with my hand. The captain opened his eyes for a moment and stopped, but then he took my hand and kissed my fingertips.


It was okay until now, but it may be useless if you are conscious of it and it may be quite serious.


At night, the leader took me to a cafeteria in the city. It’s a small and cozy shop with a homely atmosphere, lively but not noisy. We were sitting side by side at the counter seat.


“I like the stewed food here.”


The leader said with a relaxed smile.


“Do you come often to this shop?”


“That’s right. I’ve been going here for a long time.”


Wow, the shop that the captain goes to! It’s a place that stimulates the heart as a fan.


“I don’t see many knights.”


The leader laughed mischievously and said, “That’s one of my favorite things.”


Now that it is vacation, they are probably not wearing a uniform, so I don’t know for sure, but the people of the Knights usually ooze a certain pressure or atmosphere. However, I got the impression that the people in this store were ordinary people.


By the way, of course, the captain is also in plain clothes. Shirts and pants, very simple clothes, and his style and face fully complemented each other, it’s the best.


“Knights generally prefer flashy and noisy places. I also go there, but… sometimes I want to enjoy a quiet meal?”


“I understand.”


If the captain is always with the knights, It might make him suffocate.


“Maruno, do you drink alcohol?”


“I won’t drink!”


The captain laughed out loud.


“Captain! This stewed dish is really delicious! What’s this!? The meat is tender!”


“That’s right. This soft meat can only be eaten here.”


“Wow, the vegetables are soaked in flavor and it’s great!”


“That’s right. Eat this one too.”


“The eggs melt in my mouth…!”


Thank you to the captain for bringing me here!! No matter what I eat, I’m impressed!!!


When I was eating something recommended by the captain, I was told that “Maruno who eats deliciously is cute.” 


“You don’t usually eat that much?”


“No, it’s the difference in body size and amount of exercise. But today, it’s delicious and I end up eating too much.”


“It was good. I’m glad that Maruno liked the place I like.”


I can say these lines without hesitation now. My face is hot. The captain felt strangely dazzling, and I suddenly dropped my eyes.


“This is… Thank you.”




I tilted the glass unintentionally. Red juice is sweet and delicious! What a wonderful shop that even their drinks are delicious!


In conclusion, it was probably liquor. Otherwise, you won’t feel a fluffy feeling.


“Captain, this is refreshing and crisp and perfect for this fish!”


“Yeah. That’s right.”


“Ah, it’s delicious! Thank you captain.”


“Maruno, it’s about time to stop.”


“Well, I still want to drink.”


“Is this fruit juice delicious?”




A comfortable place while having a meal. I had no choice but to have fun. Moreover, before I knew it, I was leaning against the captain on his lap. Ah, the captain is warm. his muscles are firm.


“Hey, this place is fun.”


“That’s right… Speaking of which, Maruno, the clerical worker told me how you’re a fan of me.”


“Eh!? What are you talking about, I did not say that to Tsuku-san.”


“Do you hate it?”


“I hate it, it’s embarrassing! You don’t want your favorite person to ask you that!”


“The person you like…”


“Yeah! I love you!”


He was happy and he smiled, and the captain exhaled and muttered; “I’m not good at it.”


“Ah hey, captain, by the way, what did I do that day?”




“Hey, I don’t remember the day I made love with you, huh! Didn’t you say that?”


“… I’ve never heard of it.”


“Is that so?”


I laughed a lot. The leader put his hand on his eyes and looked down.


“… Do you really remember anything?”


“That’s right! When I woke up, I thought the leader was sleeping next to me.”




When I reached for the red glass I was picked up by the leader.




“You’ll lose your memory  again.”


“It’s still okay! The captain is messing around!”


“Yes, yes, it’s not okay to be mean.”


Instead, I was given a colorless drink in my hand. This is also sour and delicious.


“So It’s a lie. The captain isn’t messing around. This is also delicious…”


“Let’s go home soon after drinking.”


The leader stroked me. It feels good. I instinctively snuggle up to that hand. I wanted him to stroke more.






“We can’t go home”


“It’s good.”


“Will you not forget again?”


I raised the edge of my mouth and looked up at the captain. The captain’s purple eyes harbored a deep color.


“…I’ll try?”


With the momentum of being carried in, I entered a place like an inn somewhere.


The moment the door of the room closes, I’m pressed against the door and was robbed of my lips. I desperately responded in a hurry.




“Maruno… you are..”


“Captain… Give me more kisses.”


My head is vague. I want to kiss. I put my hand around his neck and brought my face closer to the captain who pushed me down to the bed, saying “Shit.” I was kissed and bitten.




My body trembled at the kiss, which is different from the kiss in the morning. As I entwined my tongue and asked for more, the leader’s right hand slipped in through the gap in my top. After stroking my body to make sure, the protrusions on the chest are picked.


“Oh, that’s…”




While saying that, he traced thinly around the protrusion. A voice came out  from the frustrating contact.


“No, it tickles…”


The moment I said it, I was caught between his fingers again, and this time I let out a high voice. The leader stuck to my neck while caressing on his chest. I’m thrilled.


“Ah, ah..”


“It’ll get better soon, Maruno.”


Whispered by a greedy voice, the back of my head was numb. The back of my lower abdomen aches. Before I knew it, my coat had been taken off, and this time my left chest was snarled by the leader’s tongue.


“Well, that’s what…”




I was bitten by a sweet tooth, and the mouth of the pleasure I felt there made me terrified.


“Huh, uh..”





I was treated as it was several times, as I had been enthusiastic about claiming its existence. The frustrating stimulus causes the clothes to feel tight.




When I glared with tears, the captain smiled and put his hand on my undergarment. When I lifted my hips to help, It was taken off vigorously and my rod touched the air. It trembled upwards and was moist and wet. I reached for the captain.


“Captain, me too.”




“I want to touch you, too.”




I got up and took off his coat. I sighed at the stunning muscles that were exposed. It’s like a sculpture.


“Captain…so beautiful.”


My hands crawled on his shoulders, chest and belly. When I laughed, the words of the leader came down, saying “Maruno.” I reached for his lower limbs. Let’s take off the bottom too.


“You really are bad.”


His clothes were taken off and the captain himself took out his sword and it turned up powerfully. I was fascinated by its size. If you handle it by hand several times, the lead will come out from the tip. I was dizzy at the fact that I was excited. The captain exhaled and put his hand in my hair. As it is, gently slide my hand on his sword. I squinted as I moved my hands in a crazy motion.


“Big… Hey, did it really fit?”


As soon as I said it, I was pushed down to bed again.






His sighs contain fever. This time, my hardened thing was grasped by the captain.


“Oh, oh!”


I thought I could squeeze the big rod, but this time I was pushed around and I was panting. It feels good. I want to put out the heat I’m feeling. There is an obscene sound of squeaking, probably because the first run dirtied the captain’s hand.


“Something is-“


“Yeah, okay, just let it out.”


While saying, the leader ate my nipples. At the same time, my rod was grabbed and a sticky liquid was released.


“Ahhhhh.. !!”


“…Yeah, you did it well.”


I was still slightly dazed and I was kissed by a kiss on my forehead and on my eyelids. Over and over again. Finally, a deep kiss is sent to the mouth. I was fascinated by the comfort.


“Hmm… captain…”


“Maruno, cute.”


A finger is crawling on the edge of the back hole and it was gently traced. I felt the back of my body aching as I expected, and with a vague feeling I thought I really knew the joy of being pierced.


As it is, his finger came in.






I shook my head. It doesn’t hurt. It just feels strange. The process is repeated slowly. On the way, it seemed that something like oil was added, because of the coldness I suddenly said “Hyaa-!”


“My bad, it was little cold.”


“Uh, okay… oh..”


The number of fingers has increased to two, and every time it  moves to open the inside, an obscene sound is heard from the lower body. I clung to the sheets, saying “Ah, ah!”


“Ah… oh!!?”


At the moment when it was stirred round and round, something snapped at one point. My body reacts with my will, regardless of my intention.


“What? No, no…!”


“I found it.”


The leader lifted the edge of his mouth. The place was pushed hard and I raised a voice without hail.


“Hi… what- what is this, ohhhhh!”


Being dominated by a feeling I had never experienced before, I felt tears in my eyes. Scary! I feel like I’m going crazy.


“Hey, it’s scary, it’s scary! Hey, oh, oh, this is crazy…”


“It’s okay, it’s okay, Maruno. It feels good.”


While saying so, he doesn’t stop. The tears that fluttered down my cheeks were wiped away as the captain was still calm.


“Ah, oh,it feels good…?”


“Yes, you see.”


Stroking my rod, I found out for the first time that heat is gathering there.


There is a rattling noise from the back hole. I didn’t know how many fingers it was holding.






Suddenly the finger was pulled out. The legs are pushed up and the waist floats. I put something like a pillow underneath.


“I’ll put it in.”


A hot thing is pressed against me and I like it. 


“Ahhhhhhh …”


“Maruno …!”


Hot. I couldn’t breathe well because of the unprecedented feeling of oppression, so I desperately reached for the captain. The captain entwined my hand and squeezed it. When I repeated a shallow breath, the captain moaned a little.


“… Okay, Maruno, relax.”


The captain came to me as it was. Sweaty skin touches each other.


“Hmm … Captain … Kiss me”


Repeat the kiss just by touching. The sweat that ran down the captain’s forehead fell on my cheeks.


“Ha … Maruno.”


Licking my earlobe, my body shoo  from the sound and feeling. At the same time, I was pushed up.




The captain comes into me. The dark purple eyes with the ferocious light were looking at me. I think it is required.


The captain wants me.


The captain’s lower limbs hit the buttocks.


“Huh, did you release?”




“… hehe”


I was connected. When I was happy and laughed, the leader hurriedly started inserting.




“Ah, ah, ah! Ah, ah!”


The sound of the skin hitting and the sound of water squeaking are echoing. I was struck by the strange place, and I made a lot of cramped voices.


The body trembles as it is pierced in the back. When I thought about it, it pulled out slowly and pierced the deep part again vigorously. The body certainly felt pleasure. It’s painful, it feels good, it’s painful, it feels good. Feel so good.


“Oh, oh! Maruno! Maruno!”


“Hiii, oh, oh, da, captain, oh, oh!”


The captain grabbed my rod without stopping. Already hardened and messed, I could only speak out like a broken toy.


“No, no, together, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”


“Oh, okay, me too.”


“Ah, ah, ah, ah!”


At the moment when I was hit hard on my hips and pushed through inside, something burst and the stars were scattered. My legs stretch out and my body cramps.




“Oh, uh …!”


I was pulled out a few times and felt the heat spread inside my body.


We hugged while I’m still connected to the captain, he was holding his turbulent breath.


“Maruno … I love you, Maruno”


The captain whispers while kissing me again and again. The blazing body with the afterglow of pleasure and those that soaked into the vague head were as sweet as drugs.


“Hmm … hey, captain”




“Was it good……?”


Stroking his lower abdomen, the leader smiled fiercely and whispered in my ears, “It’s not enough.”


I laughed and entwined my legs around the captain’s waist.


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