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What Did I Do Yesterday? Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Translated by: Nacchi

Edited by:Schwarzel


When I opened my eyes, a beautiful boy was sleeping in front of me.


I held my breath and settled. It’s been the 4th day, but I haven’t gotten used to it at all. Oh, really, incredibly handsome… What kind of virtue did I have in my previous life that I could worship this precious face at this close distance? I couldn’t help but doubt the reality. 


However, the oppressive feeling in my abdomen was real, and his strong arms restrained my body. Yes, the captain used me as a pillow every day.


Anyway, I exhaled thinly, and then I tapped the captain’s arm.


“Captain, it’s morning.”




This was very surprising, but the captain is weak in the morning. I fall asleep very well, but on the contrary, I wake up at about the same time every day due to my daily habits, so I naturally wake up the same time every morning.


I think the captain got up early on the first day, which is unusual.


“Please get up.”




The slightly faint voice is sexy and inwardly writhe, but I can’t say so. I can’t afford to be late. We must avoid imitations that may damage the reputation of the leader.


“Captain! You said you had a meeting in the morning today! Please get up.”




The captain crouched down on my abdomen and tried to keep sleeping.


“Hey, captain!”


I inadvertently put my finger on his black glossy hair. It’s silky and smooth. Ah, what a great feeling. It feels like he’s stroking a big dog, and it’s kind of cute. When I tried to shake off the clinging captain, he muttered “Maruno” as he has finally awakened.


“Good morning, captain. Did you wake up?”


“…Good morning.”


It was a very unenergetic voice, but I learned that he’s just sleepy.


Anyway, the captain got up, and when he got up, he pushed my shoulder down on the bed. His lips fell on mine.


It was a kiss that was too deep.


He caressed my tongue from the root, and my head became numb. I’m dizzy. I didn’t know that just exchanging saliva was such a pleasure.


This person taught everything I knew.


The thrilling feeling crawled up, and before I knew it, I was desperately entwining my tongue with the captain. I clung to his neck as it feels so good.


In the end, he sucked the tip of my mouth, and I regretfully separated from the captain’s lips.




I’m out of breath. After all that, the captain laughed happily in front of me.


“Maruno likes kissing.”


He slipped his hand on my waist and whispered, “Cute.”


“That’s… I don’t need that compliment.”


“How about it, Maruno? Have you decided?”


I stare at the captain with all my might.


“Become my partner.”


“I refuse.”


We repeat this starting from my second day, almost every morning.


As I was walking around, Tsuku-san, who delivered the documents to each department, called out. I heard a sudden familiar voice, and I looked back.


“Today, the captain is out on the training ground.”


Tsuku-san pointed to his right hand. You can see the space opened through the gaps between the trees. Is that a training ground? The captain and another knight stood facing each other. Other members surround them.


“Is it going to be mock combat? Oh, it looks like it’s about to start..”


At that moment, the confronting knight moved. The captain dodged the opponent’s sword with a dancing footstep, then he thrust the tip of the blade, stopping it near the knight’s throat. It’s an instant kill. The members who were watching suddenly cheered.




 What the hell is that? It’s so cool!!


 I’m glad I worked for the Knights!!!


Thank you!!!


As I was staring at the mock battle, I heard Tsuku-san’s bitter laughter.


“I heard that Maruno-san is a fan of the captain. I guess it was true.”


“What do you mean, you guess?! I’ve been a hardcore fan for ten years now!”


With a strong affirmation, Tsuku-san made a smirking face for a moment.


“No, isn’t your reaction to the captain to calm after claiming to be a hardcore fan?”


Perhaps the captain will soon get tired of me, so I warn myself that we will separate after that time.


“The feelings as a fan and the feelings towards the real captain are a little different. Though they are the same person.”


“Well, I guess so. Even so, it’s been ten years. It’s amazing. Why did you become a fan of the captain?”




I blushed involuntarily. It’s a little embarrassing to tell people as I’ve been ridiculed by my childhood friend Rikan because of it. Looking at me, Tsuku-san suddenly shouted, “Ah, don’t worry!”.


“Please tell the reason directly to the captain!”


“I don’t want to!”


Actually, it was the first time I saw the captain of the knights during working hours.


There is almost no interaction with the captain during the day, and we just have lunch together. The clerical work is basically done inside the room, and of course, it’s natural. 


Oh, the fighting captain was really cool.


For the past few days, I’ve spent time with the captain under the pretext of “getting to know each other,” but I think it’s the first time I’ve had time to take in suggestions as a fan. As I said to Mr. Tsuku-san, the captain who sees me and the captain who is “Knight-Captain” is different in me.


Both captains are attractive, but the real captain was a warm and annoying person, and that kind of captain became more appealing to me.


“Maruno, I’m sorry, can you come back alone tonight?”




The leader suddenly said while we are having lunch. He carries the salad elegantly to his mouth with a very disgusted face.


In the evening, the captain came to pick me up at the end of the work, and we returned to the dormitory together.


“There is a dinner I can’t miss; it’s annoying.”


“Please do your best at work.”


“Thank you… I’ll probably be late, so sleep first.”


The captain sighed. Is it such an unpleasant meeting? Is there anything I can do? I gently offered a package to the leader.


“Take this.”


“This is?”


“It’s the sweets that I got. When you put it inside your mouth, it melts softly and is sweet.”




When the captain received the package, his lips broke into a smile.


“Is it okay?”


“Yes. Please pick it up when you are tired.”


“Thank you.”


Over the last few days, I learned that the captain was surprisingly fond of sweets. Cute. I also smile, hoping that it would help the captain even a little.


“Oh, Maruno. Let’s go out to eat tomorrow night. Tomorrow is off so we can relax.”




“Please rest assured that we won’t go to that bar.”


My heart is excited by the cheerful captain. The smile of the captain is like carbonic acid to me. This feeling of popping and disappearing; however, one is born after another.


It’s nice that the room is large, but I thought it was a little too big for me, overlooking the captain’s room. I sneak into the bed. 


The captain’s bed is fluffy and has a moderate repulsion, so it feels great. It’s very different from the hard ground in my room.


It was a strange feeling to finish work and return to the captain’s room alone. Something is missing, and I feel uncomfortable. That feeling has been around for a long time, and it continues even now when I go to bed.


That’s strange. I’ve been living alone for the last few years. I thought being alone would be more calming for me. I’m sure this isn’t my room, and even though I’m surrounded by the captain’s e smell and signs, the important person isn’t there.


I gently stroked the cold sheets. I wonder why I miss the warmth.


There was no sign of drowsiness at all. I’m not a kid that can’t sleep alone. Generally, I’m always alone when I’m separated from the captain.


I held my knees and closed my eyes. It seemed difficult to fall asleep.


There was a rattling sound as the door opened, and I raised my face.


After all, I couldn’t sleep, so I borrowed a book from the captain’s bookshelf. For the time being, the captain said that I could use the things in the room as I pleased so that he wouldn’t get angry. The captain’s bookshelf was a fresh lineup. Books on our own country and neighbouring countries’ culture and history, books on local sweets, novels, poems, etc. I really like reading a book as I felt my mood brighten. I borrowed and read a book about the climate and crops of neighbouring countries.




When I crawled out of bed and calls out, the captain blinks his eyes.


“Maruno, did you get up?”


“Um… I can’t sleep.”


I approached the captain’s side and pulled his sleeve.


“Welcome home.”


The moment I said that, the captain embraced me. The scent of the captain wraps around me. I reached out to the leader’s back and clung to him.


“I’m back.”


A sweet joy is born from that whisper. I wanted to kiss him.


Oops. I’m really attracted to this person.



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