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What Did I Do Yesterday? Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Translated by Conrad

Edited by Schwarzel


What I know about that day is that I made love with the captain, that I was passionately invited, and that I should be a lifelong partner. That is what I’m informed, but not even myself knows the truth!!


Unbelievable. I held my head and sank on the desk. I shouldn’t drink anymore. If you don’t drink, nothing would happen. What is a lifelong partner? Did I propose? It’s a proposal, right? Do I want to be with the captain? No, no, no. It’s awkward! It’s more appropriate for the leader to get married and have a child!


“Well, Maruno-san, are you okay…?”


When I was called out, I hurriedly raised my face.


“Oh, Tsuku-san! I’m sorry, I’m okay.”


“That’s fine, but… if anything happens, please call me.”


“Thank you”


Tsuku-san was the one who brought me to the Knights yesterday. As I’ve expected, he was a clerical worker, and when I was brought by the captain to meet the knights in the morning, he came with great momentum and apologized while lowering his head. 


It was an emergency yesterday, and it seems that the grandfather who was always translating for them was confused because he couldn’t work for a while. As a result, he apologized for leaving me alone until night.


“But it helps if Maruno-san will help me for a while. Maruno-san is amazing, you can translate all of the words from neighboring countries… How about permanent employment?”


“No, I’m looking it up at a dictionary, and I’m not good at infrequent words, so it’s not that much.”


In fact, my knowledge and skills are unlikely to reach my grandfather’s. Besides, it was my grandfather’s connection that allowed me to work for the Knights.


“Well, I have the main business.”


“Oh right, It’s an antiquarian bookstore.”


I’m still worried that he hasn’t given up at all, but Tsuku-san laughed and put a few dictionaries in front of me. The one that I will need in the next document.


Yes, I had to temporarily help the Knights until Grandpa returned to work.


Well, it can’t be helped. It was a bad idea to let go of the job, because I was looking at Tsuku-san, who was going back and forth, and realized that they really need a helping hand, so I accepted it.


To be honest, I was most frustrated when the captain said with a nice smile, “Then Maruno should stay in my room during that time.” Tsuku-san was frozen. 


After that, I muttered “Is that so?”, And Tsuku-san said “Yes!” after seeing the captain’s intimidating smile, and showed his full consent.


The captain urged me to prepare in the morning as if nothing had happened after making that shocking remark.


What the hell was that? Live together for the rest of our life…? I don’t like it. For a man who just got a little drunk and had a relationship, that’s a little… Is it okay for the captain? I was thinking rudely. But just before leaving the room, the captain whispered in my ear.


“Maruno, let’s get to know each other first.”


So I was a little convinced. In short, the leader is interested in my somewhat irregular existence. I’m sure he was attracted to something that seems to have been done by me when I was drunk.


So, if he observes me for a while, he’ll soon lose interest in me, who is just an uninteresting ordinary person. Then I’m sure I can return to being just a fan of the captain.




When I muttered, the leader laughed with satisfaction. Uh, what should I do… he is too good-looking…


I heard the sound of the bell, and I felt the air in the room relax.


“Oh, it’s lunch.”


Tsuku-san muttered. Colleagues stood up from their seats.


“Maruno-san, I’ll show you around so how about we eat together?”


“Okay, thank you.”


Basically, everyone eats at the cafeteria. When I was preparing while talking about eating at the edge, of the room, the door suddenly opened.





For some reason, the captain stood there.


“Let’s go for lunch.”




Did you bother to come here just for that?


“But Tsuku-san…”


“Didn’t you agree that we should understand each other?”


My laughter spilled over his unexpectedly childish words. When I moved my eyes to see what to do, Tsuku-san opened his mouth vigorously.


“Maruno-san, it’s okay! I’m eating with a colleague! Excuse me!”


He escaped.


Breakfast was served in the dining room’s dormitory for the knights, the captain talked and gazed at me without hesitation despite everyone’s attention on us.


I can feel everyone’s line of sight looking at me. 


I feel that it is really best to just watch from a distance, after all, our lives really is different.


As I was eating alongside the leader, Fagany-san sat in front of me.


“Oh Maruno, did you become a temporary member?”






Lunch is the same for everyone. However, the amount is absolutely different. I thought that my plate had the biggest serving of food but Fagany-san’s plate had an amount far beyond my common sense.


“Captain, I really liked Maruno! I’m glad for you Maruno.”


Fagany-san chews the simmered chicken. Watching the refreshing amount of food, I put the food in my mouth.


“What’s wrong?”


“I’m arguing with Maruno right now.”


The captain lightly said so with a hint of impatience.


“Captain, what’s wrong!?” Fagany-san asked.




“We are arguing because I want to be Maruno’s partner in the future.”


“Well, wait, wait, wait!”


“No, you… how about the destined person in the bar?”


He wasn’t swayed by Fagany-san’s slightly drawn words, and the captain answered with a smile.


“I found him.”


Saying that, he looked at me.


“Well then, Maruno, no, no…  is he Maruno?”




“Maruno!? You want to make a child your life partner!?”


I had to listen to it, and I just caught my mouth.


“Fagany-san, I’m 21 years old.”


“Huh!? Really!? And you didn’t say a word when I talked to you about it before!”


“That’s it! I’m really sorry… I didn’t expect to be searched for…”


“Oh, well, the captain is basically ruthless.”


Ehem! The leader cleared his throat. I laughed when I saw Fagany-san’s dark expression.


“Are you really ruthless?”


When I asked, the leader replied with wrinkles between his eyebrows. “It’s a long time ago, after I had settled for a moment.”


“Once upon a time, it was said that he has a relationship with someone’s daughter, well that is a story from the tabloids,” Fagany-san said


“Isn’t it old? Everything, before I met Maruno, was old.”


I thought about it several times today, but the captain is a strange person.


Perhaps I was lucky in the morning and I think I was able to talk calmly.


The captain may be a much more friendly but weird person than I expected. You can tell that he is adored by hearing the pleased voices of the members of the Knights.


I thought the captain was lonely, hard to approach, and a difficult person.


I’m glad he suggest to understand each other. It is regrettable not to see a new side of the captain. I only got this chance so I’ll make a lot of memories until the captain gets tired of me.


“But the destined person the captain is looking for is Maruno. I guess it’s okay within the Knights, but maybe it’s better not to leak it to the outside.” Fagany-san said.


“Why? Isn’t it better to end the turmoil?” The captain asked.


“No, the tabloids are always making up stories and it would be harsh to put Maruno up there for the public to gossip about.”


“…I think he is such a cute existence for me.”


The leader stared at me and said. Involuntarily my eyes twitch.


“Did you hit your head? Shouldn’t you go to the hospital?”


“Maruno, you’re surprisingly harsh…”


Fagany-san muttered as if he was amazed, and then laughed, “Well, it may be a good match.” I want you to stop.


That’s how my short time at the knight dormitory began.

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