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What Did I Do Yesterday? Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Translated by Conrad

Edited by Schwarzel


I was in the sanctuary a while ago, but I finally set foot outside of the sanctuary. I never thought that such a day would come in my life, or I didn’t have to.


The leader guided me to the room with restraint while he pretended to be a perfect escort. I was terribly scared. On the way, he never let go of my waist, even when I procured a midnight snack in a place like a dining room in the dormitory. He trembled with a strong will to never let go.


The leader’s room, which I was guided to in this way, was indeed large, but it was simpler than I had expected. I heard that the Knights’ upper ranks, including the captain and married people, have a room in the dormitory and an ordinary main house, so maybe he will not use it except on late days or in emergencies like today. 


It’s a rather cluttered room with no sense of life, with no ornate decorations. The structure seems to be rough, and there was no door other than the room that looked like a washroom. There is a place separated by a curtain in the back. Is it a bedroom? A sofa, a table, a large rug, a hanger with clothes, and a large bookshelf in the corner of the room. 


Wow, what kind of books does he read? As a fan and an old book clerk, I can’t stop my curiosity.


When I was rudely wandering around, I heard a rattling noise behind me and returned to myself. Oh, this was really rude.




He hugged me from behind with a whisper, and he made a pitiful voice.


“I finally caught you.”


His face is buried in my shoulder; he heaves a sigh on my neck. Feeling the heat of the captain, my body became tense. The circuit in my head doesn’t connect well. It seemed like I forgot how to move.


I have to apologize. I scolded my quivering throat and said, “That.”


“Yeah. What?”


Prompted by an unexpectedly gentle voice, my body was a little weakened.


“The other day,”


However, the word “I’m sorry” that I tried to continue was interrupted by my belly’s sound that didn’t read the air—what a mess.


The leader exhaled and released my restraint. When I look up, he smiles, “Let’s have rice.” What should I do? 


I spread the evening meal on the table, and we had dinner together. It was a sandwich.


“It’s bad to have only this kind of thing.”


“No, it’s delicious. Thank you.”


“Don’t be so nervous. You’re really a big fan of mine?”


“Uhh… that’s right…”


Whether it’s because I’m nervous or elevated, it’s fluffy and unrealistic. Maybe it’s very delicious, but I didn’t really understand the taste.


After that, the captain took care of me, and when I realized it, all I had to do was sleep. It’s natural considering the time. However, I’m not sure if I was able to move naturally.


A curtain also separated the bed.  One is big. It’s about twice as much as where I’m sleeping.


“Let’s go to bed.”


I blinked and silently looked up at the leader. Perhaps it has become more resistant little by little, and even if you look at its precious face at a close distance, it no longer hardens.


“Come on.”


The captain pulled my hand and invited me to bed.


“No no no no.”




“I can use the sofa…”


It seems that my heart really stops.


“What are you saying?”


The leader was really surprised. What are you talking about here?


“No, that’s why I sleep on the couch …”


“I’m inviting you to bed. I can’t let the guest sleep on the couch. Then I’ll sleep on the couch.”


“That’s it! That’s no good! You will support tomorrow’s work!”


“Then, there is only one answer?”


With that said, the leader smiled. I’m hung up and smiled. I’m not sure what happened and why.


All I can say is that the leader’s bed was fluffy and warm. I thought I couldn’t sleep because of my nervousness. To my surprise, by the time I turned off the lights and felt the warmth of the captain who came in next to me, I had already fallen asleep.






I vaguely think that I am surrounded by the warmth that is not always there.


It’s warm and fluffy. It feels good. I rubbed my head against the warmth. I want more and more.




There was a muffled sound from above. I wonder what it is? My consciousness awakened and I opened my eyes, but my vision remained blurred.




Where am I? When I thought, I suddenly remembered the situation. I raised my face vigorously.


“Good morning, Maruno.”


The captain with a red face was laughing.




I tried to pull my body out and realized that I couldn’t do it. My body has been used as a pillow by the captain. I got impatient and turned around. The distance is close! It’s too close!


However, seeing my attitude, the captain suddenly tightened his hold. He just pressed my shoulders against the bed.




“Are you going to run away from me like that again?”


The captain said that with the eyes of a predator, and I was scared. What? Why is this happening?


“N- …”


My mouth that opened to deny him was covered by the captain’s own.


–This is a kiss.




My mouth was stirred by a slimy thing that came in. What is this!?? I was confused and hit the chest in front of me, but the captain wasn’t surprised. On the contrary, my hand was pressed down and I was kissed deeply as it is.


My mouth was thoroughly traced and our tongues were tangled. A sweet numbness ran on my spine. I instinctively shuddered.


-I know.


I know this feeling, even though I couldn’t remember anything.


The sounds echoed in my head. I felt saliva that I couldn’t swallow dripping down my chin. Somewhere in my head, a calm part shouts that the captain has overrun my mouth. My upper jaw was licked and traced to the back of the teeth. I’m sure there is no place in my mouth that the captain hasn’t touched.


I can’t breathe. It’s painful. I will be eaten.




When I was about to lose consciousness, my mouth was finally released. Repeating shallow breathing. As there is not enough oxygen. My field of vision blurred because of the tears. I don’t feel any strength in my hands or feet.




“Why? Maruno, I’m angry.”


He glared at me with his purple eyes and I took a deep breath. The captain wiped the tears that remained in my eyes with one hand and laughed lightly.


“Do you know how I felt in the morning that day?”


The captain stuck to my neck. I… I’m sick now! He sucked over and over again and finally licked.


“Are you so passionate about inviting me to do nothing?”


He whispered in my ear and bit it. His tongue came into my ears. The sizzling sound echoed directly, and I shrieked, “Oh, oh.”


“No, stop…”


“Stop? At that time, aren’t you begging for more?”


Really!? What!? I did that!? Tears came to my eyes again. I couldn’t hide it, the heat was building up in my lower body, and the nasty, laughing captain, patted it from the top of my clothes to shape what was getting hard.


“Does it feels good, Maruno?”


“I don’t understand!”


The movement of the leader stopped. When I climbed up, the restraint is released unexpectedly easily. I stepped back as if I was just in time.


“I’m really sorry about the other day. I think it was rude to go home without telling you anything.”


I took a breath and put my strength into my abdomen. Maybe I have a messy face, but I still looked at the captain as hard as I could. It was disgusting. I don’t want to be left alone.


“But the one-night stand was such a daily occurrence for the leader… And even if I said-whatever-I-said, after all, I’m just a drunken idiot who you had a one night stand with. You should know that, too!”


At that moment, I fell behind.


As I continued to retreat, it seems that I had reached the edge of the bed before I knew it. You must be kidding. It didn’t hurt because the blanket fell off with me, but it was too stupid.


When I was stuck in such a situation for a while, I heard the laughter and so I stood and looked up while holding my head.


“Huh… are you okay?”




After moaning too embarrassingly, he whispered, “It’s okay.” The captain, who had come to my side immediately before I knew it, reached out from above.


“It was bad.”




When I wasn’t holding my hand, I was grabbed and pulled up to bed.


“I don’t know if it’s a daily occurrence as Maruno says. I was shocked that day, but I was convinced somewhere.”




“So let’s start here, Maruno.”


With that said, the leader wrapped my hands in both his hands and laughed.


“And, as you said at that time, be my lifelong partner.”


What did I really do at that time!?

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