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What Did I Do Yesterday? Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Translated by Conrad

Edited by Schwarzel




“Maruno-kun’s favorite captain met his destined person.”



Grandma Neri, a tea-drinking friend, smiled and tilted her cup. I laughed at her and said, “That’s right.”



Fagany-san’s special story appeared in a tabloid two days after that. 



Well, it’s natural because the captain himself is searching without hiding it. However, the tabloid was dramatized. 



‘The leader goes to the bar every day in search of his destined person,’ he says…



What ‘destined’ person?



Isn’t the reason for looking for me is to claim a traumatic payment? 



Tabloids really write things that have no proof. By the way, the bar seems to be prosperous with an increasing number of customers aiming for the captain. It was good. I can’t go anymore.



“But Maruno-kun is a little lonely, too. It seems that the captain was taken by that person.”



“No, if the captain is happy, I…”



“Yeah, I hope he finds him soon. That destined person.”



The words of Grandma Neri, who has no bad intention, pierced me. Moreover, because of those articles, the hurdles for the general public ‘the destined person of the leader’ are exploding.




You can do whatever you want with any aristocratic lady who is a beautiful woman. Fortunately or unfortunately, the fact that the leader is looking for a brown-haired, black-eyed man is not revealed to the public.



Even so, it was a miscalculation that the act of reading and fishing for the captain’s article, which was such a healing time before, has recently begun to strangely attack my conscience—what a mess.


The morning tea party continues slowly in the garden on the premises of an antiquarian bookstore. I spread the tabloids and enjoyed the photos of the captain.



“Look at this Neri-san! This melancholy face of the captain is awesome. Let’s scrap the photo later.”



It was when Grandma Neri smiled and said, “Hey.” The street in front of the second-hand bookstore suddenly became noisy. I wonder why the hustle and bustle came to us all of a sudden.



“I’m sorry! Maruno-san!?”






A stranger suddenly appeared in the garden. But that brilliant jet-black uniform definitely belongs to the Knights. I wonder if he is a clerical worker, he is small and has no pressure.



“I’m very sorry! Could you hand over the documents entrusted by Fagany!?”



I thought that he was a person with many exclamation marks, so I took a closer look. I think he is pretty impatient.




“Um, I’m sorry, but it’s not done yet…”



“Yes, that is okay. Can you please come to the knight’s working place to finish it? We really need it. I’ll prepare a carriage now!”



He was a forcible person who made me think that he was low-profile—a person from the Knights. 



When I thought that I couldn’t do it like this, Grandma Neri shouted, 



“This is hard. I wonder if the store is closed today. Maruno, I’ll tell Rikan.”



“Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry, please tell him.”



If I leave it to Rikan, I can do anything else. As a childhood friend, he is familiar with this shop. Grandma Neri put away the squishy and tea utensils.


I got into the carriage with very few dictionaries so that the knights can escort me.



Just before the carriage door closed, I saw Grandma Neri waving. 


“Maruno, I hope you can meet the leader.”


The words that Grandma Neri muttered disappeared without being heard by me.

Or if I had heard the words properly, would my future have changed?



I don’t know about that.






It was early. The horse-drawn carriage of the Knights was extremely fast. 



Yeah, I got dizzy. I was stupid when I thought that I could continue the translation. Although I was fluttering, I rented a room where I could work and did the rest of the translation work with nausea that has finally subsided.




Let’s finish work early and go home. He also added that he could get a lot of money after finishing this job.



 Above all, there is no loss in selling your favor to your customers.



Even so, the documents of the Knights have many technical terms. I was struggling with a dictionary in my hand, and I completely forgot the concept of time.


“Woah?! Maruno?”



Suddenly, when I was called out and raised my face, Mr. Fagany opened the door of the room and was frozen.



“…Mr. Fagany?”



“Oh yeah, It’s been reported that you’re working in a vacant room. My bad.”



I shook my head. The pile of papers that had been piled up was reduced, probably because someone came to collect them during the work.



“Well, is there something wrong?”


“No, I don’t have a problem… Oh, the daytime documents really helped me. Thank you.”



“That was good. The continuation will be completed soon…”


“That, Maruno, are you looking at your watch?”






As I circulate around my head, I see a clock on the wall of the room. The time was about thirty minutes before midnight.


Well, when did I start working here? I was too focused.



“Are you okay? You’re really focused… No, I completely forgot about Maruno. It was my bad. Did you eat?”



I shook my head. When I realized it, my body suddenly complained of hunger.



“Well, you can’t go home anymore… you have no ways of transportation. I’m sorry Maruno. Will you stay with me today? It’s not a big deal because it’s a knight’s dormitory, but it’s here. Rather than being…”



“A dormitory for knights…!”



I screamed involuntarily. Yes, I had forgotten it, but it was the home of the Knights. It’s a sacred place. 


Uhhhhhh pilgrimage! No, wait, the sacred place means that this is where the person I must avoid is residing.



Unpalatable! Very bad! I’ve come this far, but it’s still very bad!



“That’s right, Maruno. I’ll tell you the room of your favorite captain!”



“No, no, no, no, it’s fine! I can go home !!!!”



“Hey, you said you don’t have ways of transportation. Is it okay? Maruno.”






Suddenly a dignified baritone voice echoed in the room. 


A nice voice! I’m frozen.



“What happened?”



Long legs come into view.



“It’s early tomorrow. I’ll have to come back soon. If there’s a problem …”



I couldn’t breathe.


The captain was speaking in front of his deputy leader. Straight spine, black hair. His gaze move and the beautiful purple eyes caught me-I returned to myself at that moment as if I had been flipped.


I have to run away!!!


However, his reaction speed was faster than mine as a matter of course. I have never cursed my dull athletic ability as much as this time.






“Fagan, what about this kid?”



The captain suddenly appeared on my right side.



His hand is around my waist before I know it.  


Mr. Fagany may have thought that his behavior was suspicious because when I finally met the existence I admired when he saw me who was pale and stuck. HE gave a warm look to me.



“He is  Maruno, a translator who I hurriedly asked for documents today. He was cleaning up the remaining documents, but it’s already late. I was talking about letting him stay at my house because he doesn’t have a way of transportation.”





I hear a really good voice from diagonally above my right. 








“I always ask this guy for documents for meetings with neighboring countries.”



“Is that so… Fagany, Maruno will be kept in my room. My room is larger and I would like to talk to this child a little.”



My heart is beating so fast! I don’t have it in me to talk!!! Ignoring me, who shook his head in a small motion, Mr. Fagany relentlessly said, “That’s okay.”



“Maruno is a fan of the captain. It’s a good memory of Maruno’s life, isn’t it?”



It’s impossible! I would like to take care of Mr. Fagany! I feel tremendous pressure from the right side! I shook my head again with my mouth fluttering. I think I was a little tearful.



“Well, that’s nice. Come, Maruno. Did you eat rice?”



The captain looks into his face. My eyes aren’t laughing.



“I’m glad Maruno! Oh, I don’t think he has eaten yet!”



I was almost crying when I heard the voice of Mr. Fagany, I was extremely sullen. Where did I go wrong? I wonder why the leader was looking for me. Will he get angry? Oh, but the leader is really cool.



What should I do? The captain is too cool, and when I look at him from a close distance, my heart seems to pop out of my mouth. I’m really scared.


I was confused and was taken to the captain’s room as it was.


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