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What Did I Do Yesterday? Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Translated by:Nacchi

Edited by:Schwarzel

At dawn, when I woke up, the captain was no longer beside me


From somewhere, there is the sound of fireworks exploding. I couldn’t understand what was happening, and when I was standing in bed vaguely, someone knocked on the door and called out.


“Are you in the room?”


“…Eh? Yes?”


“It’s time to leave, so hurry up!”


It was the voice of the landlady. The voice was frustrated and it made my body tense.




The invasion from the neighboring country has begun.






The proprietress says that there is a moat at the bottom of the city for residents to evacuate in the event of an emergency. It is said that he is supposed to wait for help by digging a rocky mountain and holding it in a basket.


“Because that place is where the citizens escape after they fled from their house.” the proprietress laughed.


“Escape there as soon as you can. I will evacuate after I wake up all the guests at the inn.”


The landlady who told me that was cool headed.


I hurried to the moat according to the landlady’s words. The sky is still dark, but the eastern sky is vaguely dyed in navy blue. The sunrise didn’t look far.


The sound of footsteps running on the cobblestones from here and there echoes in the city. Residents may have evacuated. From time to time, a banging noise echoed from the fort, causing my stomach to shrink.


I imagine the face of the captain and members of the group in my mind. I can only pray that they are safe.




I was running while biting my lips, but just before I went out onto the main street, I stopped when I heard a faint cry. Is anyone crying?




I couldn’t ignore it, and as I stepped toward the voice, the sobbing voice became louder.


“… Is anyone there? Are you okay?”






I was shocked by the sudden force that bumped into my abdomen. I took hold of the cause of that, it was a child who’s height reached my waist. What is this?


“Oh, are you okay?”


“Wuhh uhh..”


“Hey, hey!”


I kneeled and looked at the child while making a quiet gesture. His green eyes looked at me while he clenched his teeth and tried not to make a voice, and tears spilled out from his green eyes.


“Are you okay? What’s wrong?”


“…Guuu, Peak.”




“Waahh.. My friend… uh, uhm, uh.”


“A dog?”


The boy shook his face vertically. Perhaps he was about 5 or 6 years old, the hand holding my clothes tightly was shaking.


“Peak is not there, I, I…”


“Are you looking for your friend alone? Your father and mother?”


“I don’t know. I was running with my dad and mom, my friends and everyone in the neighborhood, but Peak wasn’t there, so I came back.”


“That is…”


Your parents will be worried too. Did you get separated from the difficulty of evacuation? However, in this situation, the boy seems to wander around the city until he finds a peak.


“Okay, I’ll look for it with you, but before the sun comes out perfectly, let’s head to the moat. Can you promise?”




I wiped his tears and took the nodding boy’s hand to look for Peak. The boy sometimes quietly called “Peak”, but he didn’t respond.


Gradually, people’s footsteps became sparse, and the color of the sky changed. It’s almost time to evacuate- when I tried to open my mouth, the light footsteps of walking on the cobblestones echoed.




I hurriedly chased the boy as he popped up and ran towards the sound of the boulevard.


“Eh!? A little…”




The sound of gashan echoed right behind me.




“I’m lucky.”


I can hear a thick voice. Looking back, I saw what looked like an ax that had been swung down to where I was standing, and three men in Knights uniforms.




From across the street, there is a boy’s voice delighted to see the dog again. They laughed sneakily as they stepped back in their heads, begging them not to come back here.


“Why should the captain be so plain?”


“I wonder if the condition of that is good.”



Their gaze was sharp as they looked at me while saying it. The man in the middle slowly picks up the ax. A cold thing ran on my spine. Their aim is me.


“Maruno-kun, I’m sorry? I was told that I’m gonna be in trouble if you’re alive.”


“Well, we have a lot of things to do, so come on. Will you be killed quietly?”


“But I’m lucky, we can meet in a place like this without having to take you out of the shelter!”


”Ahahahah,” their laughter echoes in the city. They may be human beings but they are still Knights. There is no chance for me. Even if I escaped here, I felt that it wouldn’t help. The load is too heavy for the average person. It was the moment when I stepped back one step further. I heard the footsteps of a child from the main street.




“!! Don’t come here!!”


At the moment I said that, the man pulled my arm and stepped on the tatara. The person who grabbed me made a gentle voice to the boy, “I’m sorry, can you evacuate alone?”




“Be careful because your brothers have a job.”


“Wow, I understand. Onii-chan… Thank you!”


The sound of his footsteps went away. Good. The aim of these people is really me. I felt like I was getting cold on my feet, and my hands trembled. I can’t escape.


“Don’t uselessly resist so we could give you a painless death.”


“…I don’t want to miss it.”


When they muttered, they laughed and kicked me from behind.




The shock suffocates me. I felt my back trampled on and the axe swung over my head. My face turned white. I couldn’t do anything and closed my eyes tightly.




Captain, sorry.






A large amount of liquid got sprayed on me and the sound of metal crushing on stones beside me. The legs on my back collapsed.


“Eh, eh?”


When I opened my eyes, the dark liquid was forming a puddle. It smells of iron. A terrifying scream echoed in the city again.


“What? It wasn’t a girl?”


There is a third party’s voice screaming “Hiiii!”


And a fluttering sound of someone running away. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the language of the neighboring country.




Silence comes for a moment.


I couldn’t move, as if I was in a sleep paralysis. My heart was beating loudly, and my breathing felt awful.




“… Hey, how long are you gonna be rolling? Or are you dead?”


“I… I’m alive!”


It was the language of the neighboring country, after all. I managed to raise my trembling body and said that, and in front of a man in a military uniform of the neighboring country. The eastern sky is suddenly dyed red. His eyes and hair, standing in the wake of the sunrise, were fiery red, and I thought he was carrying the sun.


“Wow, aren’t you bloody? Anyway, why are you being attacked by the Knights?”


“Oh, I don’t really understand… Thank you for your help…”


“You are welcome. But uh, I was thinking of going into exile in this country, but I killed the knights. ”


Scratching his head, he said so, annoyingly wiping the blood off of his sword.


“This city is amazing. I never thought there was a place where residents could evacuate at once. It was a strategy to get into the right citizens, but the movement was so fast that I could only find you.”


“…I think there is a high sense of crisis. The whole city has been tingling these days.”


“That’s it. The invasion must be done unexpectedly! Because Sekisho was closed for a week, right? I got lost here when the strategy was leaked. Well, the prince who decided this time would have been impatient, but this is a loss from the heir apparent.”


He sighed and gave up his shoulders. I was stunned and stuck in a blood clot.


“So what are you doing? You can’t evacuate in that bloody state.”


“Oh, that’s right. Let’s go back to the inn… ”


“Inn? Are you a resident in this city?”


“I am a temporary clerk of the Knights”


He raised his eyebrows when he heard the words.


“Are you a knight? You… ”


Oh, could I be killed too? He instinctively strengthened his body, but he waved, “Oh, I’m not going to do any harm, so don’t worry.”


“I don’t know what it means. Why are you being killed by your fellow knight? Are they really knights?”


“Well, about that… I’m not familiar with the Knights either.”


“It’s temporary. Well then, you shouldn’t go to the shelter. ”




“Because I missed myself. If you went to a shelter and the Knights later went to free the inhabitants, your existence could only be a problem.”


I opened my eyes. He was clearly a neighbor who was invading now, and I was helped by him.


“Uh, wow, ah…”


“If that survivor is really a knight, I’m glad to report you. Even a traitor.”




“Ahaha! Then, let’s remove the blood at the inn and change clothes.”


He pulled me up very easily, holding my head and sitting in a blood clot.




“Where are you staying? I’ll borrow the clothes of other guests and go undercover, so let me know. ”


I had no veto. Or rather, I couldn’t swallow the situation suddenly and my head was wobbly. I was telling myself that the scent of blood that turned black was the reality.


“But is it okay to stay in the city? The invasion is… ”


“Ah, it’s okay. You can’t enter the fort and it will end up being suppressed. I don’t think the city here will be damaged. I pretended to march and get lost, climbing a cliff and entering alone.”




He was a very rough person.


“Then let’s go.”


His words said that he was from this country, and I blinked my eyes.




“That’s why I can speak to the extent that I’m not inconvenienced. Oh, I didn’t hear the name. I’m Sumuno, you?”


“………… Maruno.”


“Nice to meet you!”


To Sumuno, who laughed with a very nice smile, I returned a tense laugh.






We cleaned our dirty bodies and changed our clothes, and decided to leave the city of the fort.


Sumuno, who killed the members, and I, who was helped by him, wouldn’t be free if I stayed here. It will be a story that he was inside the fort secret, and the thing that Sumuno wants will be difficult.


And above all, I didn’t want to be a disappointment to the captain.




My life was targeted. That’s for sure.


Who on earth? There’s something who thinks I’m in the way… The Wayley family.


I sighed and chased Sumuno’s back. Sumuno is probably very strong. He urged me to escort me for the time being. Of course, there is a charge. It seems that he will go into exile in a rural area as if nothing had happened in the face of money.




What should I do?




For the time being, hide and locate those who have been aiming for my life, and offer them to the Knights? Is it possible for ordinary people to do such a thing?


But I have to do something about it. I decided not to give up on the captain.






 Going down the rocky mountain with the rising sun in the background. The sound of explosives exploding was still faintly heard.





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