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What did I do Yesterday? Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Translated by:Nacchi

Edited by:Schwarzel

I think I fall in love with him every day.


A brilliant career, praise from those around me and an origin that everyone will envy. It’s a very smooth sailing life. But deep inside I was exhausted from all the boring days and the irresponsible expectations of the people.


I understand it now that I met Maruno.


I’ve always been a hollow doll that is about to break.


On that day, I had a verbal battle with the raccoon dogs in the castle. I felt sick and tired of being lectured by the people of the main family. Since I was finally released and the next day would be my day off, I thought of drinking as a distraction, and if there is a woman who is up for some fun, I would like to release my accumulated desire. That was the thoughts I had while entering the bar that I saw.


The bar was fairly busy. The store is lively, if not noisy, and no one is interested in new customers. To be honest, it helps. I can’t afford to be noticed by other people.


Even so, I got sick of sitting on a normal seat and went to the counter in the back where people wouldn’t be able to see my face, but there was a customer there. There is one petite man. His brown hair looks fluffy and adorable, swaying from side to side. I think I’m drunk, this is dangerous. The other guests around me are obviously eyeing him, his delicate appearance evoked a desire for something else. feeling it was going to be annoying, I instinctively called out to him.


“Is the alcohol good?”




He looks dumbstruck seeing me and blinked a few times before he responded.


“It’s good.”


Oh, he’s cute. His big black eyes were shining brightly under the lighting inside the store. Perhaps because of alcohol, his cheeks were dyed slightly red, giving him a strange impression of being simple. This is dangerous. Somehow dangerous.


“Thank you.”


I laughed and sat next to him, implicitly restraining my surroundings. Some people quickly turned their eyes away.


Even so, is it okay for him to drink alcohol despite being young?


“How old are you? Is it okay for you to drink in such a place?”


“Yeah! Brother is handsome!”


As expected, he is drunk. I couldn’t even understand what he said.


When I glanced at the shopkeeper over the counter, he nodded. Believe it or not, he seems to be an adult. I just asked for alcohol and gave the boy next to me a juice. He is happily tasting the juice I’ve given. I couldn’t help but smile.


“Wow! Delicious!”


“Good for you.”


“Yeah! Hey, you are a good-looking guy!”


“Huh… Thank you.”


 It’s the second time. What is this child? He’s interesting. I’m used to being praised for my face, but when I’m told so many times, it’s laughable.


“Do I look that good?”


“Yeah! Because you look just like the Knight Captain, brother.”




“I’m a fan of the Captain- I love the Captain’s face.”


“…is that so?”


 Face… He smiled and moved his head up and down. I thought it was unusual for a man to be my fan, but it didn’t feel bad.


“How much did you drink?”


“Hmm, I don’t know. Work didn’t go well and I felt bad. Is it the same for you?”




“That’s right. It is hard for everyone.”


The conversation with a drunk is unclear. However, there was no discomfort. Probably because there is no other intention. This meaningless conversation was strangely pleasant to me, who was exhausted from all of the mess during the day. 


“Brother is cool. The captain is also cool. Hey, I love the Captain!”


“Do you love the Captain?”




There is no connection, but he was cute when he said that and his cheeks flushed red. I wanted to pinch on it a little.


“Then, what if I was the captain?”




He laughed and said, “The captain wouldn’t be in such a place.” and then he added, “But.”


“If you are the Captain, then my heart might stop.”


“…Don’t worry about that.”


“Because I like him.”


What’s this… This cute boy.


Involuntarily, I stroked his head, he laughed and licked the juice on his lips. I gulped, feeling strange arousal. Arousal? No way. I might be a little drunk, too.


“Is your house around here?”


“My house is my house!”


“Well… can you go home properly?”


“Yes! It’s okay!”




No, I’m just worried. It doesn’t look like he can go home alone. Holding his head, he asked, “What is it?” And looked into my face.


“Are you tired, brother? Alright, you did your best.”


 Moreover, this time I was the one being stroked on the head. The innocent gesture made my shoulders relax. The unexpectedly firm hand made me realize that he was a young man.


“Hah! Kuku… Thank you.”


“Hmm, yeah!”


I wanted to touch his mellow cheeks with a smile. This is a dangerous thought. I’ve never been interested in a man.


“Hey, you are-“


“Brother! Is this food?”


“Oh, oh, it’s salted fish. Would you like to try it?”


“Yeah! Thank you so much!”


When I saw him who was pleased with his eyes shining, I thought it was okay. Let’s enjoy this comfortable time. While drinking alcohol, I felt my heart awaken for the first time in a long time.


He had been talking ramblings since then, but after a while, he started rubbing his eyes.




“Hmm, yeah.”


He leaned against my chest, muttering something in his mouth.


“Hey, where is your house after all?”


“Hmm? It’s on the second floor of the shop.”




“My grandpa’s shop.”


I can’t tell him the truth. However, I didn’t feel like leaving him out here, so I had no choice but to take him upstairs in this bar. Leaning on me and walking in a good mood, I held his waist. What the hell am I doing? I can’t believe I’m taking care of a drunk boy in such a place.


“Look, are you okay? Do you wanna drink water?”


“Hmm, no…”


He spilt water from the edge of his mouth and drinks in a good mood. He looks defenceless and sweet. I can’t believe that I’m having such thoughts. I’ve been surprised since I met him.


He threw his clothes on the floor, humming “hot, so hot” and fell on the bed.


“Going to sleep?”


“Hmm, yeah…”




“Yeah… what about you, brother?”


“I am…”


“Wanna sleep together? Let’s sleep here.”


I laughed bitterly when I was shaken to come to the bed. Cute. Let’s admit it. I seem to be attracted to this child.


“No. It’s bad if you invite a man to bed like that.”


“Yeah? But I’m a man too?”




Stroking his head as he answered, he squinted and laughed happily. Suddenly, I felt thirsty and I was upset.


“Can you tell me your name?”


“My name? Eh, secret!”




“If you give it all, it’s boring, right?”


I blinked at the unexpected answer. I see, a mysterious child.


“I see.”


When he muttered, he laughed and put his hand around my neck.


“Brother, you’re handsome.”


This time, it was my turn to laugh. Is it that again?


“Hey, I love the Knight Captain.”


“Then, let me tell you something good. My name is Corks.”






“The knight’s captain?”




He muttered Corks repeatedly and buried his face in my neck. A clean, sweet scent emanated from his nape.


“Corks is strange. It calms me down when we are together.”


“Yes. Me too. I feel calm with you.”


“That’s right. We are a match!”


He suddenly raised his face, and this time he touched the tip of my nose and stared into my eyes. 

“Beautiful eyes…”


He breathes. I want to bite those lips. Is it because he is drunk that his reason is shaking? I slipped my hand on his cheek and stroked his face as if rubbing it against him.


When I noticed, I was already kissing him.


He probably didn’t expect it when I bit his lips and inserted my tongue inside his mouth as I grab his shoulders. Occasionally, a muffled, gasping voice leaked out, making my head hot. Our saliva flowed down to our jaws.




When I let go of his face, his eyes were full of tears. His breathing is fast but shallow.


“Were you not able to breathe? I’m sorry, I breathed from my nose.”


“…I was surprised.”


“Was it disgusting?”


“No, but why…?”


“Why not?”


“Fufu.. a sly person…”


He laughed, confined my cheeks in his hands and tilted his head.


“You want it?”


He was a terrible little devil. He skillfully invited me with a face that seems to be naive and no sexual experience. I think I’m messing around with a man who’s used to playing by repeating this kind of thing over and over again. It made me dizzy.


“What about you..?”


“Okay, Corks. But be prepared.”




“Be responsible, please love me till the end.”


I feel like I’m dying.


I touched his body, pushed his shoulders aggressively and robbed him off of his lips again. He sighed as I traced his fine skin with the pad of my finger and stuck to his neck.


It was the first time for me to have such an urge. I want to expose all of him. I want to engrave my existence in him. Deeply.


Loosely rubbing the protrusions on his chest made him look confused.


“Such a place…”


“It’s cute.”


After stroking the areola a bit, I pinched the pink buds tightly. Light, strong, stroking, licking and sucking, his legs quivered.


“Ah, ah…”


“Do you feel good?”


“I don’t know, it’s itchy…”


Oh, he’s irresistibly cute. While rolling the tip, which has turned red, with my tongue, I extended my hand to his lower limbs. When I stroked his inner thigh, he yelled “Hey” and tried to close his leg. Of course, I didn’t let him. I pushed it open with my hand, where I can see his rod that was already stiff and some white liquid spilling. I am dizzy at the sensational sight. Oh, who would have thought that the day will come when I’m lustful for a man? However, there was no disgust at all. I smiled and reached for his rod.




Gripping loosely, he screamed.


“Yeah, hmm…”


I love how he clings to me. When I touched it and squeezed the smooth glans, the liquid leaked out.


“Well… Corks, too.”




“Let’s do it together.”


He rubbed his already hard rod over my clothes, looking desperately moisturized. “…Okay.”

I stripped and threw my clothes on the floor.


“I want you.”*


“I want it quickly.”


“…the best.”


 Face to face, with him resting on my knees, I kissed him once and then guide his hand to me. He, with red cheeks, wrapped my rod with both of his hands. I don’t know what to do as it is, and I squint and enjoyed watching him checking the shape.


“Come, let’s do it together.”




Putting the two rods on top of each other, I started to rub it.


“Oh, oh, oh! What’s this!”




I was surrounded by a heat I had never felt. It was good.


“Ah, no, ah, ah!”


I didn’t stop and the two rods made an obscene sound. He pressed his face against my shoulder and screamed, “Oh, oh!”


“Hiiii! It feels good, it feels good! I’m coming, I’m coming!”


“Hmm, oh, I’m…”


His hands moved faster and he spilt. I reached the zenith without a moment’s delay. Our white essence was mixed together.


“Oh, oh …”


Repeatedly kissing his red-coloured eyes, I slid my dirty hands over his twin hills. His back trembled.


“Hi, hi, what!?”




“Eh, eh?”


When I traced the edge of his back hole, I heard a “hiiii” voice again, and I knew that it was getting louder. I licked my lips at his attitude that I hadn’t even thought about it.


“First time?”


A feeling of relief and satisfaction comes to me.


“I’m glad. Rest assured that I’m gonna be responsible for everything.”


“Oh, oh, oh!”


I licked his earlobe. While making a fluttering noise, I inserted my finger into his back hole.




“Does it hurt? Is it okay?”


“It’s okay, but-“




“Do you really use this place?”




I cover his mouth with my mouth and pushed him down to the bed. I slowly loosened him while kissing him. He seemed to like kissing. When I trace the dentition and bite his tongue sweetly, he clings to me. I love that. Tame the ferocious desire to push yourself right away. I don’t want to hurt him.


In the meantime, I loosened him with my fingers. Perhaps because he was conscious of the kiss, he stirs around when I pushed at his weak spot, and at one point, he was surprised and suddenly cramped.


“Hi, oh!”


I kissed his eyes as if to calm him down with an incoherent face.


“Now, how is it now?”


“Yeah, it’s okay, I feel it.”


Every time I rubbed the lump I found with my fingertips, he would shake his head. Causing his fluffy and brown hair dance.


“Ah, ah, ah!”


“Hmm, it feels good.”


“Uh, no, no! Uh, uh, hmm!”


“It’s not a lie.”


Gripping his rod to show off. It was hard and wet again.


“Hiii, no…” 


“Hey, calm down, it’ll feel good soon. I’m good at it.”


I repeatedly inserted fingers to loosen him up. Did he notice that I was able to enter three without difficulty now?


“Ah, ah, ah!”


I gently stroke his inner thigh and gave him a kiss. When I pulled out my finger, it seemed that his back was wreathed with regret. I can’t control my excitement and took a rough breath. I filled myself with my legs folded and lifted him.


“Oh, I can insert it.”


“Ah, wait, ahhhhh…!!”


His inside was tight, hot and incredibly feels pleasant. He moved his mouth and spilt tears.


“Breathe in… It’s okay. It’s okay. Relax.”


“… haa, haa, haa..”


I buried myself slowly and deeper into him. I wanted to satisfy him as much as I wanted to move and push.


“Hmm, oh, oh…”


I kissed him to cover his trembling sigh. As if he was relieved, he moved his weakened body up, and his legs jerked up with a voice of “Ah”. Apparently, I hit a good spot. It was so lyrical that I felt my body trembling and tried hard to hold in my own voice, and as I couldn’t stand it anymore, I started to thrust my hips at a slow pace.


“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”


“Hah, hah-“


My head was about to boil. He would wrap his arms around me whenever he feels like I’m gonna pull out. This feels so good. No, we may just be a good match for each other’s bodies. Anyway, it was the first time that I felt such pleasure that my reason seemed to break.


“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”


As his voice became mixed with sweet moans, I moved faster and harder. I bit my lips and endured the pleasure. It seemed like I could come right away.


“Hii, uh, uh!”




I reached for his shivering rod and the wet sound reverberated through the air.


“No, no! Together, no, I’m going crazy… oh!”


I rub him many times while slamming my hips on his hips. His legs kicked the sheets many times in an attempt to escape the pleasures that he’s feeling




“Hah, oh! I’m-…”




I took my rod out and our semen flowed out together.


Suddenly, he stuck to my chest.


“Oh, I can’t do it anymore…”




“Is becoming one really like this?”


“…Is it really your first time?”


The familiar appearance flickered, and when I asked with half-belief, I’m struck by my chest.


“Oh, that’s right! I already told you!”


“Hmm, I’m sorry… it was awesome.”


“It is not like that!”


He cut the word once and continued in a shy voice.


“Is it so… comfortable?”


“……that’s right.”


It’s impossible for him to look up from below with his moist eyes and I won’t be stirred.


I raised my mouth and laughed and robbed him off of his lips again.


“Ah… Hmm…!”


He slowly put his hands on my back.


Stroking Maruno’s mellow cheeks, which swells his eyes and makes him sleep lightly.


I think I made you cry again. Still, he desperately seeks me. I love all of him. I had never imagined that I would have such a feeling for a single person.


The day I met him for the first time, I’ll never forget it. After a few greedy hugs, Maruno fainted and fell asleep. I held that warmth in my arms and fell asleep together. When I woke up in the morning, I plan to ask your name first. I thought I might be surprised because I seemed to be drunk.


Well, after all of that, when I woke up, I felt a sense of loss that blew away such sweet thoughts.


Maruno, who I managed to meet again, was a mysterious young man.


As my first impression of him was strong, I was surprised at the difference from the usual calm Maruno, but it was also fun.


I’m sure he is a fan since he is often fascinated by my face and drowsy. When I think about it, he sometimes treats me as annoying. I can’t grasp it at all. With my eyes and voice, my whole body complains that he like and long for me, but he doesn’t respond to my desire to be with me. It seems to be a contradiction, but he probably has some firm belief in him. It was irresistibly interesting.


After spending a few days together, he seemed to drown in the comfort next to him. Maruno is always warm and it’s so cute that his eyes shine when he eats delicious food. If I’m a little tired, I’ll snuggle up and tilt my head, and when I smile, he’ll turn red and laugh.


He is in my room that no one could enter. That alone raises my heart. I don’t know how I could have lived without that smile.


Maruno’s kindness soaked in, and I probably can’t go back.


I kissed Maruno and I got up. The Knights’ uniform makes a loud noise. It was still dark outside and the dawn was far away.


I touch the door of the room. I’m sure it will be a long day today.


I will never let go of Maruno.


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