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What did I do Yesterday? Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Translated by: Nacchi

Edited by: Schwarzel

A few days have passed since I stayed at the fort.


I was still doing paperwork in the corner of the captain’s office, looking sideways at the members who were busy moving and the captain who had more meetings. The work given by Tsuku-san is almost over, and now I can be assigned to work directly under the captain. It’s just bland content, but some things come from the atmosphere. Gradually, I felt that the atmosphere of the entire fort was changing to a tingling one, and I thought that some battle might occur soon.




“What is it Maruno?”


“Can I work in that room?”


Before going to bed, I sneaked into the big bed of the inn and asked, and the captain sat down next to me and opened his mouth.


“What are you talking about now even though I’m forcibly holding it?”


“Well, that’s right… I think it’s difficult to talk about confidential matters.”


“Well, there’s another real meeting place so you don’t have to worry about it. Maruno should get out of my sight.”


“I won’t go.”




When my shoulders lowered, the captain hugged me and lay me down on the bed. I turned red when he kissed me by the hair.


“It’s not bad to be careful.”


“I don’t want to get in the way.”


“All the members are welcoming you.”


“That is…”


I somehow felt that what Fagany-san said before is true. I was told by other members several times. ‘I’m glad you came’, and ‘the expedition has become really easy’. I wonder how rough the captain was.






When I looked away, my lips got captured. I can’t breathe well over and over again, and even though it’s painful, I almost drown in that feeling.


I like kissing the captain


As I regretfully stared at the lips that were moving away, I was kissed on my eyelids.


“Good night.”


“Good night…”


I buried my face in his chest. I’m embarrassed to unconsciously expect the continuation.


During the day, the captain hasn’t asked for me since the day he held me, even though he tried to hug me whenever he is free.


The fort that we are staying in is built in the place where the rocky mountain was carved out, and it is a fairly strong fortress. Adjacent to the cliff, there is a deep valley under the cliff. The view when climbing over the fort is spectacular. Due to its terrain, it is the only gateway from the neighbouring countryside and also a barrier, which is an important point in case of an emergency.


They should have signed a friendship treaty with our neighbours now, but the atmosphere that something is about to happen seems to be spreading throughout the city, and the residents seem to be getting nervous. If a battle happens, the war will be inevitable. Besides, if this fort should be suppressed, even ordinary people like me can understand that it is very bad for the country.


“I don’t like it, lately. I wonder if there is something ongoing.”


The hostess of the inn said to me while serving dinner.


“That’s right. I don’t know much about it either.”


“Ah, I don’t feel like you’re a knight! With such a slender body! Eat more!”


“Oh, thank you very much.”


I had a piece of bread served. I am too thin… When I was depressed, the captain who had been late to return recently, appeared.


“Maruno, Is this your dinner?”




“Oh, Captain! Having dinner? Come, please sit down!”


The landlady’s voice went up an octave. Right! I understand that feeling. The beauty of the captain is really exciting! The captain sat down in front of me. Dinner is served in seconds as it is. The landlady’s smile is dazzling.


“Thank you for your hard work. Are you tired?”


“Well, a little. Maybe Maruno will heal me later.”


The captain said so and smiled. Oh cool. My recommendation is the best. I thought of the same thing over and over again. When I was in love, I was urged to “cool down”.


“Oh, this is delicious.”


“That’s right. Do you use spices from neighbouring countries..? It’s a taste that makes you addicted to its unique flavour.”


I suddenly smiled. I think he likes cooking. I had a lot of books, and if time and people allowed me, I would say I would like to make one.


“The captain seems to be stiff?”




“Actually, it seems to be suitable for research jobs.”


“…That’s right. I also like reading books.”


“I want to hear about your favourite book!”


I was involuntarily leaning forward. The leader laughed after blinking a few times.


“Maruno is really…”




“I’m saying you are cute.”


“See you soon…”


When I turned red and muttered, the captain replied, “Yes, I like cooking and folklore books from other countries.”


“Folk studies… well, that’s right.”


“Oh, for example, it’s a book about the meaning of embroidery on clothes, festivals, and customs that are completely different in the area. It would be fun to get on a boat and look around other countries someday.”


“That’s nice. Very nice.”


I strongly agree. I would like to see such a captain.


“…Thank you. What is Maruno’s favourite book?”


“Eh? Me? Well… I like anything in print…”


“That’s amazing.”


“It’s not that amazing. When I was little, I was weak and I couldn’t play outside so much, and I used to treat books as my friends. Oh, I’m healthy now! I didn’t grow much.”




“In that sense, the story I read when I was little is special.”




“The story of a hero who saves the country…”


“Oh, I read it when I was little.”


“I longed for it, so when I first saw the captain at the parade, I thought that my longing had materialized …”




When I heard the words that the leader instinctively said, I realized that I was wrong. Oops!


“Oh, it’s different! It’s different now! Please don’t ask!”




“Because! I’m like an idiot! Even like a hero in a story, I longed for the captain and so I wanted to be stronger, so I forced myself to practice outside and fell…!”


“Hmm … I see. I think it was cute, a small Maruno.”


“Oh no, that’s why…”


I covered my face and looked down. My ears are turning red.


“I’ve always longed for the captain.”


“Yes, thank you.”


The big hand of the captain gently stroked my head many times.


The dinner we had together for the first time in a long time was so much fun that I walked back to the room with the captain. Maybe he even sang a humming song. The door of the room closed with a thud.


“Is it  delicious?”


“It’s delicious, but it’s fun, isn’t it? It’s great to have dinner together!”


When I laughed and said that, I was hugged by the captain at the moment.




“Replenishment of Maruno.”


“…I’ve been replenishing it all these days.”






The hand that holds me is full of power. I patted the captain’s back several times and took a small breath. I had a feeling. Somehow, I thought it was only now.


“May I ask you about the Wayley family?”


“…That’s right.”


The captain kissed me once and then urged me to sit on the bed.


“As you know, the Wayley family is a venerable family amongst aristocrats.”


“That’s right. It’s said to be the weakest out of the three families.”


“Yes, that’s why it’s also a house that is strangely obsessed with honour. Nowadays, if you mention the Wayley family, it will be associated with a weakening house with little authority.”




I wonder if that is the case. I think that the person who was there the other day can be said to be the embodiment of authority.


“I was the second son, so they aren’t strict about me that much, but it’s fundamentally awkward with a house that sticks to the shape of the old aristocrats. I didn’t want to stay at home.”


“Is that so…”


“…Are you disillusioned?”




“The existence you long became a knight just to escape.”


“What are you talking about?! If the captain hadn’t become a knight, I might not have known the existence of the captain! That’s a big loss in my life.”






“Anyway, my brother took over the house, and I thought I should go with the Knights. Just because I belong to the Knights, it’s an honour for the house. But I, yes, It was unexpectedly an excellent choice.”


“That’s another hasty remark.”


It’s a fact. The captain laughed and affirmed, “That’s right.”


“Well, the Wayleys didn’t leave me alone after I become top of the Knights at an unusual speed and became well-known and popular.”


“That’s… I think it can’t be helped.”


“Oh, so when the time came, I was thinking of marrying the person the house had decided on, making a decent face to the house, and then spending time with the Knights protecting the country.”


I nodded. Perhaps most people think that the captain will.


“But I met Maruno.”




When I blinked, the captain laughed and held my hand.


“They are complaining when I first made noise about my destined partner in the popular newspaper, so the next time I was overtaken by Maruno, I was finally called by the head family. It wasn’t possible to return to the dormitory room during that time.”


“Fagany-san is arguing with the captain’s family…”


“That’s right. They can’t forgive the rumours about me having a relationship with a man known to the general public. I was told to marry a qualified woman at home. Well, I naturally disagree. It’s been many years since I was an adult, but this is the first time I fought them.”




“As a result, Maruno was sent home and I was forced to be engaged with some woman. I knew my awkwardness, but… I couldn’t lose. Because Maruno is the only one I want to be with.”


I was pulled and embraced in the captain’s arms. I can hear his chest ringing violently.




“My engagement story will be done when things settle down. So Maruno, please. Can you choose me?”




I took a breath and pushed the captain’s chest. Surprisingly, I looked up at the face of the captain who was far away. I just slid my hand on the sword and made eye contact. Purple eyes reflect me.


Somewhere in the back of my chest, I heard a clicking sound.


“I’ve always admired you.”




“I promise. I will live for you. So…”


When I kissed him gently, my view was filled with a captain with his eyes wide open. I laughed a little. I decided. No matter how hurt I would be in the future, no matter what happened, I wouldn’t think about it. The captain loves me.


If the happiness of the captain is to be with me and until that day when he won’t need me.


“Captain, please be mine.”


The captain had a shocked expression for a moment then he hugged me again.


“I’m yours!”


It’s different from the other night. The captain embraced me slowly.


As if to check my shape, he traced everything with his hand and his tongue, and I rubbed my knees due to frustration. The captain who saw it laughed nastily and spread my knees. It was revealed that the untouched rod was pointing upwards and dripping, and I was ashamed that my face turned bright red.


“No, don’t look..!”


“Why? It’s cute. Do you feel it?”


He whispered in my ear “Feel me more,” and I snorted. The captain grabbed my manhood and bend.




My rod was wrapped in something warm and I bounced. The mucous membrane and heat that I have never felt made my sigh shake. When I lowered my gaze, the captain’s head was moving on my rod.


“Wait hey, hey, stop, stop!”


My rod is entwined and handled by his tongue. I shook my head to the pleasure I had never felt. Involuntarily, I placed my hand on the captain’s head. The captain looked up and laughed with what he had in his mouth. The obsceneness made my heart bounce.


I can’t stand being rubbed continuously. When I was traced to taste the muscles on the back with his tongue, my back muscles got numb with pleasure.


“No, it’s coming out…”


“Okay, let it out.”


“Ah, ah, ah!”


I was sucked so strongly that I couldn’t help myself. I turned white for a moment, but the captain who raised his face while licking his lips turned blue.




“Hahh, no, don’t drink..!”


I was confused and suddenly, my lips were covered by the captain who had covered me. The bitter taste spread in my mouth and I couldn’t help but frown, our tongues are firmly entwined and the mucous membrane is rubbed. I eventually accepted the kiss.


“Hmm, already..!”


I reached for the captain’s manhood. I also want to touch him but that didn’t come true because it was blocked by the captain.


“I’m very happy, but let me love Maruno today.”




The leader stroked the mounds on my chest with the pad of his finger. I moaned when my nipples that erected were softly picked.




With the other hand, the captain finger traced the edge of my entrance. The insides of my stomach are writhing painfully. I couldn’t bear it and asked him to kiss me.


While rubbing my tongue against his tongue, the captain slowly unravelled my back hole. It seemed that the inside of my head was swelling together. The sound of water refrains. I want it soon.


“Oh, oh, that’s okay…”




“Hurry up, please… I need it, I’m sorry.”




The captain, who opened his eyes wide, exhaled to endure something and spread my legs.


“Really! You are!”


The tip of the leader was allotted, and I shook my hips.


“…I’ll put it in.”


“Captain, come.”


The captain entered me fully and I couldn’t stop raising my voice. I was filled to the brim.


“Ah, hot captain!”


I desperately clung to the neck of the captain who started the drawing. The body disciplined by the captain’s hand immediately picked up the pleasure. The captain nibbled on my neck, and even the pain is transformed into pleasure. I want him to mark me. I belong to the captain.


The captain is mine.


I put my nails on the back of the captain. The captain moaned and furrowed his eyebrows. The sweat that travelled down his forehead looked delicious, and I inadvertently licked it. Salty. Well, the captain’s sweat is salty.


“Well, can you afford it, Maruno?”




The captain, who was going back and forth in a shallow place, rushed into the back and I threw my head back.  My feet kicked the bedsheets. Buzzing and pleasure ran down my spine.


“Ah, it’s deep, it’s too deep..!!”


“Maruno, Maruno, I love you!”


I screamed as I was entered in the back with a more violent insertion and removal.


“Oh, oh, oh, captain, more, more!”




Once he thrust in real deep, I was pushed to my limit and I finished. At the same time, I felt the captain’s rush in my body, and I sighed.


“Ah, ah, captain…”


From either side, our fingers are entwined with each other and our lips overlapped.


I like… I love the captain.




I tried to put strength into my fingers. Whether it was tears or sweat, drops ran down my cheeks.


I squinted and laughed.


I’m sure I’m the only one in the world who knows the sweaty, lazy, and above all, the captain who laughs so happily.


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