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What Did I Do Yesterday? Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Translated by Conrad

Edited by Schwarzel


The terrible sound of gongs echoes in my head. I groan at the sound, which is steadily and constantly ringing.




There was a faint voice. I wonder if I caught a cold? Speaking of which, that part hurt. My whole body is aching. I mean, it hurts in the back of my butt… It hurts or feels strange. Eh? What’s this?


I slowly pushed up my eyelids and froze, making a compromise with the sound of the gong that continued to ring.


This is because a beautiful man was sleeping in front of me.


When I took a deep breath, I covered my mouth quickly with my hand. I was about to make a strange voice. Wait, wait, wait, calm down, me. What’s happening– I mean, where is this? The person in front of me is breathing regularly and is sleeping soundly. I close my eyes tightly once and open slowly. Hoping that this is all just a dream.


But that didn’t happen.


There is a beautiful man in front of me, and it was Corks Wayley, the knight captain I longed for.


I’m a fan of the Knight’s Captain. Ever since I first saw him at the city parade.


My childhood friend Rikan said I was foolish, but I like what I like, so I can’t help it. I rely on photo books, gossips, and all sorts of messengers to keep track of information about the Knights.


Because, how was there such a beautiful person? Smooth black hair, facial features are just perfect, has a well-proportioned body, small face, long limbs, and impressive purple eyes. I can only think that he is loved by God. Moreover, he is the leader of the “Knights”, which is not an exaggeration to say that he is the idol for most of them. 


As you can see from the fact that he took up that position at a young age, his strength is impressive. Moreover, his parents’ home is also on the upper side of the aristocrats, which precisely makes him the perfect existence.


Why am I here with the captain of the knights?


I crawled out of the bed very slowly and quietly when I realized that I was naked.


What did I do?!


Wait a minute, eh, it feels strange that my body is in pain… eh??


I can’t get rid of the confusion, but I quickly put on my clothes that were abandoned on the floor of the room and checked my luggage. When I looked around the room, it looked like a room in an ordinary inn with nothing special to mention.


Calm down, calm down, what should I do? For the time being, I have to go home.


I put all my money on the bedside table as a lodging fee, forced my aching head and painful body to move and left the room.


When I left the room, I noticed that it was an inn on the second floor of a bar. 


Speaking of which, yesterday I went out for a drink as a distraction. I remember that the beer was tastier than I expected, and it became hazy after that. In short, I would have done something after that. The sound of the gong was clearly the result of the hangover.


I finally realized what actually happened when I got home with my almost crawling body, ran into the bathroom, and saw the liquid flowing out of my hole in the back.


I remember my grandpa always telling me not to drink alcohol!


What did I do?


In short, I probably can’t remember what happened at all, but I made love with him for one night.


“I’ve done something stupid!”


A heartfelt cry echoed in the house I lived in.


My house is an antiquarian bookstore. It’s a small shop that I got from my grandfather, and I live on the second floor. It was really good that today was a regular holiday. 


Well, if today wasn’t a regular holiday, I wouldn’t have thought of going out for a drink last night. I held my head in the bathroom where the steam of the shower was flowing.


“For some reason, it is the knight captain! Moreover, I lose my virginity! Stupid! I’m so stupid, ah!”


While I thrust my finger into that place to clean it, I suddenly looked in the mirror and broke down. 


Red marks and tooth patterns remain throughout my body. 


Ehhhh!? What is this, Captain?! I can never wear clothes that expose my skin for a while. Even though it’s the summer season. I dropped my shoulder.


“But in fact, he is probably used to one night stands anyway, and if I make a ruckus about this, the image of the captain will significantly be tainted, so it’s best to leave it as it is.”


I actually ran away.


I do think I should have apologized for a bit and then leave, but I was upset at that time and thought I shouldn’t be in that position because, for me, the knight captain is a person that I have dreamt of, and as a fan, I can’t cross the line. 


I must just watch over from a distance! I can only wave my hand at him from a distance while waiting for him to smile at me.


After all, I’m an ordinary bean sprout with brown hair and black eyes like the other people you can find everywhere.


Thinking about that, I ended up hiding what happened. Oh, but I wanted to see the captain’s expression who had sex for a while now now. I wish I had done a little more work for my brain that is turning stupid.


It was about a week after the day of the incident.


The old bookstore I run are basically quiet old birds singing from beginning to end. The regulars are grandpas and grandmas in the neighbourhood, and rather than shopping, they mainly chat with me, including the memories of my grandfather. That’s why you can’t basically eat with the income of an antiquarian bookstore.


My side job is a translation business that makes full use of the knowledge I learned from books and my grandfather. We translate letters and documents received from other countries into official languages. 


The city I live in is a port town, and although official languages ​​and foreign languages ​​are mixed, many people are not aware of reading and writing. 


This is an excellent job, and while I am the storekeeper of an antiquarian bookstore, I am always devoting myself to the translation business. 


‘Are you willing to close the antiquarian bookstore?’ I’m sometimes asked, but I haven’t thought of closing the shop. I like the smell of books.


“Hey, Maruno! Are you there?”


The door opened vigorously with a bright voice, and a path of light ran through the dimly lit store. When I raised my face, I squinted and saw a man.


“Fagany-san? Thank you for every time.”




After dexterously slipping through the narrow aisle in the store with a big body, Fagany-san comes to the work table in the back where I am.


“It’s a dark place, and you are still doing different things!”


“Direct sunlight damages books.”


“Do you even go out? Your skin is pale!”


Fagany-san, who laughed loudly, is a good translator. He has a foul mouth, but he is a cheerful and reassuring person like a sun.


“Maruno! This is the package for this time.”


“Thank you. It’s always helpful.”


I was happy to receive the package. Feeling a decent amount of thickness, I feel relieved that I will be able to afford to live for a while.


Then, Fagany-san’s eyes brightened.


“Oh! That’s right, Maruno! This time, there’s a piece of great special news!”


“Is it about the captain!?”


I also lean forward involuntarily. Yes, what should I hide? Fagany-san is the deputy leader of the Knights. It can be said that more than 60% of the knight captain’s information I have is provided by him. By the way, the remaining 40% is from tabloids.


“Yeah! That guy is so funny! He said he was abandoned by someone!”


“The leader got abandoned?!”


“That’s why it’s so amazing. There’s someone who used the captain like a call boy!!! I can’t believe it!” I added as I continue to listen to what Fagany-san would say.


“No, it’s true. He was the worst bastard so far so isn’t it a natural reward?” Fagany-san said.


“What, isn’t he still a decent gentleman?”


“That’s not true. It’s the first time I’ve seen him so desperate, he is the type who just let those who leave, but this time is different!”


“That’s interesting.”


“That’s right. I wondered what kind of beauty had rejected him, so I asked.”


“That’s an interesting news”


I leaned forward. 


‘What a piece of special news! I’m in the translation business, and I’m glad I got to know Fagany-san!’ I thought so from the bottom of my heart.


“That’s it! He’s a brown-haired, black-eyed man!!”


I got frozen.




“He can go with a man, too.”




“Oh, Maruno also has brown hair and black eyes. If you get a little older, you might be in range!”


Fagany-san laughed and hit me on the shoulder. Fagany-san, definitely think I’m a minor.


I’m already 21. I’m an adult. 


“Well, when was the story of him being abandoned? What happened?” My heart was pounding inside me. No way, my thoughts are going crazy in my head.


No way.


“Is it about a week ago? They spent a passionate night at the bar, but when he woke up, he said that he is all alone inside the room.”


No way!!!


“Hey that information is correct, right?”


“Oh, he seems to be looking for the other person by going to the bar they met every day.”


I’m not going to that bar anymore! Absolutely!


I swore inwardly and gave out a dry and amiable laugh.


“By the way, Maruno, come play with the Knights. I’ll let you greet the captain of your dreams.”


“It’s fine!!! I can’t go over the barrier of a fan!!!”




I looked at  Fagany-san while he was laughing.


Oh yeah, what did I do that day?

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