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The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Translated by Travistann

Four years have passed ever since that. Now, I’ve became 11 years old.



In the middle of the night, in my quiet room. 


Under the light emitted by my Shikigami, I carefully carved a human shape from a piece of paper with my scissors and inscribed chants on it. 


That reminds me, I used to do this when I was about this age in my previous life. 


It really brings back memories. I think I just got had my male coming-of-age ceremony not long ago. I guess I have grown up a lot in this life.


“Finally it’s done…”


I looked at my completed Hitogata and exhale a nervous breath.


This is the gate for it.


In my previous life, I just to subdued and sealed numerous of monsters. They became part of my fighting force eventually. 


I’m not sure if this would have worked out. Well.. even so, it is theoretically possible to summon my sealed monsters to here. 


After all, sealing is technically sending something into a phrase. 


Whereas my charms will serve it as a gateway for them. 


The phrase is also considered as a different world. So, with the door, I suppose we can connect both dimensions together thus creating a gateway to summon them. Well… that’s only a theory of mine. 


I guess, there is only one way to find out if it will really work. 


I place the hitogata on the floor and form a mark and start chanting the mantra.


To be honest, I don’t really know what will happen. 


That’s why, I will summon the quietest one of them all. 


Not long afterward, the marks started to gather around and floated in the air.


“ओम् चतुर्दश दश त्रीणि नव नव एकम् निर्ह्वयति सकल स्वाह”


《Summoning — Pipe Fox》

#T/N: It’s a type of Spirit Fox that has a pipe size body. IE: Sausage dog with a fox head.

The hitogata shines brightly as it distorts the surroundings.


And then, in my dimmed room, a white girl appears…


Her hair is as white as the virgin snow. She wears a strange short kimono and her limbs were pale white. She had this kind of mysterious unpredictable atmosphere surrounds her. 


Her eyelids slowly open and reveal a pair of jet-black eyes. 


Hmm? Did I succeed…? B-but it seems like something’s different tho.




Out of a sudden, the girl leap towards and hugs me.


Due to the momentum, she pushess me down and her cheeks lands on mine. 


“Haruyoshi-sama! Haruyoshi-sama!”


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, your face!!! Y-yuki is really really happy to see you! Yahoo! It’s really Haruyoshi-sama! Ah~ Haruyoshi-sama’s smells is shoooo good~”


“Stop it, you idiot! Get off me right away!”


I quickly pushed her back and took a step back. 


And I fearfully looked back at her figure.


“Y-you’re… yuki right?”


“Yes! Haruyoshi-sama! It’s your dear Yuki!”


I carefully scrutinize that smiling face of hers.

Yuki, a mythological pipe fox.


Back in my previous life, she was a monster until I gave her with a human body…


“Somehow…your clothes are…a little too small isn’t it?”


Compared to my previous life, she still had that strange woman’s body figure from my previous life but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t dress like this… revealing…


“Ah, you’re right. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because of Haruyoshi-sama’s current magic power? Or maybe because this is a different world.” 


Well.. both are possible too.


I’m not sure what should call this after seeing the changes of Yuki’s body. A success or maybe it’s a failure huh…


“Uhm.. anyway I’m glad I managed to summon you here. It’s been a while, Yuki!” 




“I get it, I get it! Stop hugging me!”


“I-I’m soooo glad you’re here with me uwu…”


Yuki said it in a tearful voice.


“At that time, w-when I found out that daughter of yours had betrayed us.. I had prepared for Haruyoshi-sama’s death… “


“Well, uhm…”


“B-but, I guess it’s worth believing in Haruyoshi-sama for all this time that you’d summon me once again…”


“Yeah… Good girl…”


I patted Yuki’s head as she sniffed and slowly wiped her tears off.


“But, how’d you know I’m Haruyoshi-sama when I look like this?”


“That’s because… I just knew it. Although you’re a little younger than you used to be, you still had the same magic power and face.”


“Eh, is that so?”




Well, I guess that’s partly true as I am the only one in my family that has a black hair with a pair of black eyes. It must have been inherited from the blood of father’s mistress, but … I wonder if there are any other body that I could have reincarnated into from this world.





“As long as you summon me, this Yuki will do anything for you! It appears to be that Haruyoshi-sama is no longer in the world called Japan and there must be a lot of work then! So, please give Yuki your order.”

“Uhmm… not really, I don’t have any orders in particular. I just wanted to try if I could summon you all.”




Yuki instantly dropped her shoulder.


Well, as a Spirit Pipe Fox, there is nothing much useful Yuki can do.

Thinking back in my previous life.


A Spirit Pipe Fox, is a monster known as the messenger for the Izuna deity.


Although Yuki is just one of the monsters under the Izuna deity, she was born with a pair of black eyes, a very rare mutated variant among those white eye’s Spirit Pipe Fox. “I’m sure I must hold a great power within me!” said Yuki with her that 100% pure innocent eyes as I took her in. 


 At first I thought the same. However, reality is far too cruel. Yuki has no possession of any sort of magical ability of a Spirit Pipe Fox. No matter how much effort we tried, it failed nonetheless. 


That being said, I still couldn’t bring myself to throw her away. So I made her a human figure and made her serve as my tea lady. 


In my previous life, I never had a child until the end. But thanks to Yuki, I was able to understand the meaning of a cute naughty child. Well, that can’t be helped.

“Back to the point, I can’t let anyone see you.”

“B-but, I don’t want to undergo that thing again…”

“Then, hide in any form you like.”


After that, Yuki transformed into a fox and became smaller and smaller.

Then, she hides into my hair. 


“Aaah, this is the best place to hide.”

One of Yuki’s few special skills is to be insanely thin. It’s been a long time since Yuki has been sneaking into my head ever since I used to let her do it.

Well, certainly it is one of the Spirit Pipe Fox skills… ah I guess not.

“That’s right. Yuki. My name is Seika now, so please call me that from now on.”

“Seika-sama…? Fufufu, what a perfect name for Haruyoshi-sama!”


It’s perfect huh, well it didn’t take that long for me to get used to it too. 


What now, time to sleep huh.


I put away my “tools” and crawl into my bed.


In conclusion, I can summon demons from this world.


The most important part of the plan seems to be accomplished.


Now I just need to make it work as I have planned…



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