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The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Translated by Travistann

Edited by Travistann

It’s been a while since I’ve translated. Too busy with real life. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

My current life father silently stared at me. 


Blaze Lamprogue. 


The current Head of the Count Lamprogue Family. 


The Lamprogue family was originally awarded the title for their achievements in magic research and has produced numerous excellent magicians. As expected from the Current Family Head, Blaze, my current life father also seemed to have been a front-line magical researcher before he took over, and even now he often leaves his house to visit research institutes from all around the world. 

Furthermore, he seems to be excellent in magical battles, and it is not just once or twice that he has been invited to become a court magician. 


Well, that said, I’m not entirely sure how accomplished he was still. 


But, back then when I was part of the Bureau of Onmyō, I was probably around a court magician level, while the rest of them were pretty much a useless fool that can’t even perform a simple divination job. 


“Hey, Seika! What did you just say! You don’t even any magic power, y’all know that, don’t you!”


“It’s fine.”


“Eh, what!?”


“But, you will watch only. If you’re fine with it then let’s get going now.”


In front of the stunned Grey, I shunned him back with a smile. 


“Thank you, father. I’m ready ”




A little away from the mansion, there was a magical training ground used by the Lamprogue family. 

That said, only wooden stands with rock targets were lined up there. 


The Lamprogue mansion itself is at the foot of a small mountain, a short distance from the city. 

Grey says that he will eventually hunt monsters that live in the mountains and gain first-hand experience. Though, that is what he said only…Well anyway, I was wondering if it is alright to cause a ruckus here. 


“Luft, your turn.”

“Yes, father”


The eldest brother, Luft grips the wand with a tense look and points the wand’s tip at the target rock. 


“Surge is green!” Fill the power and unleash them like a blade. “


Upon finishing the chant, power flows to Luft’s wand. 


A sharp wind blade(“―――― Wind Edge)!!”


The wind summoned to form the wand slashes through the rock he targetted. 

After looking closer, the rock was slightly scratched on the surface. 


“Looks good. The power is passable. With this, you can challenge yourself to cast non-chanting.”




Looking at my joyful older Brother from the side, I began to think. 


The magic directly manipulates the target properties. I guess such magic exists, huh. 

To first learn combat magic assuming one would fight their opponent directly and then fight based on the situation. 

Compared to my previous life magic, where curses and fortune-telling skills were the prioritize higher than others. It’s really different, huh. No matter how you see it, isn’t that more like martial arts.


How should I say…What a waste. 


Besides, the chant for the spell used was pretty common. 

I mean, the language doesn’t play a big role in it but, still, it is unusual to see such. 

I mean, isn’t it embarrassing to even hear them. Well, appears to be they were used to it, huh. 


“Next, Gray. It’s your turn.”




Gray steps out triumphantly while licking his wand. 


“Burning is red! Hot flame and Sulfur, roar and rage like a fireball! ――Flame Bullet(―― Fireball)!!! \”


A crimson red fireball was released from Gray’s wand. 

The fireball hit the rock vigorously…And disperse into the air. Well, that’s natural as rocks are inflammable. 


“How is  it, father!”


“Gray, why didn’t you use your magic just like Luft did with his wind magic. ”


“Uh, well…..”


“It’s good that you can learn new magic. However, it’s still unrefined. I believe I have taught you to master one attribute before going to the next one, didn’t I”




“That said, remember to constantly improve yourself like Luft. You’re not bad either. If you don’t neglect your efforts, you should eventually succeed as a magician of two attributes, wind, and fire. “


“Y-yes! Father!”


Looking at Grey who appears to not reflecting on what he has done, I began to think again. 




Is that pure magic power or just a burning force? 


It’s so inefficient and has no physical power at all. Plus, the flame makes it harder to aim the target. Won’t it be better to call it a fire arrow? 


Well, I think the original should be much more powerful than it seems thanks to Grey’s incompetence. 


“Fufufu…That’s right. Hey Seika! You should try it too!”


Grey, who was in a good mood, suddenly called out. 


“Hey, Grey…”


“Isn’t it going to be boring to just stand here? After all, Father is watching us now, I’ll lend you my wand so why not show us some Lamprogue family thingy? ”


Ignoring Luft’s restraint, Grey walked up towards me and shoved his wand onto me. 


I guess that Grey wanted to make fun out of me in front of father huh. 


This guy has a really bad personality. 


“……Alright then. I’ll give it a shot.


I walk past Grey who’s grinning and stand in front of the target. 


To be honest, I don’t really want to show my strongest right now. 


People who stand out will always be a bright target. 


That’s why, the stronger you are in the world, the easier you die. 


Even if I tried to be the strongest, I couldn’t escape from that path. 


Yet, the weak continue to tramble. And that is also the truth. 


It’d be inconvenient to be weak too. I guess I shall show a little bit of my power here then. 


“……Hmm, what are you trying to do huh? Don’t you have any magical power?”


Grey’s voice coming from my back, reminding me that I do not have any magical power at all. 

I  can’t use any marks or spells at this rather, but maybe this is probably going to work. 


Recite the chant in my heart. 

And create a mark in my consciousness. 


Summon fire and earth. 

I apologize for the bad name, I just invented this technique. 


“―――― Fwooosh”


《Earth Fire Combination ——————— Demon Fire Technique》 


To be exact, from the wand, a large fireball with a blue-ish flame was released instantly. 

The fireball struck the rock. 

And exploded in a flashy manner. 


The training ground became quiet. 

Everyone’s eyes were fixated at the rock that had been halved into half as white smoke was emitting from it. 


That’s bad. 

I overdid it. 


“Is that…A Fireball Bullet Technique….?”


“No chanting…Plus, that power…Besides, it looks like the flame was blue … “


As my brothers muttered in a daze, they looked towards me. 


It’s a technique of the Yin-Yang Five Elements, which I devised, it applies the elements of the world to the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, and including the Yin and Yang a total of seven attributes. I was able to summon it freely. 


Among all of my techniques, the Demon Fire Technique is the most common technique that I’d used in my previous life. It is a simple technique that ignites the phosphorus freshly extracted from the earth with fire. Apparently, the amount of phosphorus was too high, and when I ignited all of them. It exploded instantly and dusted the rock. 

Moreover, the fireball pierced through the core of the rock and burst it from the inside. 

And, I completely forgot about the flame color too…If I mixed it with some lime or salt, at least it would still be in a natural color. 


That’s really bad. 




My current father spoke in a calm voice. 


“Aim the rock next to you, and do it again.”


“……Yes. Father!”


Alright, this time I will control myself. 


“―――― Fwooosh”


A pale blue-ish fireball is released again —, 

Along with the loud sound, it destroyed the rock again. 


“Ah …?”


It’s better than before but not much. 


It seems like this body of mine is still far from able to control this technique well. This is going to be bad unless I fix it. 


“Father…..W-What does this mean? Seika has no magical power. So he  shouldn’t be able to use magic …Perhaps is it because of my powerful magical power that remained on the wand?”


Grey looked at father and said it.


“Is that even possible?”


“Even those who do not have magical power by nature have used magic. It was also said that depending on the quality of the magical power, the flame may have a different color. “




I called. 


“I want to learn magic like my brothers”


There was a slight miscalculation, but this is a good opportunity. If he knew I could use magic, then maybe he would let me study them. 


But my father shook his head. 


“It’s pointless….”




“There are examples of people without magical power using magic. But, not one was known to be a successful magician. There is no point for you to study. “




“Seika. From this year onward, you will have a tutor just like your brothers. So, put your focus on that.”


“……Understood, father.”


My father then turned towards my brothers and said. 


“This concludes the practice. We will have another soon. Until then, both of you should work hard on yourselves.”


After saying that, my father left. Luft chased his back. 


Grey snatched his crane back from my hand and threw it away as he left to chase Luft. 


“Don’t get in the way, Mr. No magical power”


—————I was left alone. 


It was meaningful. 


I finally understood the magic of this world and the challenges that I will face soon. 


Well, I’m happy I will have a tutor too. After all, there is a limit to what I could study from books. 


The Magic Practice. 


If I can skip them, then I will have more time for sightseeing. 


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