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The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : The Strongest Exorcist Uses Magic (Part 1)

Translated by Travistann



After I opened my closet to take out my cloak, I tilted my head. 


There’s nothing in it. 

Weird, I’m sure it was still here yesterday… 

Ahh, I see. Again huh. 


“Seika-kun… Seika-kun”


I turned around at the sound of a small voice and saw a girl looking at me through the door gap. 

Dull golden cat-ish hair. A girl who is about the same age and the same height as I am. 


“What? Elfa”

“Erm…here …”


She was handing out the cloak that I was looking for. 

If you look closely, you can see there are small leaves and branches here and there. As expected, I sighed innerly. 


It’s probably that Grey’s doing. 

That shit-head guy has been looking down on me and harassing me every single time he gets for the past four years’ time. Still, it seems like he’s much more cautious lately because he’s been casually getting back at me by my Shikigami, and now he doesn’t do anything directly to me anymore. 

So, instead, he would start making miscellaneous mischief, such as hiding or destroying my personal belongings. 


Is that what you should do to your younger brother, huh? 

It makes me really worried about the character of my second brother. 


“Thank you, Elfa. I have been looking all over for it.”


After I thanked her, she looked down. 


Elfa is a slave’s daughter of the Lamprog family. 

Of course, the slave’s child is also a slave, but the slave who lives in the mansion is treated well, and the treatment is not much different from the servant. This area was similar to the Western world in my previous life. 

Maybe you can say they are not that miserable compare to the slaves working in large farms and mines. 


“But how can you find them every time?”


I wonder how many times I have asked Elfa to help me find my stuff that was hidden away? 


“That’s…..Well, just by chance… This is just too horrible to Seika-kun. I will try to tell the lord about this.”

“T-then, maybe Grey will stop doing this …”


Elfa said it in a suppressed voice.


As you can hear, this child doesn’t use any honorifics terms only to me. At first, I thought I would be looked down upon even by a slave, but to my surprise. This odd child, who was close to my age, choose to befriend me. 


It makes me cried. She is one of the few people in this house who had their consciences. 


“It’s okay.”


“Really I’m fine.”


Actually, she’s pretty cute. 

When I was an apprentice of my master, my brothers and sisters seriously tried to kill me. 

Well, in the end, I cursed them all to death. 


“B-but I think I should still …”

“Seika! What are you doing in such a place!”


A sudden loud voice made Elfa shooked her shoulders. 

Grey, my second brother, glares at Elfa when he approaches us with a dignified stride. 


“Oi, you slave! What are you doing in a place like this! I’ll complain to my father!”

“I-I’m humbly sorry.”


Elfa bowed down in a frightened manner and quickly left. 

Grey snorted and looked at my cloak, and then he said with a tongue-in-cheek face. 


“Are you gonna play with the grass again? You’re really a concubine boy huh! Must be nice to not have to study magic. Oops, I forgot you can’t do it in the first place, can you?”


Grey says it as he made a wicked smile. 


“Well, do as you please. You will be kicked out of this house in the future anyway! What are you going to do huh, Mr. Seika? I bet you can only go to the military, right?”

“Can you even join the Imperial Army?”


I think it’s a good choice. 

It’s much better compared to be starved to death. And if it is a direct army, the treatment should be good. 

Well, I don’t have any intention to join the army, though. 


“Why are you acting as if it’s nothing. Don’t you know? In the army, you’d be trained until you vomit, and you have to obey your superiors’ orders. Even if the other person is a commoner!”


I don’t know what to say. 

Well, he was right. After all, we are talking about being a soldier of the Imperial Army. 

Or rather, if you fail to do those two things, you’ll definitely be killed. 


Perhaps Grey thought I was afraid and remain silent, Grey’s voice began to sound excited. 


“That’s why you should practice with your sword from now on. But well, a tiny guy like you will just die early anyway!”

“My height will still grow you know. By that time, what are you doing, Brother Grey? “


“Elder Brother Luft will take over the house, right? Isn’t it the same for Brother Grey to be kicked out like me?”


Grey snorts and made glares at me. 


“Don’t lump me with you loser! I’m going to the magic academy and becoming a top-notch researcher like my father. “

“Magic Academy?”

“You… Don’t you even know the Magic Academy? It’s the Imperial Rodney Magic Academy, a prestigious Magic Academy that has produced many court magicians.”


If I’m not wrong, Rodney is undoubtedly the name of a city near the Imperial Capital. 

I see, so there is a magic educational institution set up there, huh. I’m sure it must be a large scale if it’s called an Academy. 

That’s good information. 


“Hmm. I wonder how old do you have to be in order to go there?”

“I can take the exam from the age of twelve, but I’m the Lamprog family. I don’t need to learn the basics with those uneducated people. When I’m fifteen, it would be more than enough to be transferred into the upper class. And maybe I’ll be scouted by a court magician as soon as I enrolled, but then I’ll be able to make a career out of it.”


I am amazed at my second brother, who could speak without any hint of embarrassment. 

He is extremely confident. Even if you have the qualification to do so, I doubt ordinary people would be able to make such bold claims. 


“Oi, Seika. I doubt you’ll be on the same road as me. The Lamprog family is so influential that it doesn’t let their offspring to choose the same path! Oops, you were a dropout in the first place. Since you don’t have magical power at all.”


This brat really doesn’t forget how to curse me whenever he gets to, huh. 



“What? What did you say…?”

“Grey, how long are you talking.”


A low, heavy voice echoed. 

A tall, middle-aged man stood behind Grey before he realized it. 

Grey hurriedly looks back as soon as he heard his voice. 



“Luft is already waiting. Where is your wand? “

“Oh, uh, my…”

“I told you we are going to practice magic today.”

“No, I know. It’s because Seika, he…”


Is it that the best excuse you can come out with? Blaming me? 


The man looks away from Grey and looks down at me. 


“Seika, please behave yourself in the mansion today.”




I look straight at the man. 

No, actually, I’m not. All I could see is his cloak. 


“Can I join the magic practice?”

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