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The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 2

Chapter 2 : The Strongest Exorcist Makes His Shikigami

Translated by Travistann



I widen the hem of my clothes and pick up the leaves in the garden. 

No matter how much you look at me, I’m just a three-year-old child. 

As I am picking up the leaves, I thought about something else in my head. 


And I got a conclusion. 

This seems to be a different world, after all. 


After that night ritual, when I returned from the basement to the magnificent mansion above, and I looked up at the sky to see the constellations. 

There, I saw two moons in the sky. Well, I already guessed that there were two moons in the sky. 


According to the ancient wisdom of greek, it is said that the earth is a sphere and revolves on its own axis. It is impossible to see a moon obit in opposite direction.

Though it is said you should be able to see the starry sky from the hemisphere that is opposite to Japan…But when it comes to the moon, you should be able to see its obit on either side of the earth. There is no way to increase it unless there is two moons.


For the next few days, I listened to my family conversations, and I never heard any of the names of places or countries I knew. 

I have no choice but to think that I have come to a different world. 


The condition of the reincarnation destination is a body that can reproduce the same structure of my soul.

 I guess that’s it. 

That’s why I didn’t know where I would be born into …Never once it crosses my mind that I would be in a different world. 

You’ll need a key signature(medium) to move around a different world, but I guess it is irrelevant for a soul, right? Stop, I should stop thinking about it anymore. 


I regained my mind and tried to collect more information. 


My name in this life is Seika Lamprogue. 

Lamprogue is a count family; in other words, a noble family. 

Although I was the third son, I guess I am still lucky enough. 

If I were born like a commoner like in my past life and I would have died instantly from a plague, and there is nothing I can do about it. 


However, here, it seems to be a rich and developed country in the first place. 

At least a lot better than Japan.  Maybe it is on a par with the Song dynasty, Yisiran Islam, and the Eastern Rama Roman Empire, or perhaps even more.


There are still many things I don’t understand. 

I have to collect more information. 




I took the collected leaves to the shade. 

As I let go of the hem, the leaves quickly fell to the ground. 

Hmmm, I wonder if this is enough for the time being. 


“―――― ओम्पाञ्चालिका विधि स्वाहा―――― ” 


I chanted a small mantra. 

Then, all the leaves that had fallen on the ground emerged, exposing their veins to me. I put them together and write a letter with magical power. 


“……I did it”. 


I give an instructions lightly and check the results by looking at the leaves as it flying vertically and horizontally. Hmmm. This is just so-so. 


It’s pretty simple, and a Shikigami(Paper Human Shape) is complete. 


Column by column, it becomes my eyes, ears, and limbs. Actually, it’s best to make it with Hitogata(Human Paper Doll), but even in this world, the paper is like a valuable item, so I  don’t have such luxury. 

I guess I should prepare them some other time. 


I made one-third into the appearance of a crow and release it into the sky. 

Another one-third into the appearance of a mouse and release it into the field. 

For the rest, I decided to keep them invisible and set them aside. The talisman can be used as a medium to activate a spell, and so on. So, it is pretty convenient. 


“Hey Seika! What are you doing in such a place! ” 


The loud voice makes me look back. 


Standing behind was a child with a nasty face. 

My second brother, Grey. 


“I saw it. You’ve been collecting leaves, haven’t you? Yuck, how disgusting! Who would even collect such things?”


“ Hey you, where did the leaves go? ” 


I was relieved to see Grey looking around but couldn’t find anything. It seems that he couldn’t see what I was doing just now. 

I have to keep my previous life secret. 


“Say something, you dropout(failure)!” 


Perhaps he was irritated by me in silence. Grey kicked the soil on the ground. 


Poor soil.

You did not wrong. 

What a spoilt brat. I felt that because my disciples were all good ones. 

A father that doesn’t care much about his child and the mother is spoiling him. 

He is ridiculously selfish, and bullied the maid who does most of the work in the housel.


Luckily, my older brother is pretty decent. 



“Stop it, Brother Grey.” 


When I said it, Grey returned with a crooked smile. 


“You mean please stop it, right? You’ve got no idea what are you talking huh. You better stop thinking yourself in the same position as me or as Luft’s brother.” 

“Am I wrong?” 

“Of course you’re wrong. Because he is not our family! ” 


I tilted my head. What does he mean by that? 


“Didn’t the maid said it. You are a child from father mistress! That’s why you don’t have such magical power like me, and that makes you a dropout!” 


I see. I finally understand now. 


No matter how much I tried, I always thought mother was ignoring me. Now, it all makes sense. The way the maid treats me like they were handling pus, and my father and my brothers were being distant to me. 


Thank you, Grey. This was a pretty useful information for me. 

But as long as I’m raised in this house, I think I’m still considered as part of the family. 


“Do you understand? You are in the position that you must obey your brother and me! 


That’s right, I’m practicing Martial Arts now. You can be my test subject”. 


With that said, Grey chuckled and brazenly walked up to me. 


“Got it? Stop moving! ” 


When I thought I was screaming, Grey began to run towards me. 


Is he going to perform a jump kick? I’ve never seen anyone do that in battle, though. Please give me a break. 


I sent one invisible Shikigami towards his feet. 

And Grey, who stumbled over it, fell miserable on his face. 

Ouch, that seems to hurt. 


“Grhhhh! You this…!” 


He didn’t stop there, so I called back another two more Shikigami crows I had sent off earlier on. 

The crow plunged into Grey and growled “Gaaaa Gaaaa”, and it continues to poke his head with its thick beak. 


“Urghh, what’s this thing?” 


He resisted for a while, flailing his arms around, but as soon as he covered his head, and began to cry loudly. 

I regret it a little bit. I’d gone too far with the kid. 

So, when I tried to withdraw the Shikigami crow, 


“Grey !!” 


 Another child’s voice. 

When I saw it, my eldest brother, Luft, was dashing over to Gley with a stick. 


“Stop it, stop it!” 


Luft swings the stick around, trying to drive away the crows. 

The crows flew away together after they flinched a while. 

Or rather, I was the one who faked that though. 


“Are you okay, Grey? Are you injured?” 


I was a little worried about my this brother, who cries a lot. Luft had a decent personality compared to Grey, the second son, and he was only five above me, so he was pretty mature. Well, that says, I’m still eight years old kid. 


“Why did the crow… Seika, are you okay too? ” 

“Yup. I’m fine, Brother Luft.” 


I replied with a smile, and Luft looks at me, eerily. 

Well, it’s understandable since it’s strange that only I wasn’t attacked. 

But that’s it. 


To treat his injuries, Luft takes Grey, who hasn’t stopped crying, into the mansion. 


And I’m left alone. 


Although I was interrupted by Grey, the Shikigami was released. I guess this would make it easier to collect information. 



 There are many things I have to do. 

However, this three-year-old body is limited to what I can do. I guess I will spend at least a few years preparing myself then. 

There is still a long way to go in this life. 

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