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The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The Strongest Exorcist Reincarnates

Translated by Travistann

I opened my eyes.

And Inhale and exhale slowly.

I’m still alive.

From a low point of view, I could see my small hand.

It’s a child’s body.

……I succeed.

I was reborn.

Immediately after, the start of the integration of my past memories make me felt sick, but I was relieved.

I was confident at the spell, but if I failed, I would have died. Guess, that makes me felt uneasy.

But then what does this mean?

In a dim room, about three years old me sitting on the floor.

And on the floor, a magic circle was drawn around me.

Of course, it is not the reincarnated magic circle that I saw at the end of my previous life. Or rather, I’ve never seen such a hexagonal magic circle.

At each apex of the hexagon, there was something like a stone.

It’s like a mineral, but what exactly is it? I don’t remember I have ever seen it before in my past life.

While I’m on it, I felt there are signs of people.

Behind me, there are a few people standing.

I was able to hear something faintly that resembling a spell.

Since the magic circle is glowing dimly, it appears to be that something is in the middle of the magic.

I was wondering if I should run away, but I didn’t feel any discomfort with the memory of this body, so I decided to wait for a while.

Plus, I don’t want to be suspicious by making strange actions.

“In the name of ——, I implore you, show me the power this person has!”

With a low man’s voice, the magic circle glowed extremely brightly…And it disappeared.

Nothing happens.

The people behind me are still there.

Hmm, what is this? Did he fail?


A small chuckle could be heard, breaking through the unbearable atmosphere.

“Kuku, really? How is this even possible? Uwahahaha! ”

“Grey, stop laughing. It isn’t over, you know.”

“No, don’t you know, Brother Luft. Look! None of the stones of any attribute is shining. So could this be…”

“This is…that thing right, father? ”

I looked back.

There were three people. Two of them are children. Both of them seem to be a little older than me.

A boy smiling with a bad personality and a boy who had this serious look.

Although it was dark and confusing, but they had golden hair and blue eyes.

A foreigner? Is this a Western country? However, they are speaking a language I’ve never heard of, and they also have a face() that is close to the Japanese people. I’m at total lost now.

“That’s right… The ritual is over. The result is out. ”

The last of the three-man, a middle-aged man, closes his book and says it in a low voice.

He looks like he’s about to sigh, in a disappointed tone.

“Seika has no magical power at all.”


That is my name in this life. It was in the memory of this body.

“That’s…..was a pity, father. ”

“Pukukuku, uwahahaha! Isn’t it funny. No way, haha, a child born from the master of magic, the Lamprogue family, have no magical power at all! Uwahahahah, have you ever heard such case, Brother Luft? Without any magical power, that’s the strongest way to dropout for a wizard! Even if you had father’s blood in your veins, Seika, you are a disgrace!”

The three humans …that looked at me with disappointment and ridicule me is probably my family.

Exposed to such a thing for the first time, I shook my head.

I guess magical power is probably a power used for magic. Apparently, they are arguing about I don’t have the talent for magic.

But that shouldn’t be the case.

My reincarnated body is automatically chosen to be able to reproduce my soul structure.

Inevitably, it should be similar to my previous one.

Be it my facial features and body shape.

And even the talent of magic.

I am aware of the power that flows to me.

After all, it is not necessary to confirm.

I mean, this is …More than I imagined.

I don’t have the talent for magic? What on the world are you talking about?

This body is full of magical power.

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