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The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World~ These Monsters Are Too Weak Compared To My Monsters~ Chapter 0

Chapter 0 – The Strongest Exorcist Death

Translated by Travistann

―――― Why did this happen?

It was a peaceful and strange night.

In the burning mansion, on the brink of death, I think about it.

Most of my Human dolls Amulet were lost, and all my familiar spirits were sealed.

My trump card, the demon god, was also defeated. Its skeleton crushed the mansion and remained burning with a blue flame.

My left arm was gone. I can’t make a perfect seal anymore.

The lungs are burned by the smoke, and I can’t even speak the truth.

I was known as the strongest exorcist of all time.

Feared as “Hundreds Night Ghost” and “Living Hell Gate.”

I lived for over 100 years in a young figure.

This was my end.

I sought power from an early age.

I thought I wouldn’t lose anything if I had power. I thought I could be happy.

And I got the power I want and became the strongest.

And then I lost everything.

A plot and betrayal.

That was the name of the one who killed the strongest.

When I think about it, it must have been all organized.

My disciples were taken as hostages.

I was turned into an enemy by the imperial court.

And then…..There is that child who came to kill me while crying.

What a sight.

Was it the aristocrat or the royal family? I don’t know who the mastermind was. However, what was really brilliantly as I was driven into a corner.

Being the strongest doesn’t help at all.

Was there a power limitation for being alone?

I should have schemed everything and always had a lot of people on my side.

What I clearly lacked is now visible to me ―――― and it was cunning.

I understand now, I guess it’s okay.

I will do it better the next time.

Making an incomplete mark with my trembling right hand.

Whisper a mantra with my burning throat.

A single amulet that I had protected it all along emerges in the smoke.

It is my secret technique that I used at the end of my life.

A reincarnation spell.

Starting all over again.

I don’t know how Japan will change in the future. On the contrary, I am more likely to be born in a completely different country.

But this time, I won’t fail anymore.

In my next life ――― I will be happy.

As my Amulet shines.

A magic circle appears around me, who collapses.

My consciousness fades away.

And I….

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