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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life Chapter 9

Former Town Janitor

Chapter 9: Former Town Janitor

Translated by Hikaru

Edited by Mel



The day after the entrance ceremony, I woke up in my dorm room.


“I guess my internal clock is still working.”


When I opened the curtains, I could see that it was still dark outside. It was just slightly before sunrise.


Bildarz Academy is very generous. Each student was given a room in the dormitory to use as they please. I walked through my dimly lit room filled with little luggage, drank a glass of water, changed into my workout clothes, then went outside.


After the war I was supposed to be a mere student, but my internal clock from my time at the institution was still working properly. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and ran incessantly until breakfast. It was a habit that I had maintained for ten years. When I was little, I was reluctant to do it under the direction of my instructor, but now I feel uncomfortable unless I do it. It has become a difficult routine I’ve developed.


After lightly warming up my body, I started running. I had already decided on my running course before I entered school. Since the school is located on the southeast side of the circular royal capital Maikoura, the plan was to first go down the castle town, exit the east gate, run along the castle wall outside the capital, and then go up the castle town again from the south gate to return to the school. Since the purpose is to train and maintain physical strength, no magic such as《Toughness》is used.


The morning breeze was chilly and comfortable. It felt fresher than in the daytime. After enjoying the sensation of cutting through the wind for a while, the sun began to rise making it brighter outside.




After running for a while outside the city walls, I noticed a man with peach-colored hair running in front of me. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember why. Perhaps the man was already out of physical strength; I could hear his ragged breathing as I approached.


“Haa… haa…! It’s longer… than I thought!” I heard the man muttering.


Maybe this guy is running a course similar to mine. The royal capital of Maikoura has four gates set at equal intervals: east, west, south, and north. If I tried to run between the gates on the outer perimeter, I would have to run around a quarter of the periphery of this vast royal capital. The distance is very long.


The man was about to collapse. As expected, I can’t overlook it.


“Hey, are you okay?”


As soon as I called out to him, the man instantly straightened his back and pretended to look calm.


“… oh, I’m fine.”




“Don’t overdo it. You need to slow down.”


“No… I’ll be late if I do something like that.”




That reminded me, this guy was a student of the same school – Bildarz Academy, 1st year D class. Unfortunately, I forgot his name, but I remembered that we were in the same department.


“I see. Then good luck.”


The entrance ceremony ended the other day, but classes will officially begin today. It would be bad for me to be late for my first class, however at this pace, we wouldn’t be able to avoid being late. Even though we were classmates, we were not going to be late together. I ran past the man and stepped in front of him.




As I tried to pass him, the man grunted and accelerated. What the hell is this guy doing? Don’t tell me you see me as a rival.


“I’m not going to be your pacesetter.”


“Shut up. I’m just running normally.”




I was tempted to ramble on, but I didn’t get up early in the morning just to chat either. I ignored the man and decided to run at my own pace. We ran alongside each other in silence. I guess he soon reached his physical limit, because the distance between us kept increasing. It took me about two hours to reach the South Gate and then twenty minutes to get back to the school. Since I knew my pace, I was able to get back on time. I had enough time to wash, relax, and eat breakfast before class started. After a while, I saw a man with peach-colored hair descending down the school gate.


I thought he had given up and used magic, but from the looks of it, it didn’t seem that way. He seemed to have run with his own power until the very end. He was exhausted, but he had a refreshing expression as if to say he had done it all. The man approached me, breathing heavy.


“You …yes …you were a student here, too.”




“Damn, I lost. I was confident in my physical strength but, are you a hero?”


“No, I’m a regular.”


“Regular? Seriously …with that physical strength?”


“It’s a mutual thing. You’ve got more strength than most people, but you’re a regular student.”


The distance from the east gate to the south gate is long, and normally you wouldn’t be able to finish running in such a short time. I managed to run it because I had been training since I was a child, but I’m sure the man in front of me was also habitually trying to improve his physical strength. It was odd to hear myself saying this, but it was strange that such a person who was willing to train like that belonged to the Regular Department, instead of the Hero Department.


“Well, I have various circumstances. Uh? Did I tell you I’m a regular student?”


“We’re in the same class.”


“Really? Sorry, I didn’t notice,” with that said, the guy smiled good-naturedly. “You may already know this, but I’m Glan Evris. Nice to meet you.”


“I’m Tweight.”


While telling my name, I remembered him from the other day. Glan Evris. There was indeed a student with that name.


“Tweight… Oh! Oh yeah, you! You’re the guy who was taken out by the beautiful girls from the Hero Department after HR yesterday!” Glan said.


I’m not sure what to make of this.


“I was surprised by that. I was so angry. Don’t you dare to flirt as soon as you enter the school.”


“No, we’re not meeting each other. We just got to know each other during the hero exam.”


“Really? Did you take the hero exam?”


“Yeah, it was a mistake. I really wanted to get into the Regular Department from the beginning, but I went to the wrong exam room.”


“Oh, that’s unfortunate. At first, I was mistaken for aspiring to be a hero. Maybe it’s because of the way I look…” Glan said, letting out a sigh.


Glan was pretty strong. His bones were thick and he was tall. When I saw him running earlier, I didn’t think he was a student of the same age.


“You look like a fierce warrior.”


Glan chuckled bitterly when I told him my impression.


“I don’t like conflict, though. I don’t like to fight, but I’m glad Tweight doesn’t seem to mind. People are often scared of me when I look like this. Rather, let’s just go work up a sweat. You should be able to use the shower room on the first floor at this time,” with that said, Glan took off his clothes.


“Don’t take them off here.”


“It’s better than getting the floor dirty with sweat. Besides, the breeze feels good, doesn’t it?” Glan said as he squeezed out his clothes and let the sweat soak into the ground.


It’s true that we’re both sweaty. Just by standing there, drops of sweat were constantly dripping from our clothes. I followed Glan’s lead, I took off my clothes and squeezed my sweat. Then Glan’s eyes widened.


“Tweight… you’re not just anybody after all, are you?” Glan asked with a serious look.


“That wound… where did you get it? It’s not just demons, there were things given by humans.”


All Glan could see were the countless scars on my body. Probably it was because I had been out so often in the previous battle, but now it was harder to find a place that isn’t scratched. I regretted that, it wasn’t something I would show to people. However…


“You’re no ordinary person when you can tell the difference between wounds caused by demons or humans.”


When I said that, Glan laughed self-deprecatingly, “I used to be on the battlefield for a while. Well, I retired soon after.”


“Are you injured?”


“I guess. It’s a psychological injury. I couldn’t face the horror of the battlefield. I guess I only trained my body and never developed my mind. Still, I’m in the habit of working out every morning like this. It still remains. I’m a clumsy guy, ” while looking up at the sky, Glan continued.


Maybe this guy and I were in a similar position. He had a special past and in order to get rid of it, he became a student of the Regular Department.


“So, what about Tweight? You seem to be in a similar situation to me.”


At Glan’s question, I thought a little. As Glan said, our circumstances were more alike than I thought. If I told him the truth, he might compare it to his own situation, and start to think of unnecessary things. I could tell him that I participated in the Great War, but I didn’t want him to pry about the institution. For that reason, it would be better to tell a lie, even if it was a bit… forced.


“Unfortunately, no. My scars are not caused by people or demons. I think there are many types of wounds that happen to look like that.”


“No, but these scars are definitely from demons.”


“You’re mistaken. You don’t have much experience on the battlefield, do you? Don’t believe your eyes that much.”


“Wew, now that you mention it, I’m not so sure…” Glan moaned a little.


“But then what’s that scar?”


“It’s a scar I got from work.”




“Before I came to this school, I was helping my parents earn money. My job is in the cleaning business. In other words, I’m a city janitor.”


“How can a city janitor get hurt like that?”


“It’s hard for an amateur to understand. Removing stuck-on dirt is more difficult than you think. Only those stains can be found in troublesome places where people don’t usually see. Especially since I was in a position to work directly with my hands, I had to go from place to place every time I got a request. This level of damage is normal.”


“I don’t know, it seems like a lot of work. I didn’t know that cleaning a town was such hard work.”


“I’ll be as careful as I can,” Glan muttered in a small voice.


This guy was a little dumb, but it’s very human.


“I understand the situation. But it’s better if you don’t show your body to people too much. You don’t want people to think you’re something you’re not, do you?”


“Oh, I’ll be careful,” I nodded at Glan’s words.


After that, we took a shower, had breakfast, and then headed to the classroom.



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