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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life Chapter 8

Reason for failure

Chapter 8: Reason for failure

Translated by Hikaru

Edited by Mel



Shortly after the announcement of the successful candidates of the Hero Department in the auditorium.


A teacher on the stage announced, “Dismissed, except for those who have passed the exam and those who are willing to belong to the Regular Department,” and almost half of the students present left the room.


The remaining students were those who passed the test, who would belong to the Hero Department, and those who failed the test, who would belong to the Regular Department. It seemed that those who originally applied to the Regular Department had finished their entrance ceremony and were waiting in the classroom, while the Hero Department candidates were taking their entrance exam. From now on, we will join them.


Actually, I was supposed to be on that side too, but now that I’ve come to this point, nothing could be changed.


After the unsuccessful candidates left the auditorium, a brief entrance ceremony took place. Once that was over, new students would be guided to the classroom under the direction of the instructor. Apparently the classrooms are not divided into departments. It seems that half of the Hero Department and half of the Regular Department belong to one classroom.


“For heroes, please wear this white uniform. For regular students, please wear this black uniform. Please wear it when you arrive in your classroom.”


When I left the auditorium, the instructor handed me the uniform. I received the black one.


Many students were already seated in the classroom when we arrived. Dressed in their uniforms, they sat down in an empty seat and waited, when a familiar face entered the classroom.




She wore a white uniform. I knew at the acceptance announcement that unlike me, she had successfully passed the exam. The boys in the classroom were fascinated by her beauty. Elysia is accustomed to such stares and didn’t show a reaction. She didn’t seem to be aware of my presence yet. Should I call out? No, after this the homeroom teacher should come and do an HR brief. It would be fine to talk to her afterwards.


Promptly after, the homeroom teacher came.


“Nice to meet you everyone. I’m in charge of high school freshman class D. My name is Sylphia Makina. I’m also in charge of magic.”


The person was a beautiful young woman with blue hair that waved down to her shoulder blades. Sylphia-sensei looked around the classroom briefly and then smiled.


“As you know, the Bildarz Academy will be divided into two departments starting this year. Still, just because the departments are different doesn’t mean that they will not act together at all. If anything, it’s more like classes taken by a mix of two departments… general lectures are more common. So the students in the classroom are also a mix of the two departments.”


The classes held by each department are called special lectures and apparently about a third of all classes fall under this category. I recalled the contents of the handouts distributed beforehand.


Next, Sylphia-sensei wrote on the blackboard “Self-introduction”. The words were carefully written.


“So, why don’t you introduce yourself?” Sylphia-sensei said.


The students at the front of the class stood up on the spot and introduced themselves in order.


“I’m Elysia Millicitan. I enrolled because I thought I could become stronger in this school. Nice to meet you.”


Elysia introduced herself. She appeared to be obsessed with strength. I thought she was a fighting maniac during the exam, but she didn’t look too happy when she was crossing swords with Farnez-sensei. Did she enter the Bildarz Academy to become stronger, just like she said? There may be some sort of special circumstances. As I was thinking about it, Sylphia-sensei opened her mouth with a smile on her face.


“During the entrance exam, Elysia defeated Farnez-sensei, the sword art instructor. I’m sure she’s one of the top five in the Hero Department. I have high hopes for you in the future.”


In response to the teacher’s words, Elysia humbly replied, “I will do my best.”


The students were impressed by her unwavering demeanor. After that, self-introductions continued.


“My name is Mize Howence. I’m an aspiring adventurer. I look forward to working with you.”


A silver-haired girl stood up and said. She had a beautiful appearance no less than Elysia. She was fair-skinned and had a slender figure. I got the impression that if you touched her, she would break. She wore a black uniform and seemed to be a regular student like me.


“I’m Glan Evris. As you can see, I’m a regular student. Please feel free to talk to me.”


A muscular boy with a scar on his cheek said with a smirk. The fact that he wore a black uniform indicated he was a regular student. You can tell… but his toned body and beastly eyes gave him the air of a warrior.


There were many unique students. I guessed that’s what the prestigious Bildarz Academy was all about. As I was thinking about it like it was someone else’s affairs, it was my turn.


“I’m Tweight. I grew up in a somewhat closed-off area, so I don’t know many things. Looking forward to working with you.”


I said what I thought was appropriate and sat down. The place where I grew up was, of course, the institution but if I explained it the way I just did, they’d interpret it as a remote countryside. I was not lying.


At that time, there was a student who made a rattling noise and stood up vigorously. It was Elysia. She stood up and looked at me with her eyes wide open.


“Miss Elysia? What’s wrong?”


“…Excuse me.”


When Sylphia-sensei tilted her head, Elysia dropped her gaze and sat down. The self-introductions resumed, leaving behind a strange atmosphere. Just as the last student finished introducing himself, the bell rang.


“That will be all for today. I look forward to working with you for the next three years.”


Sylphia-sense concluded the HR session. Shortly after, Elysia stood up and quickly walked over to me.


“Tweight. Come here.”


Before I could reply, Elysia pulled me by the arm and led me to the hallway. When we reached the stairs’ landing, Elysia let go of my arm and turned around.


“Let’s go protest.”




“It’s strange that you’re a regular student.”


Oh, so that’s what it was about. I got it.


“It’s okay. I originally intended to enter the Regular Department.”


“What? Then why did you participate in the Hero exam?”


“That was…”


In a nutshell, it was a mistake, but I felt like she wouldn’t believe me even if I said it. How should I answer? As I was thinking about it, I heard footsteps approaching me.


“There you are, both of you. Just in time. Let’s have a little chat,” said the red-haired swordsman, Farnez-sensei, who appeared from the bottom of the stairs. At the time of the test, she wore a silver breastplate, gauntlets, and shin guards like a knight in light armor, but now she was fully dressed in cloth garments.


“Of course, this is about the failure of Tweight,” Farnez-sensei said. Elysia was glaring at Farnez-sensei without hiding her distrust. Even though she was pierced by her gaze, Farnez-sense showed a pretense of searching for words.


“But… Tweight. I want to ask you first, do you have any idea why you failed?”


“What’s that? You’re a teacher, do you want to take responsibility for Tweight?”


“No, I’m not. It’s not, but… it’s just the situation.”


At Elysia’s sharp point, Farnez-sensei had a complicated expression on her face. She gave it some thought. The failure was not a problem, but as for why it happened, …no, she couldn’t think of why.


“I’m sorry. I have no idea.”


“…That’s right. Then let’s say it plainly. The reason why you failed is because you are barely reflected in the『Hyperopia 』.”




I couldn’t help but let out a yelp at that comment. Oops, I was completely forgotten. I have a very good idea.


“I know for a fact that the two of you worked together to defeat me, and I have several witnesses. Strangely enough, while Elysia’s performance was confirmed, Tweight’s was not seen in the『Hyperopia 』at all. According to the records of『Hyperopia 』, Tweight hasn’t defeated anyone. ”


“Well, how is that possible…?” Elysia asked.


“No, it’s not normal, but that’s the way it is. I also thought that the decision was strange, so I talked to the judges. As long as it is not reflected in the『Hyperopia 』there is no proof of Tweight’s success. If it’s a flaw in the『Hyperopia 』, we can offer you the opportunity to retake the test. I’ve just confirmed that there are no inadequacies,” Farnez-sensei said, not convinced.


Time to try my idea. I immediately bowed my head.


“I’m sorry. I intentionally avoided being reflected in the『Hyperopia 』.”


“You were avoiding it? Why would you do that? That would only be a disadvantage.”


“No, it’s a… habit.”


Habit? The two tilted their heads.


It’s no good. The habits of the institution are completely ingrained within me. For me, the『Hyperopia 』was something to watch out for, and I even thought that exposing myself to it was tantamount to death. I don’t need to be wary of it now, but the values I’ve held for so many years are unlikely to change so easily.


“Anyway, that’s why you failed… at all. Perhaps because of the expanded admissions quota, this year’s exam has been even stranger than usual. There are whispers among some students about a black ghost. Now I have to investigate it.”


She had been an unusually intimidating swordswoman in the exam, but now she was a teacher with a head full of questions.


“Teacher, can’t Tweight become a Hero Department student anymore?” Elysia asked.


“You can, but next year. You can take the test again when you go on to higher classes.”


“Can’t you do something about that? Tweight has the ability worthy of the Hero Department.”


“But as long as he deliberately avoided being reflected in the『Hyperopia 』, he can’t help but get this result. He has to admit that.”


I nodded my head at Farnez-sensei’s words.


“Elysia, as I said before, I originally wanted to be a regular student so I’m happy with my current situation. I appreciate that you’re thinking of me, but…”


“…I’m not doing this for you.”


Elysia looked down and said, “I just thought it would be good for me if I could work hard with someone like you in the same Hero Department.”


With that said, Elysia turned on her heels.


“You’re quite stoic, aren’t you?” I muttered.


Farnez-sensei opened her mouth, “Have you heard anything about her background?”


“No, not particularly.”


“Well, then you should guess it a little. She’s a little special in origin. Well, there are a lot of such students in our school.”


Farnez-sensei said, then walked away.



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