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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life Chapter 6

Chapter 6 : A Choice Without Benefit

Translated by Xean

Edited by Travistann


“One down.”


 I muttered this softly after defeating the boy who held the golden sword.


 To be honest, I didn’t really know how good each of them was since I was defeating the examinees as if it was an assembly line. Well, they wanted to be heroes, so I expect them to be at least above the average. But in the end, they are merely students only.


There should be a few other students on this floor, but they may have heard the battle’s aftermath, I’m sure they must have been avoiding this area. Since there’s no one around anymore, so I’m forced to go downstairs.


  At the bottom of the stairs, I saw something unbelievable.


“What a joke ….”


 I put my hand to my forehead and let out a sigh.


Right in front of me…


“Wahahaha! At that level, you won’t be able to even scratch me!”


 There was Farness-sensei, smiling widely and bashing down on the examinees.

 How funny. Why are the teachers in the mix? It’s supposed to be an entrance exam for the hero department isn’t it. 


I looked at the situation as I wondered.


Farness-sensei leisurely stepped into the gymnasium and swung her sword at the surprised students. The students who have been cut down did not die because the blade is still in its scabbard, but they look like they are in great pain.


 –It’s the swordsmanship of the hero.


 Maybe she’s the master of the sword of the fourth hero.

 No wonder she’s so dignified and very skilled. There are no excessive movements. She shows no signs of fatigue, even against fighting a crowd.


Then, a girl stood in front of Farness-sensei.


She had straight, long, chestnut-colored hair. She headed straight for Farnes-sensei and swung her blade from her waist, with a sharp look




 Even farness-sensei was surprised by her action.

The girl’s sword technique was too fast for the naked eye.


 Truly a terrifying sword swing. 


 She must be using a close martial arts magic called “Rage” to enhance her physical abilities further. The buff by her abilities was so great, but she could yet to fully utilize the increased physical strength. However, it is clear that this girl’s capabilities were far superior to other candidates.


After exhaling deeply, the girl flickers her sword.


But unfortunately for her, Farness-sensei is also a master swordswoman. She catches the approaching sword with her sword and lands a kick onto the girl’s chest.


 The girl’s small body is then blown off with a loud sound.


 She rolled on the floor with a loud crash and came near to where I am.


 When she got up, our eyes met.


 She is probably thinking, “Who the hell is this guy?”. Maybe she doesn’t like the idea that I’ve been standing off to the side and watching the battle from afar.


Hmm… Maybe I should say something…


“Your skirt’s all rolled up.”




 It looked like she was wearing some kind of spats to keep her underwear out of view, but her healthy legs were exposed to the point where they were close to the base of her body.


When I pointed this out, the girl’s face turned bright red, and she straightened her skirt with a panicked look.


And while glaring at me with me, she swung her sword.




The first thing that comes to mind is to use the first thing that comes to mind.


 The girl, enraged, and flashed her blade three times in the blink of an eye.


 A diagonal slash right cleaves, and a left slash. They were closing in on me simultaneously.


 It’s really difficult to avoid.

So, I also activated “Rage” like the girl did and avoided the attack.

 After narrowly avoiding the last cleave, I tightly grabbed the girl’s slender arm that is holding the sword.






 The girl’s eyes widened in astonishment. She didn’t think I could avoid it.


I pulled the girl’s arm and quickly swept her off her feet. With her back to facing me, the girl dropped to her knees on the floor.

 I quickly bind the girl’s body with steel thread and restrain her.

   I created it with a spell called “Fixation,” which is an object materialization magic. It was similar to the boy I fought who could make a golden sword from his palm. 

 (TN: フィクセーション = Fixation)




 The captive girl let out a frustrated cry.

 Farness-sensei was watching our battle.


“What a refined movement. Excellent.”


 Farness-sensei muttered in admiration.


 Nearly a dozen students had fallen around her. While witnessing this horror-like scene, I opened my mouth.


“Isn’t it against the rules for a teacher to participate in an entrance exam?


“I told you earlier. It’s a battle royale against all <<the people present>>.”


 I see. And Farness-sensei was there, too.


 Which means she was ready to go from the start.


“……how childish.”


 I muttered to myself.

 At the same time, an examinee who had been hiding in the corner attacked Farness-sensei.


“Boy, you can make your move whenever you want! I’m always open to more company!”


 While dealing with the oncoming candidates, Farness-sensei said to me.

A war-like personality. I really am not good with that type.


 For the time being, let’s just finish off the girl who was crouching at her feet.

 This is the fifth one. With this, I can accomplish the rules I set.




 As if she sensed what I’m about to do, the girl raised her voice.


“Can I make a suggestion? …… Why don’t both of us take down that teacher?”


 The girl says in a subdued voice.

 It was an unexpected suggestion. I thought she would beg for her life, but apparently, she hasn’t had enough fight yet.


“What’s in it for me?” I asked.


They’re offering a million gold pieces to the student who can beat a teacher on the entrance exam. I heard her say it before, so there’s no question.


“A million gold……”


 Honestly, I don’t need it.

 It’s less than a tenth of what they’re paying me at the agency.

 My savings account is over 100 times that.


“You can keep all the money. How’s that?”


 When I kept my mouth shut, the girl added a condition, probably because she was worried about failing the negotiations.


 Weird, now I am confused at what she wanted to achieve.


“Don’t you want the bounty?” I asked further.


“I do not need money, I’m afraid. I just want to fight someone strong. In that sense, I want to fight you as well, but …… I will do it afterward at the academy, right now she’s my priority.”


 Apparently, this girl already decided that I’m going to pass the Builder’s Academy examination. Well, that’s true. Though I’m planning to join the regular department.


“Are you perhaps a battle freak…?”


“That’s — a little different. I just want to fight her for future references. And besides—”


 As she’s saying this, she’s glaring at Farness-sensei, who is engaging with the examinees.


“— Don’t you want to take down that smug look on her face?”


 I knew she was a battle freak…


 I let out a sigh. But this girl’s way of thinking was refreshing to me.


 –Maybe this kind of spontaneous plan wasn’t so bad.


 At the agency, we’ve always operated with efficiency as our top priority. Before the missions, we perform countless simulations to remove all the unexpected. Then we’ll perform the duties mechanically and nonchalantly.


 Naturally, I remained as emotionless as possible.


 As a soldier and a pawn, I only lived as a tool to follow orders were given to me.


 So… When she said something I never expected nor experienced, it was very appealing to me. 


A strategy that was formed on the whim.


 It was a feeling of freedom.


 I wasn’t a soldier, a pawn, or a tool anymore.


“Okay then. What do you suggest…?”


 If I was still in the agency, I would have cut off her head, ending this kind of talk.

 I wonder if I’d have changed a little since as I accepted the girl’s proposal with that thought in mind.


 Even if I was accepted into the hero department because I defeated Farness-sensei–if I talked to her, she could change it to the regular department. There are no requirements to enter the regular course, so that should be possible.


“Thank you. I’ll break free now so we can plan our strategy.”


“…… Hmm?”



 In front of my questioning voice, the girl invokes a materialization spell. A glowing blade sprouts from around her elbow and cuts the steel threads I’ve created.


“So you can break free by yourself?”


“Lower your guard down so we can have a proper conversation.”


 After seeing her breaking free, I didn’t get my guard down. It’s a reasonable decision considering that we’re on a battlefield.


 The effect of a magic is proportional to the quality of the image. That is why the materialization magic, which creates and manipulates things, is basically invoked by the palm or fingertips. But this girl launched it from her elbow. The image of a blade growing out of your elbow couldn’t have been learned overnight.


 She must be used to the battlefield.

 As I was thinking this, the girl said to me.


“You’re not surprised by it. You must have been very experienced on the battlefield.”


“Well…… I’ll leave that to your imaginations.”


 Certainly, it was more numerous than she ever was. However, this is an “underhanded” number of occasions that cannot be recorded in history. I don’t think this will help her in daily life, and thus, I’m not proud of it.


My name is Elysia. And you?




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