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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Translated by Xean

Edited by Travistann



  I was apparently got mixed up in the hero department’s entrance examination by mistake.


 While I was still trying to understand the situation, Farness-sensei immediately explained the exam.


“The rules are simple! It’s a battle royale for everyone here! The time limit is one hour! The field is the entirety of the old school building to the right of you! We have placed a special ward on that building, so throw out to your heart’s content all your flashy magic! —Just remember one thing. The hero department you’re applying to is for raising heroes, and not for admiring one! We don’t need ordinary people who just long to be protected! Each of you must have the intention of carrying the next generation of heroes!”




 Everyone responded loudly, except me.


 She’s a fiery, hot woman, befitting the color of her fiery hair. It reminded me of the Spartan education I received at the institution.


 As we moved into the old school building, I approached one of the attendants nearby.


‘Um, I’d like to join the regular department ……’


“Hmm? What, you’re getting cold feet now? Don’t worry! Most kids here are of the same age! You should hit and shatter rather than giving up easily! Hahahaha!”


 It’s useless. The guy didn’t listen to me at all.


 I give up and head to the old school building.


 Just because one takes the entrance exam doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be in the hero department.


 At worst, I can fail the exam on purpose or move to the regular course when accepted. Since there is no exam for the regular course, the transfer from the hero course to the regular course should be possible.


 The old school building I was led to was an abandoned building with cracks running all over the place.


 Looking at it, it seemed a bit dangerous to cause significant damage here, but as Farness-sensei said, a special ward has been deployed to prevent the building from collapsing. This would prevent the building from collapsing during the exam.


 I reached the corridor on the fourth floor of the school building and leaned against the wall to wait.


 Each of the examiners had taken up positions where they felt comfortable fighting. I was the only person in the corridor, maybe because of its narrowness and easily attracting attention. Most students seem to have gathered in the auditorium connected to the school building’s first floor or in the gym on the school building’s second floor.


“It looks like everyone is in place.”


 Someone entered the old school building. And a few minutes later, I heard Farness-sensei’s voice from somewhere.


The old school building has magical tools called “Enshi-Kyo” placed everywhere. With this, the teachers can monitor your movements and decide whether you pass or fail. By the way, killing your opponent or attacking them excessively after a victory or defeat is considered a foul. We’re checking closely every one of you, so be very careful.”


 She turned her attention to the corner of the stairs beside him.


 There was a single mirror set up discreetly there.


 This would be the “Enshi mirror.” It seems that the judges are looking into the old school building through this mirror.


“Gross… Sweeet (vomit).”


 I vomit unintentionally.


 This tool, called “Enshi,” is often used to monitor facilities.


 In the Kingdom of Terraria, a large number of “Enshi mirrors” are installed in every crucial facility, and these are used to counter intruders.


 However, this is a tool that was also used by the Demon King and his subordinates.


 There are a massive number of ‘Enshi-Kyo’ installed in the demon’s residence and the demon king’s castle.


From my past experiences, I have completely avoided being reflected in them, so now that I’m exposing my defenseless figure to the “Enshi-Kyo mirror,”… my body rejects it.


 That’s why I’m not too fond of window panes and mirrors.


 It’s a bit tedious, but I often use the water’s surface rather than a mirror to check my appearance. When I woke up at the inn this morning, I filled the bathroom with water, looked at the reflection of my face in the bathroom, and removed the mucus from my eyes.


“Then— the Examination begins now!”


 The battle has started.


 Soon I heard footsteps in all directions, but no one was approaching me yet.


 —Well, what should I do now?


 As I waited for time to pass in a daze, I heard small footsteps in the distance.


 —a single student coming up the stairs.


 —my presence is still unnoticed.


 Hiding in the classroom to get by isn’t a bad idea, but there’s no guarantee that he or she will leave any time soon.


 It can’t be helped. I approached the stairs without making a sound of footsteps.


 I turn to the corner of the hallway the same time he or she emerged from the stairs.


 For a moment. The distance between us comes closer to a few inches.


“Eh —”




 He didn’t expect the enemy to be approaching this close.


 I released the bottom of my palm to the boy, who was so surprised that he was slow to react, when I poke his chest, the boy grunts and falls to the floor.


 I’m aware that I’m doing something unprofessional.


 I’m still a combat pro. I feel guilty about what I’m doing with this group of amateurs.


 I look out the window in front of the stairs toward the auditorium, which is directly connected to the school building.


 There was a large hole in the auditorium roof, through which they could observe what was going on inside. The examiners are engaged in a fancy battle inside the auditorium.


 —As expected of the hero department’s examiners, they’re very good at using magic.


 Magic power.


 There is an energy called “magic power” dwelling in a person’s body, and when used correctly, it can cause all sorts of supernatural phenomena. In battles against the demon king and his subordinate demons, this magic has become a weapon and a shield for humanity.


 For example, the <<Fireball>> is a long-distance magic. It is considered the most popular magic, and the effect is simple and straightforward. Also, the <<Ward Protection>> that covers this old school building is a fixed-point installation type of magic. Its effect is to protect the object from deterioration of its condition, such as damages. If you’re a hero student, you’re probably familiar with this <<Ward Protection>> magic. That’s why they can rampage around to their heart’s content without fear of the school building collapsing.


“The number of students taking the exam is roughly a thousand.”


Visually, the number of candidates gathered was roughly a thousand.


 And the admission quota for the hero department was set at one hundred.


 In other words, according to the calculations, if a person can beat ten candidates or a hundred candidates get together, this exam will be over.


“Okay. Let’s beat five of them.”


 I assumed that a student who beat ten students on average would pass the exam.


 In my case, I don’t need to pass because I want the regular course. However, I feel that retiring early would be wrong, so I’ll take a break after beating five students. What happens after that will depend on the circumstances. Whatever the case, it would be harder to be impressed with a half-hearted result than an average result.


“Four to go.”


 Then, I went down to the third floor, looking for the other students. 



  —I was the best fighter in the village.


 The boy remembers the past as a runner in the dark.


 In the countryside of the kingdom. A boy who grew up in a small, remote village was influenced by his close family and friends to apply for the Builder’s Academy hero course.


“You’ll definitely pass,”


“Have confidence. You’re a lot stronger than most knights.


 My family and friends never doubted that I would pass the test.


 Although I wasn’t very aware of it, but apparently, I had a different power from others.


 Indeed, during the Hero-Demon War, I continued to defend my village alone for the entire time. I repelled the approaching army of demons many times. However, I don’t know if that is really something to be admired, not knowing the outside world.


 In order to find that out, I decided to take the entrance exam for the hero department.


  —I was naive.


 Somewhere in the back of my mind, I must have had a shallow dream.


 I just didn’t realize it because I’d been living in a small village until now – in fact, I had faint hopes that I might be incredibly strong. That I’ll easily pass the hero course exam and receive the same education as the fourth hero, eventually, my abilities will be recognized and be selected as a knight as part of the country’s guard.


 –The success story that I had envisioned was now easily destroyed.




 In front of me, a man taking the same exam is just like me, someone who just retired from the frontline.


 I’m not sure what was done to that examinee. He let out a short scream instantly, and the next moment he was down.


 He was the person I had temporarily joined hands with.


 On the way to the exam room, we quickly became friends due to being the same countryman, evident from the clothes and mannerisms.


Let’s pass the test together!


 My friend, who I had laughed with, now dropped out in front of me in a daze.




 I sounded so pathetic due to my fear.


 Faintly, in the corner of my vision, I saw a black shadow.


 In a flash, the shadow approached. When I noticed it, my friend’s consciousness was reaped.


  — he should still be close.


 But there was no sound of footsteps.


 There was no sign of him.


 Like a ghost, he had disappeared.


 The unknown enemy is more terrifying than the will to fight. Both my legs were shaking and rattling.


“There you are—!”


 At a slight distance, the other candidates shouted and released magic.


 It was a long-distance magic 《Fireball》.


 Apparently, he had seen the ghosts just now. The man who was taking the exam continued to shoot a mass of fireballs at the place where he thought the ghost was.


 At first glance, the movement seems to be futile, but the man was not caught off guard.


 The one who continues to raise his voice and shoot the 《Fireball》 with a confused look – perhaps it’s a trap. By daring to show an opening, he is probably inviting the ghosts to attack. He wants to finish it off with a counter.


 But the next moment.


 The man was abruptly sucked up to the ceiling without even the time to utter a word.


 For a moment, I could see it.

There was a thin steel thread wrapped around the man’s torso.


 The man was lifted by a thread and immediately disappeared, melting into the darkness of the ceiling. After a while, the man’s body fell to the floor. He is already unconscious. — again, he was reaped by a ghost.




 The boy let out a yell and let the magic power inside his body travel to his palm.


 The magic power solidified into a sword and settled in the boy’s hand.


 The golden sword was well received in the village, saying that it looked like a holy sword used by a hero. Not only does it look good, but it also performs well. With this sword, which can cut through rocks like butter, the boy defeated many demons in the past.


 He wields the sword haphazardly. With that alone, an enormous shock wave was released.


 It blew away the debris in the area, and the dust instantly fills the vision.


 No matter how many ghosts there are, they should have stopped in their tracks a bit. While he’s at it – the plan was to escape. He has no thoughts of winning.


 Turning on his heel, the boy heads for the stairs.




 The foot he put forward caught on something.


It was like a glowing thread. The thread that touched the boy’s foot snapped with a pout – instantly, the thread exploded.


 A stationary magic 《Explosive Trap Bomb》.


 The boy soon realized the true nature of the power that had blown him away.


 But even if he noticed, it was too late to prevent it.


 The ghost must have expected him to escape from the beginning. That’s why the path to the staircase was lined with traps. He was just rolling around in the ghost’s palm.


 He rolled around on the floor rumbling in pain as the explosion hit him.


 His body could not move as it should. His entire body was in intense pain.


 As he fell to the floor and moaned. A ghost walked up to me. Was he coming to stab me?


“P-please, don’t t-tell me. All of the guys like you are in the hero department ……?”


 The dust made it difficult to see his face clearly.


 Barely, all I could make out was that it had dark hair and eyes.


 The ghost looks down at me with bored eyes and replies.


“I don’t know. I’m entering the regular department.”


 The regular department.


 Immediately after hearing that answer, the boy’s consciousness was lured into darkness.


 —That’s ridiculous.


 I can’t help but feel tears welling up in the corners of my eyes.


 Even though he’s this strong, and he just wanted to go to a regular course?


 Just before his consciousness disappeared.


 The boy laughed to himself.


 Let’s go back to the village.


 It was an unworthy dream for me to join the Builder’s Academy.


 Realizing his own mistake.


 The boy’s consciousness fell.



 Later on.


 The following rumor was spread among the officials of the Builders School.


 -The Black Ghost. 


 The source of the rumor was the students who had taken the entrance exam for the hero department.


 It is said that the ghost creeps up on you soundlessly, and the moment you notice it, you are stripped of your consciousness.


 Of course, it’s not a ghost, it’s definitely one of the students, but at any rate, no one can see its face because it can not be detected for any sign of its presence until just before its consciousness is plucked away. Hence the term “ghost.” It was an unidentified person who may or may not be there.


 Some of the candidates that the black ghost had defeated were those that the school’s teachers noticed.


 For example, a simple boy who grew up in the countryside of the kingdom.


 Perhaps because he had grown up in a small village, he was a little out of touch with the world, but to everyone’s surprise, he single-handedly defended his village from an oncoming monster during the Great War. A heroic achievement. Furthermore, he also had abilities that defied the norm, such as defeating high-ranking demons that lived in the neighborhood under the guise of “hunting.”


 When the teachers looked at the boy’s background during the selection process, they all said, “This is someone who should be able to pass the exam.”


 A black ghost defeated that boy.


 He was also deeply scarred.


 After the exams were over, the boy returned to his village, where he was born and raised without being a regular school member.


 A teacher at the school, who was curious, went to talk to him about the black ghost.


“Maybe it wasn’t even a match. It was kind of a clerical and nonchalant defeat. Are you going to try again next year? No, I don’t. I’ve realized that I should be holding a hoe rather than a sword. I think there are a lot of students more suited for the course.”


 The boy said this as he plowed the field.



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