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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : The Priestess of the Hero’s Party

Translated by Xean

Edited by Travistann

 Five minutes had passed since Chris left the conference room.

 I got up and left the conference room, thinking that I didn’t have to wait around for her to be dutifully sitting in a chair.

 I know, since we’ve known each other for a long time.

 When she says “a while,” it’s about fifteen minutes to three minutes.

 Enough to take a walk in the castle at random.

 I decided on a plan for killing time and went down the stairs to the sunny garden.

 And as I was walking down the stairs —.

“Finally, I found you.”

 I was called up from behind and turned around.

 There was a girl with wavy blonde hair.


 The Name of the girl who wears a white dress is — Sofia Terraria.

 She is a princess of the Terraria Kingdom and one of the hero party members who challenged the demon king.

 The hero party is a term that refers to the brave men and their comrades.

 In the Fourth Hero – Demon War, the hero party consisted of four people. In addition to the brave men, there were skilled healers,  mages, and warriors. Among the priests, the most skilled would be Sofia-sama. The other two are from other countries.

 A young girl who is brilliant and talented was even born with the too-high status of royalty and was even selected by a party of heroes to play a part in defeating the Demon King. Now, she is considered to be the most sought after person in the world. I’m not sure why she’s here alone.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time. “

 She sharply glared at me and said.

“It was you who defeated the Demon King, wasn’t it?”

 I replied to the question, pretending I didn’t know what it meant.

“…… What do you mean by that?”

“There’s no point in lying. At that time, the Demon King was clearly behaving strangely. In the midst of fighting the hero-sama, the demon king suddenly started suffering while holding his chest and stopped moving. It’s assumed that the hero-sama defeated the demon king, but that was you, right?”

“Why do you think so?”

“Because that’s how it’s always been. You’ve helped us countless times.”

 At Sofia-sama’s words, I let out a sigh without hiding it.

…she knows my true identity.

 It’s no exaggeration to say that it was my biggest blunder.

 It was after I had done a bit of tricky work. I was in the middle of getting intoxicated by my own prowess right after brilliantly accomplishing a job that everyone around me said, “It was impossible to do”.

 She was staring at me in admiration. At the same time, she saw so much inexplicable evidence of my work that it was easy to see at a glance. I didn’t notice her gaze, and when I thought I was alone, scratching my bangs and muttering something like, “I can do it. I’m a genius,”.

 After explaining the situation to Chris, Chris’ shouting voice comes back to my mind.

 I couldn’t just keep the princess quiet.

 In the end, I had no choice but to reveal my identity to Sophia-sama.

“Just to be sure, you can’t tell the rest of your comrades about me.”

I haven’t told them. I don’t want to embarrass you, my benefactor.

 As I fearfully confirmed it, Sofia-sama dropped her gaze and replied.

“Enough about the Demon king. The main issue is something else.”

 Sofia-Sama says.

“Wha-what are you going…  to do from now on?”

 What is the meaning of that question?

 When I was unable to answer for a while, Sofia-sama opened her mouth to fill in the blanks.

“You are supposed to be free now that the Demon King has been defeated. If you’d like… why don’t you become my knight?”

 Now, I understand.

 But the question remains.

“If it was a knight protecting Sofia-sama, there should already be a Kingsguard.”

“Tha-that’s not what I mean. I would like you to be my personal knight. You are… the  person I trust the most.”

 As I recall, a full-time knight is some sort of bodyguard who must be on the person at all times.

 I see.

 I’m being recruited by her now?

 So to answer that question —.

“— You’re kidding. The hero’s party who defeated the demon king were supposed to travel around the world to commemorate their victory. You can’t have someone like me accompany you on that journey. And also the person you should trust more than anyone else is the hero who has been fighting next to you all this time.”

 As I answered, I spotted Chris behind Sofia-sama’s back.

 Apparently, she’s giving unnecessary attention and was waiting until we finish our conversation.

“Then, please excuse me.”

 I break off the conversation and head over to Chris.

“Pl-please, wait! I haven’t— tch!”

 The princess is more stubborn than you might think. When she is refused by request, it’s best to treat her a little coldly.

 As a matter of fact, she has made similar requests to me many times in the past. Each time I’ve been able to repel them like this.

 Sofia-sama didn’t follow me as I walked away, she just stood there.

“That’s a harsh way of declining.”

 Chris said as she crossed her arms.

 I replied as we walked back to the third floor conference room.

“She don’t listen to people.  And I was just speaking my mind.”

“Fu fu. Well, maybe. All the hero of the past are tied to the priests. If we follow the same history, Sofia-sama should eventually be connected with the hero of the present … If so, it may not be a good idea to get in between those two people. Aside from Sofia-sama, the hero seems to be enthusiastic about keeping that tradition. “

“Yeah. Now that I’ve found out that I won’t be killed by a mouthful of people, I don’t want anything to do with it and get stabbed for love-affair reasons. …… I know Sophia-sama only wants a useful knight, but if it’s the opposite sex and I’m around all the time, it could be misunderstood.”

“That’s wrong. …… I wonder if your insensitivity is a due to being raised in the institution.”

 Chris says something I’m not sure about.

 After entering the conference room and carefully locking the door, I sat down again in the chair I had just used.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but I think the best way for you to talk through your daily life like a human being is to attend the academy.”


It’s a very good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you’re looking for.  Some kids focus on helping their parents earn money or making a living with the adventurer’s guild, but the main reason I suggested that there’s a lot of kids your age there. It’s a good thing that you have a lot of people around you who are living a normal life, because that’s what you want, right?

“Well, yes. The more samples we have, the easier it is to blend in.”

“I’m not talking about an undercover mission.”

 Chris let out a sigh and held out a document on the table towards me.

“This is?”

“Application for admission to the Royal Builders’ Academy (TN:王立ビルダーズ学園). You know the Builders Academy, don’t you? It’s the biggest academy in the country, right here in Maikura. It’s also the home of our heroes. The Kingdom is planning to greatly increase the enrollment of the Builder’s Academy in anticipation of the ‘hero’s effect’, so you can take advantage of it. You can take that slot.”

“I’ve heard that the Builders Academy is a prestigious school, and all of the students are excellent. …… I see, if there are more slots, it will be easier to pass the entrance exam.”

“Well, if you have the ability, it would be easy to pass the entrance exam even if they tie both your hands and feet. This time, you don’t have to worry about it. Builders Academy will divide the department into two from this year.”

 Chris prompted me to roll up the papers.

 The third sheet of paper contained details about those two departments.

“The Hero and Regular Department ……?”

Yes. The former is a curriculum that is exactly the same as the one that raised the hero. On the contrary, the latter is a department that allows students to receive a leisurely education since the Great War is over, and they can now walk in peace and quiet so that they can go along with it. Until last year, the Builders Academy only had a Hero department, and the entrance exam determined its success or failure. But from next year, even if you fail the Hero department, you can still enter the regular department. There is no entrance exam for the regular department, so anyone who passes the screening process can get in.

“So the regular department is like a springboard for those students who fail the hero department.”

“Originally, it seems to be a department that fosters knowledge and skills that are useful in a peaceful world, but in reality, it will probably be exactly what you said…  However, there seems to be a disparity between the hero and the regular department in terms of the facilities available. I think there will probably be a sense of discrimination within the school as well.

 Chris said in a resentful tone.

“By the way, which one are you currently attracted to?”

“Regular department.”

“I thought so.”

 “First of all, I like the name “regular.” Since that’s what I’m going to attend the school for, it’s probably the regular department I should belong to.”

 “And besides, from what Chris says, the hero department is a place to learn combat skills. I’ve already learned so much about it at the institution that I don’t feel like there’s anything to learn now.”

“You don’t need to take an exam if you want to attend the regular course. After you head to the venue that day, you can go straight to the admissions session without taking the exam. We will let you go through the application process, so don’t worry. By the way, here are your documents to be submitted.”

 Chris hands me another document.

 On it was my fake background, fake family structure.

 I used to help my parents with their business, but my parents died suddenly of illness before I inherited their skills, so I had no choice but to close up my shop and attend school.

“In the meantime, you should pick a name.”

“Name? …… Ah, now that you mention it . Till now I’m being called by number”.

 The other fields were filled out in detail, but only the name field was left blank.

 Chris sadly looks down at me as she notices and reacts.

“Don’t make it sound like it’s someone else’s problem. …… I still feel guilty every time I call you that. It’s crazy to call people by a number or a symbol, no matter how much of a rule it is.”

“I suppose that’s more manageable for someone who could die at any moment.”

“It’s proof that you look at people like they’re tools. …… After all, I knew institutions were the worst.”

 The names in the agency are generally numbers and symbols, except for executive positions.

 Chris is an executive position. Unlike soldiers like me, people like her are often scouted from venerable workplaces, not from orphanages, unlike soldiers like me. Unlike us soldiers, the initial cost of scouting is high. Perhaps because of the high initial cost of scouting, all kinds of disparities exist between executive positions and soldiers in terms of treatment.

 But I never felt that it was unfair.

 I can’t do a desk job that uses my brain as Chris does, and I can’t get around in the organization’s bleak human relationships.

 The point is that I’m the right person for the right job.

“But isn’t it weird that you decide your own name?”

“Well, that’s right. Then I’ll think of something for you. How about …… John?”

“It doesn’t feel right.”

“Then, Mike. Or…… Michael?”

“…… No, it feels weird. After all, a name is something you have to get used to being called.”

“But, then what should we call you.”

 Chris looks annoyed, and I say the Name I came up with.

“Tweight. Let’s do this.” 

“…… You didn’t change it at all.”

“It’s all right.”

 Chris looked unhappy, but eventually, he wrote ‘Tweight’ in the document’s name field.

“Well then, I’ll let do the paperworks, so dress up and go to school on the day.”


Both of us got up and left the room.

I can’t say that it’s good or bad, but there’s that strange atmosphere.

 –I see.

 The institution is being disbanded.

 This will be the last time we will have contact with it as members of the same organization.

 Just because the institution is being disbanded doesn’t mean that Chris and I will have no contact with each other.

 Since the top brass is responsible for designing our lives, I would consult with Chris if any inconvenience arises.

 Still, this is a profoundly moving experience. 

 She’s right. This institution is not a great organization to flatter, but still–


 I say to my long-time supervisor, who walks next to me.

“Thanks for all you’ve done for me. It’s all thanks to Chris that this shitty brat who doesn’t know much about the world has been able to survive this far intact.”

 I sincerely thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

 Then Chris looked away, her shoulders shaking.

“You don’t have to say it like that. Oh my God, I’ve been putting up with it for a long time. ……”

 A few moments. I heard a small cry.

 Eventually, she looks at me with her bright red, swollen eyes.

“You’re like my brother. So if you need anything, you can always count on me.”

 I nodded at my former supervisor’s words, “Yeah.I will”

 From now on – Tweight’s life begins.

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