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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life Chapter 11

Hero Department and Regular Department

Chapter 11: Hero Department and Regular Department

Translated by Hikaru

Edited by Mel



A week has already passed since school started. Today the first year high school students of Class D were gathered in a large room called the Training Ground.


“For today’s magic practice, we’ll have target practice for long-range shooting magic,” Magic instructor Sylphia-sensei said.


A circular target was clearly drawn on the wall of the Training Ground. It seems that the training is going to involve hitting the target with long-range shooting magic.


“Students are welcome to use a staff if it suits their style. Of course, bare hands are fine, but if it doesn’t seem to work, try using a staff and experiment with it!” The teacher explained.


At that time, one of my classmates raised his hand and spoke up, “Teacher, I’m better at close combat. Do I have to learn long-range combat too?”


“It’s not a bad thing. At the same time, long-range magic has a lot of versatility and is very useful if you learn it. It also serves as a control against opponents keeping a distance, and you can also support your friends. It’s a good skill to learn so I recommend you learn it while you can.”


That was a very reasonable explanation. The student who raised his hands nodded his head in understanding. Then another student raised her hand. It was a female student from the regular course.


“Oh, um… Does it make sense to practice magic to fight even in the regular course?”


Other regular students probably also had this question. Nearly half of my classmates waited for Sylphia-sensei’s answer.


“I’m sorry. You seem to have misunderstood a little. This target practice is not only to learn long-range shooting magic but also to learn how to control magic properly. Target practice is a good way to test your magic control skills. For example…”


Sylphia-sensei moved her mouth and took off the silver bracelet around her wrist. The teacher’s fingertips glowed faintly. Then the shape of the bracelet instantly changed to that of an exquisite bird.


The girl who had asked the question earlier marveled, “Beautiful…”


“This is a magic called《Alchemy》. For convenience, it is classified as a close combat type, but if anything it is more preferred by production workers than by knights and adventurers. It is also magic that is very useful in everyday life. And to learn this magic, you must… ”


While putting the bird back into the bracelet with《Alchemy》, Sylphia-sensei turned towards the target. From her outstretched palm, five《Water Balls》were released simultaneously. All of the released water balls hit the center of the target.


“At the very least, you should be able to hit the target with this much accuracy.”


The students applauded involuntarily. Sylphia-sensei bowed her head, a little embarrassed. She is highly skilled. Maybe she’s a magic master of the heroes. The fourth hero generation, Zion Bale, has two masters, one in sword and one in magic. The swordmaster is probably Farnez-sensei. The magic master may be Sylphia-sensei.


“Now let’s start hitting the target. There are targets of all sizes, so use the one you like. Be careful not to run out of magic.” After explaining this, Sylphia-sensei added as if she just remembered, “And the magic you use should be of D-rank or higher. Of course, if you can, you can use C-rank or B-rank magic.”


Magic is divided into E to S ranks according to the difficulty of learning it. D-rank is magic that can be used by anyone with the training. All of the students here are 15 or 16 years old. At that age, they usually know some D-rank magic. Since it was their first training, Sylphia-sensei probably didn’t intend to give them difficult instructions, however…




As the students started to hit the target, I approached the teacher and called out.


“I’m not sure if I should use《magic bullet》.”


“Well《magic bullet》is the simplest E-rank magic in the long-range shooting type. Let’s practice a little higher magic in this class.”




If that was the purpose of the class, I had no choice. I nodded and turned on my heel. E-rank is a level of magic that even a beginner can learn in a few days. This is the kind of magic that a child of 6 or 7 years old—that is, a child just entering primary school, would learn first. How weak. This might make me stand out in a bad way.


As I was caught up in my negative thoughts, I heard the students talking. They were respectfully looking at Elysia, who worked on a target.


“Wow Elysia, are you good at shooting magic too?”


“The special lecture the other day was also amazing. Even in the mock combat between heroes, Elysia was by far the strongest.”


“As expected, you’re the strongest of the year. Is it true that you beat the teacher in the entrance exam?”


“It’s true. I was there, you know. It is rumored that there are not many people in the Kings’ Guard who can compete with that sword teacher Farnez-sensei with a sword.”


Apparently, Elysia has already become quite a celebrity in the school. While listening to these rumors, I stood in front of the target. I set my aim and unleashed the D-rank magic 《Fireball》. However, the shape of the fireball was terribly unstable that it disappeared before it could touch the target.




The students of the Hero Department who lined up behind me burst into laughter.


“Hey, did you see it? It disappeared before it hit the target.”


“You can’t even use D-rank magic?”


“This is why he’s in the Regular Department.”


They could say whatever they wanted to say… it can’t be helped. This is my lack of ability. As I said to Elysia before, I’m not going to pretend that I can’t do what I can. It is just that I really can’t use Fireball. It was not a matter of controlling magic or anything like that. It was simply that I had never used a fireball before. It is magic that I have learned about, but I have probably used it only once or twice. It failed mainly due to lack of practice.


Personnel evaluations at the institution focused on the success rate of work. As a secretive organization, there was no need to worry about appearances. Therefore, as soldiers, we were required to work efficiently, rather than looking good or being flamboyant. In other words, necessary magic was thoroughly drilled into us, but on the other hand, unnecessary magic was not taught at all. For this reason, not only me, but also the soldiers of the institution have “magic that they can use extremely well” and “magic that they can’t use extremely well”. The ratio is overwhelmingly higher in the latter.


“Get out of the way, regular student.”


I was suddenly pushed away by a student who came from behind me. It was Zeke, a male student from the Hero Department. He was the guy who nailed me a few days ago, telling me not to get carried away.


“I’m not sure what to say.”


Glan, who happened to be by his side, told Zeke, who forcibly cut in line.


“Tweight is still practicing.”


“Huh. No matter how much you practice in the regular course, it’s a waste of time.”


“What?” Glan was angry at Zeke’s haughty attitude.


Sylphia-sensei was instructing the other students in the distance. She didn’t seem to be aware of the commotion here. I quickly grabbed Glan by the shoulders.


“Glan, come on. I’m fine.”




“It’s true that I’m not strong enough.”


With that, Glan dropped his gaze, gritted his teeth, and moved away from Zeke. Zeke and the students from the Hero Department around him resumed their target shooting, laughing wildly as if it was funny.



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