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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life Chapter 10

Ordinary Life and Just Friends

Chapter 10: Ordinary Life and Just Friends

Translated by Hikaru

Edited by Mel



The first meaningful lecture was intended to confirm the students’ awareness of the current situation.


While standing behind the podium and writing carefully on the blackboard, Sylphia-sensei explained


“Half a year ago, the Fourth War of Heroes and Demons came to an end when the fourth hero, Zion Bale, defeated the Demon King. However, the threat created by the Demon King still remains in this world. Monsters, Mazes, Demons… Those who continue to harm people even after the Demon King died are called the Demon King’s Legacy.”


Monsters, Mazes, and Demons. In other words, the Demon King’s Legacy. As long as these exist, there would never be complete peace in the world.


In reality, it was difficult to completely eliminate the Demon King’s Legacy. In particular, there were many monsters and mazes, and although it was possible to deal with them to some extent, the status quo would eventually be exhausted. In fact, the monsters and mazes created in the Third War of Heroes and Demons still remain.


“The defeat of the Demon King has weakened them, but there is no doubt that there are still issues to be addressed. Last month, another large-scale maze invasion led by adventurers took place on the eastern edge of the Kingdom of Terraria. Someone please explain who adventurers are.”


A silver-haired girl in a black uniform raised her hand. I am pretty sure it was the student who said she wanted to be an adventurer when she introduced herself the other day.


“Then Mize-san. Please.”


“Adventurers are people who belong to an Adventurer’s Guild and are in a position to undertake requests mediated by the guild. Many people were kidnapped after the end of the First War of Heroes. The name comes from the fact that they explored the territories and mazes of the Demon King aiming to get rich, and they were called adventurers. Today’s adventurers have the aspect of a ‘jack-of-all-trades’, but people also expect adventurers to deal with the Demon King’s legacy, such as defeating demons because of past conventions.”


“Very good explanation. Thank you very much. As Mize-san said, adventurers can take on anything from cleaning gardens to walking pets, depending on the conditions, but the majority of their requests are related to the Demon King’s legacy, such as defeating demons. In addition, adventurers can be counted as a fighting force on par with knights in times of need, and in fact during the Fourth War of Heroes, many adventurers went into battle at the request of the government.” Sylphia-sensei explained.


It was probably intentional to separate the explanations there. The point here was that adventurers can be considered a force on par with knights, but they are not a substitute for knights. After all, an adventurer is like a mercenary who is willing to do anything for a fee. As such they may be a force to be reckoned with, but they are not to be trusted. No matter what the situation, it is a rule of thumb to leave it to the knights, not the adventurers, who should be entrusted with the task of maintaining the city’s security and internal defenses. Knights, at least in appearance, are motivated by loyalty, not money.


“Now, someone please explain about The Brave Party that was active in the Fourth War of Heroes and Demons.”


A blond boy in the center of the classroom raised his hand at Sylphia-sensei’s words. The fact that he was wearing a white uniform showed that he was in the Hero Department. The boy had a confident look on his face.


“Zeke-san, please.”


“Yes. The fourth generation of heroes, Zion Bale, monk-healer Sophia Terraria, wizard-mage Witch Drowell, and warrior Alan Byrne. They are now traveling to various places to commemorate the victory and greet those who established relations with them during the Great War.”


“That’s right. Then can you explain the people who contributed to defeating the Demon King, besides The Brave Party?”


“It is the army and knights of each country. In the case of the Kingdom of Terraria, in addition to The Royal Army, The Knights of the Kings’ Guard and The Duke of Telgande’s Knights of Orthodox took the lead in supporting The Brave Party.”


“So what do you know about the knights of other countries?”


“What? Other countries? That is, uh…” Zeke stammered on his words there.


The number of knightly orders who played an active part in the Great War was enormous. In the case of the Kingdom of Terraria, as Zeke said, The Knights of the Kings’ Guard and The Knights of Orthodox made outstanding achievements. There were many other knightly orders that stand out. I vaguely recalled the scene on the battlefield.


“Then, Tweight-san. Please continue on for Zeke-san.”


I was surprised when she suddenly called my name. Maybe because I was thinking, but it seemed that I was not concentrating on the class. In reality, I was following the content of the class, so I uttered the names of the knights I had in mind.


“The Holy Arcadia Kingdom has The Silver Knights, The Red Jade Knights, and The Blue Jade Knights. The Stanley Empire has The Knights of Light. After that, The Order of the Dragon Hunters, held by The Demon Nation of Phalom, also cooperated with The Brave Party.”


Perhaps she thought I couldn’t answer. Sylphias-sensei raised her eyes for a moment, but then quickly smiled.


“You are correct. You’ve studied well to know about The Order of the Dragon Hunters, haven’t you? As you may know, there were some demons who rebelled against the will of the Demon King and allied with humans. The nation they formed is called The Demon Nation and it is on friendly terms with our human nation. They cooperated with The Brave Party during the Great War and contributed to the subjugation of the Demon King.” Sylphia-sensei explained.


I knew The Order of the Dragon Hunters very well, as we had crossed paths once. That was a fierce battle. Since it was the knights of The Demon Nation, the leader was naturally a demon, but he might have been stronger than the demon who guarded the Demon King’s heart.


“Tsk.” At that moment, Zeke, the boy from the Hero Department who spoke earlier, clicked his tongue while glaring at me.


Sylphia-sensei didn’t seem to hear the tongue lashing, and the class continued without a hitch.


“From the Kingdom of Terraria, The Knights of the Kings’ Guard and The Knights of Orthodox participated in the war. In particular, the contributions of The Knights of Orthodox were remarkable. This is why many people were saddened when the Knight Commander, Gaul Espeland, was killed during the war. We must pass on the achievements he left behind to the next generation,” Sylphia-sensei said, dropping her gaze.


Then the bell rang, signaling the end of the class.


“That’s it for the first period. Thank you for your hard work,” Sylphia-sensei concluded the class.


The students relaxed and started chatting as recess started.




When I stretched out a little, a blond-haired boy in a white uniform approached me. It’s Zeke. There were three boys from the Hero Department around him.


“Regular student, don’t get ahead of yourself,” Zeke said.


Apparently he didn’t like what I had said in class earlier. Strictly speaking, he was probably angry because I was the one who had to clean up Zeke’s mess.


“You regular students are just dropouts who couldn’t become heroes. Just because you’re in the same classroom doesn’t mean we are equals.”


Zeke looked down at me with a demeaning smile. The three boys standing around him were laughing with similar expressions.


I remembered what Chris had told me the day I decided to attend Bildarz Academy. She had predicted that there would probably be a sense of discrimination between the Hero Department and the Regular Department. Clearly that prediction was a perfect hit.


At that time, Elysia happened to cross by Zeke’s side.


“You think so too, don’t you Elysia?”


To Zeke’s question, Elysia showed some thought before answering, “I think you might be right.”


To her affirmation, Zeke and the others seemed to be in a better mood. They walked away with a smile on their faces. They silently exchanged glances with Elysia while she awkwardly averted her gaze.


“What? I don’t know your stance, so I didn’t know what to say.”


“So that’s how it is. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you.”


“It’s nothing like that,” Elysia said with a sigh.


It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re doing.


“So do you want to hide your abilities, huh?”


“No, I don’t mean to. I don’t want to expose myself more than I need to, but I’m not going to say I can’t do what I can.”


“Well, that’s right. If you wanted to hide your abilities, you wouldn’t have beaten the teacher in the entrance exam. I should have made it clear earlier that ‘Tweight is stronger than you.’ You should have told him that.”


“I don’t need to stand out,” I said with a wry smile.


“Tweight, would you like to be my training partner?”


“Training?” I asked back unintentionally. “What is the training for?”


“To get stronger, of course.”


“What do you need to get stronger for?”


“That’s… well, for various things. In this world, there’s nothing better than being strong, right? Even the Demon King’s legacy that we were talking about in class can be easily dealt with by students if we have the necessary strength. Basically the stronger the adventurer, the better.”


“I think the strength to fight is only useful in a limited number of situations.”


“But I still want to be strong. Because I… that’s why I came to the academy.”


I was aware of this when I took the Hero Department exam and introduced myself, but it seems that Elysia is absorbed with strength. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s an obsession. I still didn’t know much about Elysia yet. I was sure I’d get to know her at least a little better as her training partner. The question was, how would that affect the “normal life” I’m seeking?


Maybe it would not have a positive effect, because the circumstances that Elysia was in was probably not “normal.”


“I’m sorry, but no thanks.”


“Yeah, I understand. I’m sorry. I’ll give up.”


“You’re giving up a lot easier than I thought.”


“I kind of knew what to expect from you yesterday. Besides, I’m not so childish as to impose my values on others.”


Although the words were simple, Elysia had an overtly depressed look on her face. She seemed to think a lot of my skills, even though I had only shown off a few of my abilities during the exam. I had no regrets about turning down the opportunity to train with her, but I feel a little uncomfortable.


“Can’t we just be friends?” I asked Elysia.


“We can’t be training partners, but I think we can be normal friends. It’s not a loss or a gain for Elysia, it’s just a friend.”


Elysia was dumbfounded. Her mouth was hanging open, but then she let out a small smile.


“That’s right. Then I wonder if I should’ve asked.”


They reached out and shook hands. After releasing her hand, Elysia apologized in a small voice, “I’m sorry. I guess I was a little impatient. I’ve only just started school.”


“I don’t know about your situation, but it’s not like you need to be strong by tomorrow, is it? I don’t trust the skills I’ve learned overnight. Don’t be impatient.”


“Thank you. I’ll keep that advice in mind.” Elysia said.


“Hey. You’re still flirting with each other, aren’t you?”


Just then, a large man approached from the side.


“Glan, you’re here.”


“I’m on my way. Anyway, Elysia. I’d like to be your friend, if you don’t mind.”


“Yeah. Nice to meet you.”


Glan was completely fascinated by the smiling Elysia.



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