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Mist [infinity]

Chapter Chapter 1

Their whole team is homophobic

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Chapter 1 : The whole team is homophobic

Translated by: Baddie

Edited by: Travis


T/N: Hey there! I’m so excited to be picking up this novel, it’s written so well and the characters are so interesting. I hope you like it as much as I do! This is just a fan translation, and any errors are mine alone and not the authors. Do support the author on jjwc! Happy reading~!! 




   Yuan Star in December of 1396, the first snow.


   The green train traveled across the mountains and traversed the vast land like it was a dragon.


Snow fluttered outside the window, remote and out-of-the way towns gradually becoming clear in the field of view, and a not-so-sweet female voice rang out from the cabin’s radio: “Dear passengers, we have reached Huadong County. Passengers who need to alight, please take good care of your belongings. Do not push, and please move out of the train one by one.”


   As the speed of the train slowed, the young man in the corner who was glued to the black and white screen of the game console in his hand finally raised his head.


On the way from the previous stop to Huadong County, the young man’s Tetris* has climbed from zero to more than 400,000 points. The extremely high falling speed of the cubes and it’s amazing arrangement operations made this well-known casual game popular. His hands seemed to be never keeping still.

[T/N: *a game in which falling blocks have to be arranged without gaps in between.]


   Hearing the announcement from the radio, the young man gave a short glance out the window, and when he’d lowered his head, the words “GAME OVER” had already appeared on the game interface.


   “Hey!” The neighbouring passenger who was following his play unconsciously shouted and then whispered, “What a pity.”


   The game came to an abrupt end at this score, but the young man did not have the slightest disappointment. He only dropped the game console and put it away into his backpack.


   The passenger in the neighbouring seat couldn’t help but ask, “What is your highest score? You might be able to break a record if you play this well.”


   The young man looked plain, but his eyes were black and pure, and he looked very clean: “Around what I scored just now.”


  The passenger in the next seat said in regret: “I think if you hadn’t stopped just now, you would’ve scored more than that!”


   The young man wasn’t the talkative type. Hearing this, he stood up, preparing to get off the cabin, but said lightly: “There wasn’t time.”


   The young man stepped out of his seat, carrying his bag and following the person who was getting off the train cabin out the door.


   The passengers in the carriage came from all around the world, and they had all kinds of accents, and they were quite noisy. On his way, he passed by the quietest seat in the train. Intellectuals in uniforms had gotten on the train at the last stop in Huanan County. At this moment, they were gathered together and quietly discussing some drawings on a table, softly. One of the middle-aged men with a round face furrowed his brows, and it could be seen that he was their leader.


   As if he’d seemed to perceive the young man’s gaze, the leader raised his head in vigilance, but the young man had already gotten out of the train.


   The young man wore a black cotton-padded jacket and carried an ordinary backpack on his back. His tall figure was very conspicuous.


   When he got off onto the platform, he disappeared into the crowd without a sense of existence.


   If someone on the train thought of the young man again, they would find that they couldn’t even remember his appearance.




   Yuan Star, 1456.


  [1456.5.13, 14:36:40]


   The time coordinates of the system were projected, and everyone’s spirits were lifted: “Back up! Prepare to approach!”


   Three seconds later, a capsule appeared on the conveyor belt, and Ji Yushi, wearing a black cotton suit from the 1990s, came out.


   The robotic arm detected the person incoming and immediately greeted him with a nutrient solution. After time travelling, the human body would lose a lot of water, and all kinds of nutrients were in urgent need of replenishment.


   Ji Yushi pressed the safety button, threw away his backpack, and took a few sips of the nutrient solution.


The ordinary-looking prosthetic face that had no identity on his face began to disintegrate, revealing his original face, which was a little pale.


  [Congratulations, you have completed a total of 89 B-level tasks. Current rating: two stars. ]


   Ji Yushi glanced at the prompt on the transparent panel, and walked out of the capsule emotionlessly.


He was never one to talk much, so he directly began to narrate in a cold voice: “Prepare the mission log; during the Yanque incident in 1396, the target got on the train in Huanan County on December 13 of that year, passing Huadong County. The number of the train was X168, the number of his companions four, and they were the main leaders of the Yanque incident, which is quite different from what is in the historical records, and I recommend that they be revised.”


   His team members recorded his words one by one.


   Ji Yushi didn’t even have time to stop and catch his breath, but right after this matter was finished, a team member came up and said, “Mr. Ji, Section Chief Lin is waiting outside for you again.”


   Ji Yushi held his forehead. This matter caused him more headaches than even the sequelae of time travel did: “He’s here again?”


   The team members were dumbfounded: “Knowing that you return at around this time, he has been keeping guard for about half an hour now.”


   When Ji Yushi went to the dressing room to change out of his clothes, the head of the Ningcheng Branch dropped all pretenses and waited for him outside.


   “Xiao* Ji!” Section Chief Lin smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Congratulations! Another task completed is one step closer to our goal!”

[T/N: *means ‘little’, used as a prefix before names to show endearment to a younger person.]


   Ji Yushi politely answered: “Thank you, Section Chief Lin.”


  Section Chief Lin broached the real subject: “Young people like you are very promising! How about it? Have you considered coming to Jiangcheng to join us?”


  Ji Yushi: “I told you last time that I wouldn’t.”


   Section Chief Lin’s smile did not falter: “Oh, why are you young people so stingy? You know, about these rumors, they come and go, and their content always changes. Don’t ruin your future just because of a rumor.”


   Ji Yushi calmly said: “No one will help me feed the cats.”


   The viciousness of modern people’s addiction to cats hadn’t been set right even in the past hundreds of years. Even Ji Yushi, a single young man, raised three cats.


   Everyone in the group was listening in from a corner. The reason Teacher Ji gave him was good, and his excuse for rejecting him was simply wonderful!


   Don’t blame the people for their indignation, it was only because the Jiangcheng branch was such a bully!


   They were from the same department under the Sky Dome Space and Time Administration System, but Jiangcheng and Ningcheng were in charge of different matters.


   Jiangcheng had always been responsible for combating various crimes and disasters that may occur in the future. They were called the “Guardians”, and when necessary, they would take extreme combat measures to kill the evil in the cradle.


  Ningcheng was responsible for recording and restoring historical events, large and small, from the past, and they were called the “recorders”.


   This meant that they only recorded history; they never intervened, and did not even need a gun.


   A week ago, a Guardian of a certain team from the Jiangcheng branch, who was in charge of being the observer in missions, was seriously injured. This coincided with the arrival of a new mission for the team, and they were short of one important player.


   There was one problem in the working of the Sky Dome. Teams could not immediately allocate manpower to join them, and it was almost impossible to temporarily find an observer who was competent in all aspects. Thinking about this, one of the higher-ups said that there was such a character in the Ningcheng branch that could be considered, so he recommended that this person be transferred to Jiangcheng.


   Ji Yushi was famous in the Sky Dome, and there were many rumors about him.


   It was said that he had excellent memory, and was a nerd who was thirsty for knowledge. At every age, all four walls of his house were always full of paper books, and there was no place to even live.


   It was rumoured that he had a peach blossom* face and no strength to even bind a chicken*. It was said that the dignified man couldn’t even unscrew a bottle cap.

[T/N: *someone who incites love at first sight but is out of your league lol, untouchable.

**idiom referring to someone weak of body and possessing little strength.] 


   It was rumoured that he was timid, and that he did not dare to spend the night alone in the ministry, and that he was even offered special treatment, as he was the only one in the entire Ningcheng branch who had never been on the overnight shift.




   There were all sorts.


Therefore, the captain of the Jiangcheng branch team who was the one in urgent need of manpower, was still not happy, and publicly refused: “What the hell, are you telling me that such a weakling is going to fight? Brothers are going to put their lives on the line. We don’t need little geniuses who can read quantum fluctuations quickly!”


   These words quickly penetrated thousands of miles away, reaching Ji Yushi’s ears.


   So Ji Yushi immediately replied to the summons, saying: I won’t be going anymore.


   The leader was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.


   Section Chief Lin sonorously said: “Hey, aren’t they just three cats! Bring them to the ministry, and the people in the ministry will help you feed them! Three meals of dried fish a day, it’s not that big of a deal!”


   Everyone behind the door: “???”


   Ji Yushi: “I’m too acclimatized (to Ningcheng conditions).”


   Section Chief Lin: “I will arrange a special Ningcheng space car for you! What more can you want!”


   Ji Yushi: “I am shy with strangers.”


   Lin: “You just have to take care of the mission, there is no need to bother trying to understand that group of illiterate people who look down on others!”


   Ji Yushi’s thin lips moved: “I am gay.”


   Everyone behind the door: “!!!”


   Section Chief Lin was struck by lightning: “Xiao Ji, Xiao Ji, you…”


   Ji Yushi quietly used his biggest ace, and calmly said: “If I’m suddenly moved to a place where the proportion of males are higher, I am worried that I won’t be able to control my feelings, develop undesirable relationships, and undermine the environmental harmony of the Jiangcheng branch.”


   Without waiting for the leader to get a chance to persuade him again, the ruthless and unfeeling Ji Yushi nodded to the leader, and walked away quite respectfully.


   Real merit and fame were always deeply hidden*.

[T/N: *internet slang, derived from Taoist philosophy not to reveal one’s true talent and fame, meaning that he was an underrated real master, in a sense.]


  Who knew why, but Section Chief Lin spoke again: “Xiao, Xiao Ji.”


   The other party was his higher-up after all, and no matter what, was still his father’s old friend.


   Ji Yushi had to stop and turn back helplessly: “Section Chief.”


Section Chief Lin wore a different expression. He was indeed a leader who had seen the big picture, and the vicissitudes of life. He restored his leaderly manner, and said, “That’s just.. This is nothing to worry about, but the captain with the surname Song is…he is very homophobic, and by the way,…their whole team is… homophobic.”


   Ji Yushi: “……”




  Ningcheng’s Ji Yushi had arrived.


   The news spread quickly throughout the Jiangcheng branch, causing a commotion.


   At the holographic training field, the team members in question expressed their nervousness.


   “He’s really here?! He really has some nerve!”


   “He really is here! I saw him from a distance just now. He looks very good. That face, that temperament, just like a movie star.”


All of them looked at each other, busy talking about how the embroidered pillow* really had come, for a long time.

[T/N: *idiom which is a metaphor for a person with good appearance but no real intellectual ability.] 


   The youngest member comforted his teammates and said: “Oh, it doesn’t matter, the few of us can handle the fight on the line. The only big deal is that we have to protect the spot, so that the other guy can come back.”


   “Yeah, and don’t mention this in front of Cap* Song. Have you forgotten about Old Yu?”

[T/N: *He calls him ‘宋队’ – ‘Song duì’, which is short for ‘Song duì zhǎng’, meaning Captain Song, so I abbreviated it appropriately to ‘Cap Song’.]


   “Can this dude even compare to Old Yu?”


   “At least Old Yu’s received special training.”


   The observer in their team was old and had been seriously injured during a mission and was still in a coma in the hospital.


   “Well, let’s not be too pessimistic. At least, didn’t you say that he is very good-looking? So we’ll get something pleasing to the eye to look at all the time. Doesn’t he still have his own advantages?”


   “F*ck the advantages, do you know why he suddenly decided to come again?”


   “In order to pass the A-grade mission lying down with us, so that he can get a star rating?”


       “What a fart.” Someone interjected angrily. “When we said he has no ability to fight, he didn’t come, when we called him an embroidered pillow he didn’t come, but when we said our team is homophobic, he comes. Nobody knows if he is coming to battle against us, or to prove his charms!”


   Everyone sucked in a cold breath.


   They all “grassed” up* one after another.

[T/N: *in this context, got hyped up.]


   To this group of straight, gangster-like soldiers, the man who was coming seemed to be a scourge.


   A small-eyed man with a buzzcut seemed really worried: “It’s over, this kind of guy generally isn’t very picky, what if he falls in love with me? The third generation of my family——”


As soon as his voice fell, Buzzcut received a harsh slap to the back of his head.


   He only heard a familiar male voice coming from behind him: “Did you forget to look in the mirror when you came out this morning?”


   The young man who’d just entered the training room had a handsome face, long eyebrows that reached his temples, and a temperament that was sharp like an ice-hardened blade.


   He was very tall, and his black combat uniform outlined a perfect body shape, plus with a pair of neat long legs, he was born with an intimidating aura that was hard to ignore.


   Buzzcut, holding his head, cried: “Cap Song.”


   Everyone laughed.


   Song Qinglan glanced around the group of fish*, his black eyes were like cold pools, but there was an unabashed roguishness in them.

[T/N: *internet slang referring to people who slack off and laze around.]


   He spoke again, only to say lazily: “Where is the man?”



T/N: Please let me know in the comments how you like it so far. Feel free to make any suggestions too! I love hearing your thoughts. <3


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Read only at Travis Translations


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