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Shadow Hero’s Everyday Life

Chapter 30

The First Team of Hyakusen

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Chapter 30: The First Team of Hyakusen

Translated by Hikaru

Edited by Mel



After parting ways with Elysia, I headed towards the royal castle in the center of the capital. But then on the way, I met up with someone I knew.


“What ‘work’? No one gave you that order, did they?”


Chris, a woman with light red hair wearing a black military uniform, asked in dismay. Apparently, she was eavesdropping on me and Elysia. I didn’t think they bugged us, but…well, that’s what people at the Bureau do. You can think of any number of ways to do it. Maybe one of her men was lurking near us, and let Chris know what we were talking about.


“If I don’t do it, someone else will. It’s called caring for your ex-dog.”


“…acting on your own is asking for an accident.”


“That’s why I’m talking to you.”


When I said that, Chris let out a sigh. Then she held out a black bag she had left on the ground.


“It’s the item you wanted. Check it out.”


I took the bag from Chris and peaked inside. What was in the bag was a pitch-black bracelet.


“How’s the maintenance?”


“It’s perfect. I’ve recreated your old habits.”


“That will be helpful. By the way… has anyone used it recently?”


“A few people tried it out six months ago, but that was it. As I said before, no one could use it as well as you, so it had to go into storage.”


“…I feel complicated. The companion I used to carry around with me is now gathering dust in a dimly lit warehouse.”


“It’s not our intention either. It’s a high-performance device, and we’d like to make use of it somehow, but since we don’t have a successor, we have no choice.”


I nodded at Chris’s explanation. Looking at the black bracelet, I felt nostalgic. With a familiar motion, I put the bracelet on my left wrist. It felt exactly the same as it had back then. As I felt the nostalgic weight on one arm, I suddenly mentioned something I had been considering.


“But now that you mentioned it, I feel like cooperating. Last night’s case would have been difficult.”


“If that’s what you think, please work hard. I did a lot of work to make sure that Elysia would fall for the fake Robert, you know? That dummy was pretty expensive, too.”


“I don’t have any money. Put it on my tab.”


“Don’t worry, the Bureau paid for it.”


The answer made me question myself.


“…Does that mean the Bureau approves of this operation?”


“I can’t explain it in detail, but you can take it that way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to take it out.”


Chris said, pointing at the black bracelet I was holding.


“By the way, you know that if you fail in your…mission, we will cut you loose. Please act with that in mind. Well, I’m sure it’s no problem for you, a man of many battles.”


I shook my head at Chris’s words.






“This… is me, Tweight’s first battle.”


Not for the country.


So was it for Elysia? ―No, not that either.


All that’s left here was my ego. Today, for the first time in my life, I was going to kill someone for myself.



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