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Chapter 1 : “Ren hurry up with the delivery!” 

Written by Conrad


Ren heard the manager shouted so he tried to instantly hop into his bicycle, he needs to deliver the pastries before the thirty minutes is over. He did not bother about his messy appearance , his hair was standing up from the wind like a chicken and his yellow jacket is hanging on his shoulders about to slip off but Ren did not dare to fix himself and just continue to pedal as if his life depends on it. 


This year he will be studying at another school because of scholarship but that school is full of the rich young masters. Thinking of the astronomical cost of books he couldn’t help but heave a sigh inside his mind. Can’t they be human when pricing a text book? Does the books offered by the school have golden pages?


Ren know he might be exaggerating at this point but his poor self couldn’t help but nit pick at the prices and money he need to save up. The school he is going to is a private school and his childhood friend Luke had already been studying there since high school so he at least know someone.


Finally Ren eased his pedaling when he arrived on a downward slope and just grabbed the breaks a few times to control the bike. 


Hey get out of the Way!! Hurry ! AHHH!!!” 


A person leisurely crossed the street, not bothering to listen to him and the person even glared at him? Ren tried to change the direction of the bike to avoid hitting him and then in return he got thrown by my bike.


 Ren: Fuck this really hurts! 


The slope is going downhill and the way he got overthrown is pretty far. 


Ren wants to curse at the man a thousand times if it weren’t for the angry look he is giving .


 Why does it looks like he is the one at fault?!

‘ Sir it really is you that is at fault , I’m just trying to deliver- shit that’s right what happened to the pastries on the basket? ‘Ren thought as he looked around


The pastries are on the ground. How much will this cost and how much will be deducted from his salary?  Ren really wants to cry at this moment. Hmp, he needs to ask that man to pay or how else can he scrape by for this month.


“Excuse me, I would like you to pay this”


He turned his head at Ren further glaring at him , ekkk why is he doing that? Ren pinched his thigh to get a grip and stare at that person head on.


The guy is so tall probably above six feet so he couldn’t help but look up since his height is just 5’2, quite pitiful actually that sometimes the other girls are taller than him and his small face doesn’t help either! It makes Ren look young that people label him as some cute guy. You can’t call a man cute! That’s just degrading. 


‘Luckily I’m still growing heh just everyone wait after I finished growing I’ll be a seven footer man.’ Ren thought


“Is this enough?” he gave  a few thousand bills that Ren couldn’t help but be flustered. Who gave out money like this?! 


If it were someone else this guy would be cheated, lucky for him Ren is an honest person.


“This is too much just a hundred bill would suffice” 


The man is wearing a mix of blue and white uniform paired with gold as outline.


Hmm this looks like he is from a private school, Ren won’t ask anymore question he just need to make sure that he get his money for this month or he will have to eat cup noodles once a day just to scrape off and continue on living. 


“Just take it, even your knees are bleeding. Go to the hospital” he said with a monotonous voice.  


This is nothing, just a little spit and it would be fine” 

Ren even laughed at his own words trying to convince him but he did not budge so he just rode my bike after picking up the pastry that has fallen down the ground and putting it on my basket. 


He nod at him and left the scene, he need to report back to the shop and tell them what happen so they could call the costumer about what happened and maybe fix the situation? Ahhhh just thinking how he will be fired from his job is enough to make him cry. Ren wish the boss would just scold him, even if he scold him the whole afternoon that would be fine but firing him would be the death of him.


Now that he is  pedaling the bike back to the shop Ren can feel the sting on his knees. 


The bike seems heavy and he can feel his legs turning into jelly.


No! he have to persevere after he finish today’s shift he still need to go to school tomorrow. 


You can do it Ren!” He tried to cheer himself up to the best of his abilities until he arrived to his destination.


The shop he is currently working on is a popular bakery in town, they have many local costumer and now they even implemented the delivery system so they won’t lose out to the new shops around town.


The manager glared at Ren probably hearing a complaint from the costumer he supposed to deliver the goods for. He really messed up , maybe he should have just hit that boy from earlier and save himself from this mess?


No, no if Ren hit him then he will need to pay for his medical fees and he would still get overthrown by the bike. 


Ren , you even came here in this sorry state?” 


“Sorry manager! There’s a guy who is not looking and I tried not to run him over on the slope ahhh also here’s the money that I asked him for compensation”


Ren closed his eyes tightly because he doesn’t really want to see his angry expression but after giving the money he doesn’t seem to be that angry anymore? Waaaahhh looks like he is still safe? Right ? Right? 


The manager even smiled at Ren and gave him a paycheck? 


What’s this for? 


Sorry Ren, I still need to fire you”


HUHHHHHH?! Why does it seems like he just jinxed myself earlier.


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Read only at Travis Translations


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