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    Chapter 2 : What is an adventure?

    Translated by Siv

    Edited by Travistann, NSD



    Perhaps I have a stronger desire to go on an adventure.


    My life went crazy because monsters destroyed my home village.


    I lost my family and hometown and was alone, unable to trust others. Everything was just a wreck.


    Meanwhile, my job as an adventurer started with the thought of clinging to straw.


    If I risked my life to subdue monsters and the people of the city, they would thank me for it. And depending on the result and I might make a lot of money too.


    And if I put more effort into it, I might be able to take revenge on the monsters that destroyed my village.


    I see. It was just like a vacation to me.


    But to Macross, things appeared to be different.


    The job adventurer was nothing more than a superficial title. He was working for status and honor.


    To be complemented by others, and embrace a good woman with tons of wealth.


    Not everyone is an adventurer with a noble motive like me in the first place, but when I was given a slap in the face, I just lost it.


    I felt like I’m looked down on by the monsters and was ridiculed as an adventurer.



    I left Macross alone and here I am,  in front of a dungeon.


    The rusty rectangular door is so tall that I have to raise my head to look at it.


    A strange tingling sinister vibe is leaking from the inside, and it is easy to see that it is difficult to escape from it once you step in.


    This is an undeveloped dungeon that I recently discovered.


    I thought it would be difficult to clear this with the current [Moonlight] four people, so I thought I wouldn’t tell anyone until that time, but I changed my mind.


    “Life… is this what you want me to do, huh!?”


    It’s a dungeon that is difficult to capture even with four people.


    I don’t think I’ll be able to do it alone.


    But I wanted to have an “adventurer”. I wanted to be.


    Looking back at Macross.


    He is just the same as a monster if you leave it to your emotions and kill it.


    I will make him regret it in my way. To do that, I need to be strong.


    From here onward, there are only two choices: live or die.


    A little carelessness and pride will kill you. Such a world.


    “Alright, here I go……”


    I slowly pulled out the sword on my waist and at the same time stepped on my right foot at the entrance to the dungeon.



    “God…!! This is hard…”


    I sliced off the jet-black monster in a state of full-blown wounds and kneeled with a sword instead of a cane.


    Take a breath and adjust your breathing hard.


    “Phew…Let’s take a break …”


    I squeaked, whip my body to signal fatigue, and rushed into a safe zone—.


    “This dungeon is really good…”


    Normally, there is no such a safe place in a dungeon, but this dungeon has one safe place on each floor probably because the monsters are very powerful.


    Depending on the strength of the monster, hit-and-away is rarely possible, so it is easy to proceed with the battle.


    “Okay … it looks like it’s no good. It can’t be helped. I guess I will need some rest…”


    I tried to lift my heavy waist to move on to the next battle I neglect what my body tried to signal me. 


    That’s right. It’s natural because I keep hunting monsters and go down the dungeon with a minimum amount of sleep and mealtime.


    “That says… Is it a year already…?”


    It’s been almost a year since I started to stay in the dungeon.


    Well, that is if my memory is correct.


    It’s been a year, but I still can’t see my goal in this intricate dungeon, probably it is because I’m trying to capture it all by myself.


    “I’m used to this kind of thing.”


    I stumbled upon the flesh of a monster and roasted it with my fire magic ball.


    Although, I feel a little uncomfortable about the food, still, I was able to fill myself by eating the meat of the monsters.


    I have to compromise to survive. There are no shortcuts. I must do what I have to


    “Sleep? Now? Maybe I will get out of this floor tomorrow… Maybe…”


    After a quick meal, drowsiness struck me one more time. Before realizing it, I already tried to fall asleep as if I was sucked into the deep darkness.




    “What is this sound …?”


    I heard a rumbling sound that shook the depths of my abdomen. It was something I had never felt before.


    And that “Something” makes a noise that is steadily approaching near the safe land.


    The sound shook the air, stimulates my eardrums, and gradually increases my heartbeat.


    Ba-dump Ba-dump


    “… What !?”


    It suddenly appeared.


    “Gogeeeeeeeeeee !!”


    “——A Cockatrice ……!”


    It was a Cockatrice, one of the most dangerous A-rank monsters, something that capable of brutally destroyed the cave leading to the safe land and it is now fluttered its wings right in front of me.


    Damn, I was trying to drive this guy away but seems like…gah … I guess I have no choice but to do it …


    “Damn it”


    That Cockatrice standing in front of me spitting out his saliva is slowly raising his alertness.


    I gently picked up the sword that was placed beside me and hold it as I lowered my center of gravity.


    “Here I come!”


    As I dashed toward the cockatrice, I kicked the ground to raise some smoke and dust into the air and raised my hand to cover my mouth and nose…


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