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    Legacy Carrier

    Chapter 4

    Opening Ceremony Speech

    Chapter 4 : Opening Ceremony Speech

    Written by MissSpoiler

    They stood behind the Headmistress, who came to the podium standing in the middle of the podium.

    “Hello to all students, welcome to the old and new 4-year general high school, under the patronage of Jack de Gauelle, Wonderland! After the official start in the auditorium, each of you will be assigned to an appropriate class. There you will  meet your classmates and homeroom teacher. Also, you will receive your timetable. Before this, however, I will have Nick Bullet, our school president to introduce you to the rules you need to know and follow in the world outside and in the school. Anyone breaking the rules will be severely punished.”

    Suddenly, a loud huff was heard from behind us. I glanced out of the corner of my eye, and my eyes met David, who was sitting dismissively stretched out in a chair, headphones in his ears. The Headmistress noticed him too. Her face stretched into a smile as she let go of the leash and spoke to her crocodile.

    “Cutie, get him.” The animal did not need to be repeated twice, it quickly jumped over the first square, landing right in front of the boy, then grabbed his trouser and jumped onto the basketball hoop, throwing him inside.

    “Whaaa…! “The pissed off vampire yelled, trying to get out, but unfortunately, his buttocks fit perfectly into the circle hoop.

    “This is your punishment, Mr. Desideris, for not following the rules that you constantly break and for trying to attack a student of our school, cast a spell and try to suck her blood. We’ll get down to it after the lecture, and if you try to get up earlier, my little cutie will take good care of you, got it, honey? “The Headmistress smiled fondly at the magical crocodile and looked at the new students who were staring at her in amazement. 

    “Now I give the floor to the President.” The Headmistress came down from the podium, and sat down in the chair prepared for her, and Nick took her place, smiled in satisfaction at the sight of David, then looked at me and winked.

    “Let me introduce you to the basic principles of functioning in human society. Rule one and the most important: people cannot know about our existence. Rule two: we cannot attack, harm or in any way interfere with people. Rule three: without the consent of the other person, we cannot take energy, blood, life, memory and all resources from someone else. Rule four: you cannot use your power only to your advantage. These are the most important rules that everyone must know and follow unless they want each of us to end up as a lab pig. School regulations are posted in each classroom and in the corridors, however, it is important and unwritten rule that at the start of a fight between two students, on the school premises, interference is prohibited, unless there is a serious threat to health or life of one of the participants, however, it is not allowed to expose outsiders to any injuries.” 

    At these words, Dival laughed, and a knife appeared near our legs, with which the leader of the trio threw at Violetta. “Now teachers will read their list of students and take them to class.”

    As soon as he finished talking, he gave way to a tall, green-haired woman in a black women’s suit.

    “My name is Alaine Crest and I am a tutor of the first blue class. I will read the list of students in my class and ask those people to go to the door.”

    The main classes were yellow, red, and blue classes, which signified one factor’s advantage over the other. In the scarlet case, it was a fight, that is, races that used force. Blue was reserved for magic, and yellow was for bliss, including healing abilities. An additional class was the white class, where there were either unusual incidents with lots of races in them or exceptionally balanced. And there I ended up with brothers and Violetta, where our tutor was a middle-aged man with silver eyes and black hair, who was wearing a gray jacket, white T-shirt, and black jeans. He led us to a classroom located on the ground floor in the left-wing. It was an ordinary room with benches, a whiteboard all over the wall, green linoleum on the floor, and beige paint on the wall.

    The teacher went to the desk, threw the list down on it, and, taking the marker, wrote “Gabriel Argan” on the blackboard.

    “That is my name and I will be your tutor for the next four years. Usually it’s a class of so-called waste because you don’t fit anywhere else.” He said, looking at us piercingly. 

    “Especially red class students will call you that. And it would be in your best interest to ignore them. Because first of all, they don’t have brains, and second, you’re not garbage. You are special. This is the reason why I wanted you.” He waved his hand carelessly, and white-uniformed packages appeared in front of each student.”

    Then you have to dress tomorrow, and you will find out the details, you will get to know each other and such crap that we must go through to my regret. Questions? “He asked, sitting down at the desk. After a moment’s hesitation, a girl raised her hand, waist-length rainbow hair, slanted tea-colored eyes, and tiny freckles on her golden face.

    “What races does a professor have?”

    “Hmmm, Miss Cherry I presume?” The girl nodded, looking at the teacher.” Since you are interested, I have only 3 races, each of which belongs to a different type. Mage, fighte and lucina. And before I forget, the uniforms are packed with keys to the lockers and lesson plans. It will change every week and the new timetable will be released on Sunday. You will get books and other crap during the next class. And since I don’t want to talk to you any more, we’ll see you tomorrow. “He said, taking the list of students and leaving, leaving us to fend for ourselves. We stared at each other in bewilderment, then slowly packed up and left the classroom, whispering to one another. The corridors were empty. Taking the opportunity, Violette and I tracked down our lockers and smiled happily, seeing that they were next to each other.

    “So what girls, are we going for a burger?” Dival asked, standing next to us.

    “It suits me, it’s only eleven a.m. after all.”

    “I would love to go with you. “The elf smiled at Evan, who blushed.

    “It’s settled, let’s go!” Dival grabbed our shoulders and turned, coming face to face with David. “What are you looking for here? “He asked, smiling flirtatiously.

    “I need to talk to your friend … We have unfinished business. “The boy bared his fangs, staring straight at me. I stepped back in fear, trying to avoid eye contact as Evan’s and Violette’s backs appeared in front of me.

    “But our friend doesn’t want to talk. “The elf said, looking at the vampire threateningly.

    “So we’re asking you to piss off.” He glanced surreptitiously at my pale face, and my insistent attempts to avoid eye contact and remain silent. 

    “Especially since you cast your spell on her today. What a clown you are.” Evan growled at him.

    “So that’s why you can’t defend yourself.” The girl said softly, looking at me over her shoulder.” Any attempt to defend, speak or look at him will end up reestablishing the charm …”

    Suddenly Dival snapped his fingers, stopping time. “Standing here with this guy made me tired. Maybe he would get away, because he is handsome, but well he is a jerk. Are we going to finally eat something? If so, quickly, I will not stop it for a long time.”

    At these words, Evan grabbed my hand and walked briskly ahead, dragging me with him. Violette and Dival followed him, so as soon as we left school, time was back to normal.

    It was just a first day at school, but it was honestly too tiring.

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