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    Legacy Carrier

    Chapter 2

    Journey to the School 

    Chapter 2 : Journey to the School

    Written by MissSpoiler

    Once I snapped out from looking at him, I thanked him.

    “Thank you for your help,” I said, trying to pull away, but he brought me closer, holding my arm in an iron grip.

    “What are you doing?” I growled, trying to break free from his arm.

    “Take it easy because your tails will ruffle.” He smirked, showing the teeth of a Type Two vampire. I shuddered and looked away, trying to avoid the charm that will make me submissive to him. I quickly started sniffing, sensing the werewolf and, surprisingly, the pixie “Have you already sniffed enough?” He asked, grabbing my chin and turning to face him.

    As I looked into his eyes, which were golden at that moment, all my resistance vanished, and my thoughts became pure. The vampire smiled wider at the sight of this and was already bending down to bite me when suddenly a fist landed on his face. Under the influence of force, the boy pulled away from me, and I fell to the ground, trying to shake off the shock and attack of weakness caused by the sudden loss of charm.

    “David, are you crazy to bite schoolgirls in the middle of town in broad daylight? You are the worthless thing in this school! ” The newcomer yelled at the vampire who was rising from the ground, smirking at him.

    “You’re the one who’s fucked up, damn it.“ He growls back, then he threw my headphones and glasses at me, and then he came closer to me. “ Next time, I will get you. I wonder how your blood tastes, “He said quietly, then walked through the crossroads and disappeared from our eyes.

    “Damn it, what a jerk. Are you okay? “ The school president asked me, crouching by my side and looking at me. He was a blond man whose hair was in a slight disorder. He had green eyes and a square jaw with a delicate beard. Dressed in a white T-shirt, black jacket and black jeans. I noticed a scar on his neck that stretched from his ear to the edge of the shirt, under which it disappeared.

    ‘’ I guess so,’’ I replied, trying to get up. However, I couldn’t do it because I was shaking too much due to the sudden break of charm. Well, aftereffects were always sucked.

    “I don’t think so. My name is Nick Bullet, and I am the school president of Wonderland. And you are?”

    ”Lily Cras, new student.”

    “The asshole who tried to bite you is David Desideris. Watch out for him, he has you on sight now. Like every other time, someone with a rare race is coming. “He said, then he turned his back on me. 

    “Jump in. You’re not fit to go alone right now.”

    “No, I can do it, just help me up!” I responded violently, blushing.

    “I know the effects of this charm, which will pass after a minimum of thirty minutes, and we have to be in the school hall in twenty minutes, so come on and don’t whine.”

    Knowing he was right, I approached him on my knees with a little resistance and then grabbed his shoulders. He got up and moved through the unlucky crossroads. We didn’t saw a small men holding a black suitcase, who stared at us, smiling.

    “It is good that the school is not far away, because there would be a problem. “ I said, after a short while of silence.

    “Don’t worry. You’re light if that’s what you mean. The bigger problem will be when we’re late, the headmaster may have her years, but she’s still deadly. “ He answered, shaking lightly on the woman’s memory.

    “Is she so terrible?”

    “Maybe not so terrible, but she doesn’t like it when something goes wrong with her mind. And students who are late. And complaining people… And most things in fact.”

    “Is this something she likes? “ I asked her, curious.

    “ Her crocodile,” He chuckled, and I looked at the back of his head in disbelief, hoping he was joking. Taking the opportunity, I slightly sniffed, catching the smell of bigleaf, lip, lycanthrope, and shamanii.

    “Please tell me it was a joke,” I said, thinking, by the way, about the mixture I sensed.

    “You wish” He glanced at me and smiled slightly. “But don’t worry, it’s harmless. Unless the headmistress doesn’t like you, then I cannot promise you that.”

    “That’s comforting,” I muttered, feeling the pain in my head grow. “The second stage has started”. I notified Nick, leaning my forehead against his shoulder and closing my eyes.

    “I’m sorry, but it’s close. I’ll get you some medication, by the way. “ He said, slightly quickening his pace.

    After a while, we were at the school gate, which consisted of four buildings. One was white, the other was black, the third was purple, and the fourth was gray. There was a playground to the left of the gate and a greenhouse and garden to the right.

    “In the white building in front of us there are classrooms, in the gray building behind the pitch there is a hall and a gym in one, in the black one is the dormitory, you can see it, it stands behind the school, that is the name “proper”, and in the purple one there is a portal to other world and magic classes. “ Nick explained to me, heading left. He pushed the door open with his foot, revealing a large hall with a podium and rows of chairs arranged in four separate fields. He carried me to a chair under the ladders in front of the entrance and helped me sit up.

    “ I forgot to thank you,” I said when I was already sitting steadily, resting my head on the gymnastic device.

    You know, if he did something to you, I’d be in trouble and a whole pile of papers to fill. So don’t worry about it.”

    “ But anyway I should thank you for the rescue” I smiled slightly, then grimaced and grabbed my head as the throbbing and pain intensified. It only meant that the pain would be for a maximum of two more minutes, and in fifteen minutes I would be up.

    “Can I get you something for that?” He asked, gently touching my shoulder.

    “ No, it will pass in a moment, but thank you for your concern.”

    “If you say so.” He gave me a worried look, then sighed. “ Unfortunately, I have to go get ready, but I’ll check in on you later, okay?”

    “ Yes, go ahead.” I gave him a little push, feeling the pain in my head slowly ease away. “ It’s better, so don’t worry, Mr. Chairman.”

    Nick smiled at me, then walked toward the stage that was built under the basketball hoop. With a sigh of relief, I looked around the room. Four chairs from me sat a girl who could be described in two words: beautiful and delicate. She had long white hair with pointed tips of her ears, large purple eyes, and milk-colored skin with a few silver freckles. I immediately recognized her as an elf, admiring her tiny figure, dressed in a bright purple gothic dress. 

    Suddenly I felt someone’s eyes on me. I turned to see David sitting with some boy who had purple hair and heterochromia. One eye was black, and the other was green, and he was wearing a Victorian black frock coat, loose-fitting trousers of the same color, and boots. For this, he wore a white shirt with a ruffle. They were watching me intensely, so a bit embarrassed, I quickly turned, straight to the three girls who just wanted something from me.

    “You’re in my place, bitch.” The blonde in the lead said to me. I suspected that they were just a mean trio that must show up in probably every school.

    “It’s not signed, so I doubt it,” I replied, staring at her. She reminded me of my sister, only a little rounder and less intelligent. Her bodyguards were staring at me, angrily. One of them was an Asian woman with long black hair, wearing a tight red dress referring to China, and the other was a beautiful brown haired girl wearing a green dress with a leafy motive.

    It looks like every school has to have a mean trio of bullies, and I am bound to clash with them.

    “You dare to oppose me?” The other snarled at me, with the Valkyrie being easy to sense

    “Not true, just sorting out the facts.” Playing for time, I dragged out the conversation, trying not to make her explode. But well, I hate those kinds of people. “Although you may have perceived it in an offensive way, which is due to your not very high IQ,” I said instinctively, without thinking, and quickly realized it was a mistake.

    “I’ll kill you, bitch.” She screamed at me and rushed on me with her sharp fingernails extended.

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