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    Legacy Carrier

    Chapter 1

    New Year New Me

    Chapter 1 : New Year New Me

    Written by MissSpoiler

    I wake up abruptly, looking around me, searching for a man from my dream. I looked at my clock, which showed 5:30 in the morning, and as I wet my hair and my face. The nightmare woke me up entirely, especially with that particularly tragic ending, where I could felt the knife in the body of that man. I lit up my lamp and looked around once more just to be sure that I was alone. I was right next to my bed, under the window, and the desk where my laptop sits. In front of me was the door to the hallway, and next to it was a wardrobe with a mirror door. I looked to the left where there was a regal with books and figures, and I let loose another sigh once more. I realized that the sun started to rise, and I got mad at myself for wasting time when I could sleep peacefully. It is another new year, a new school, and a new me. But that didn’t justify why I’m still wasting my time standing here when I could sleep more.

    The next time I remembered I woke up was at 6:30 am, where my alarm clock was ringing mercilessly. With a loud groan, I tried to shut it off but only to accidentally shattered it to pieces. I woke up instantly with the thoughts that my mom would surely kill me if she found out that I destroyed the 7th alarm clock this month and quickly cleaned it up. Then I pulled out a replacement from the wardrobe and took out clothes for today, which was black jeans, a violet shirt with a logo from my favorite band, and other necessities, and looked out of my room to go to the bathroom before my sister.

    I entered the room that was across from my room, locking the entrance with a key. I looked straight ahead, into the mirror that hung over the sink, and met my reflection. Next to the sink, there was a shower and a basket for dirty laundry on the left, and on the right was a decorative cabinet, toilet, and bidet. All bathroom furniture was white, and the floor and walls were half black. Where the dark tiles ended, there was a decorative strip along all the walls where cats in various positions were painted at a light background.

    I walked over to the mirror and studied my reflection. The blue eyes had dark circles under them, the pale skin was even brighter from the lack of sleep, and the short black hair was sticking out in all directions. I sighed softly as I stared at the hated freckles and the little star”shaped tattoo under my right eye before looking away from the mirror, taking pajamas, and tossing it into the laundry basket. I first sighed softly and looked at my skinny body. With a slight hope, I continued to glance my back in the mirror. Unfortunately, all I  could see was the two V-shaped oblong scars that would scare anyone by the look at it. With a slight shudder, I stepped into the shower and turned on the coldest water right away. The stream rather quickly stimulated the still slightly sleepy body, which reacted to the chill instinctively, producing scales. And before the tail appeared, I switched to warm water, looking as always fascinated by the unusual effect of my blood. Being a blood carrier, I had magical beings’ blood and magic, despite the human body, which was a blessing and a curse.

    After I had washed, I left the booth, toweled myself over, and dried my hair. Giving up my makeup, I got dressed, put my glasses on, and left the bathroom, where my older sister was already waiting impatiently. A green eyed blonde, one hundred and eighty three centimeters tall. She is about seventeen centimeters taller than me, just like a perfect figure of an hourglass stared at me angrily.

    “Lily, why were you sitting there so much!” I’m late for the photo session!” Alice yelled, pushing me aside and ran into the bathroom. 

    I sighed softly, entered the room, and took the bag of things that I will need which I had prepared on the desk since yesterday. I grabbed the power limiting necklace, put it on, then walked back out into the light-paneled hallway and locked the door. I descended from the stairs to the first floor and turned left. I entered the connected kitchen and dining room, where my father was busy having breakfast.

    “Hi.” I greeted him as I walked over to him and hugged him.


    My dad was a tall, muscular man in his forties with light streaks of gray hair in his blond hair and green eyes. He looked like he was in his late twenties, and many of them tried to pick him up, but it ended in failure each time. Dad was too focused on Mom to pay attention to other women.

    “You’re not at work?” I asked, stepping away from him.

    “Today, I’m off.” He smiled at me and broke the last egg in the pan, where he was making scrambled eggs. 


    “Like a wolf.” I replied with a smile and sat down at the table and started staring at the kitchen.

    It was a large and bright square, with birch-colored cabinets, a silver oven and refrigerator, and a kitchen island. The walls were light green, and the tiles were beige. The kitchen was connected to the dining room, where there was a large, rectangular, birch table that my grandfather, a carpenter, had made with six matching chairs. The walls were the same color as the kitchen, and there were light brown panels instead of tiles.

    “Where’s mom? ”  I asked, taking a bun and buttering it.

    “Unfortunately, she had to go to work earlier. There was a breakdown in the laboratory where she works, and they have to see if the samples survived or if they will call all patients for further tests.”  He replied, placing a large batch of scrambled eggs on my plate. 

    “Eat fast, brush your teeth, and go to school, we don’t want you to be late on the first day of school!”

    “Dad, you know I should have low calorie meals before the session!” My older sister started to complain just after entering the kitchen and got into a discussion about the nutritional value and caloric content of the meals. 

    I turned off pretty quickly, and after eating breakfast, cleaned up after myself and went to the bathroom downstairs to brush my teeth. Once I was done, I went to the hallway, put on my favorite purple sneakers, and even when I left the house, I could still hear my sister and dad arguing.

    The city I lived in was called Way Town because of the thinnest borders between this world and the others. Only here the Blood Carrier School, which was officially a 4th year general high school  was established under the patronage of Jack de Gauelle, who was officially one of the best 18th century scientists, and unofficially founded the first blood carrier school in the world. In general, from what I learned during school integration, our history was long and quite complicated. Our creation was a game of roulette. All we get to learn is the details and all sorts of interesting facts on the subject of “blood history”. My only thought back then was that it all sounded like vampires.

    While thinking with headphones on, I reached the first intersection with the traffic lights. As soon as the green light came on, I moved forward and immediately felt a strong pull backward. The headphones and glasses fell to the ground when a speeding car passed in front of me.

    “Watch out when you walk. ” A male voice growled at me. 

    I turned to say thanks, immediately appraising my savior. He was a taller boy with black hair and red eyes, a reasonably symmetrical face, and a nose that looked like it had once been broken. Dressed in a leather jacket, a “Kiss the Devil’s Ass” rock band T Shirt  and a black jeans.

    All I could do at that moment was staring at him blankly, and a vague memory, as if I remember him from the past.

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