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    Do Not Step On Wild Grass

    Chapter 2 Part 2

    Why Me? (Part 2)

    Chapter 2 : Why Me? (Part 2)

    Translated by Gigi

    Edited by Gigi


    As soon as Giselle left the Crown prince’s room, a long sigh came out. What if she made a mistake? That was another reason for the maids to be expelled, because they were too far-fetched. Because they didn’t know ‘her’. Giselle slightly regretted it.  But in that situation, she couldn’t help it. ‘She’ hated roses. Lilies were even more. So this was entirely due to the lack of knowledge of the Crown Prince. If he really kicked out all the maids for failing to suit a woman’s taste, the Crown Prince would be a rotten bastard.


    “No matter how, I have never been driven out in a day.”


    Giselle turned to the side with a voice mixed with sighs. Marianne, the chief maid of the Sun Palace, was looking at her with somehow tired eyes.  


    “Why is that so?”  




    “lt’s the first time I hear that young kids your age like Freesia.” 


    Her gaze was sharp. She has a longer career than Giselle and was a very good maid, so she knew that Giselle’s words were false from the time she was sulking. 


    “Is my knowledge lacking or did you Iie?” 


    That’s why she couldn’t even pretend in front of her. Giselle replied, looking down.  


    “I lied.”  


    “How dare you!” 


    Marianne looked around in a fit of rage. There was no one passing by, but she swallowed a dry pit, touching her forehead. Even if there was no one to see, this was the Sun Palace, where the Emperor was, she could not make a fuss. From the first day, she already had a child lying to the Prince. Marianne shook her head.


    “Britta, too, has lost a lot of sight to see people.”


    She passed Giselle and walked ahead. Feeling the cold energy from that cold action, Giselle hurriedly followed her. Marianne opened her mouth without looking back at Giselle. 


     “It seems like His Majesty the Crown Prince is already going to throw you out, so go to your room and wait. When His Majesty’s order comes, you can leave this imperial palace immediately.”  


    “Marianne ..” 


    “Call me the chief maid.”


    The sound of Marianne’s shoe heels nailed into Giselle’s chest.


     ** ***


    It was a few hours later that Giselle met Marianne’s maid again. 

    Giselle would get kicked out of the palace like Marianne said, so she waited in her room, but Marianne came directly to her room. Someone knocked on the door, so Giselle got up and opened it, and to her surprise, Marianne was standing at the door. Giselle waited for the notification, thinking that the order for her to leave the palace was about to come, but Marianne looked at Giselle for a  while without saying a word. Eventually, Gisele, who could not overcome the heavy silence, called her.




    Marianne closed her eyes and sighed.


    “How many times have I told you to call me the chief maid?”


    “I am sorry. I’m leaving anyway. What does the title matter?”


    Then Marianne said to Giselle, who was feeling overwhelmed.


    “His Highness the Crown Prince said to convey this message.”




    “Unpack, wild grass.”




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