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Chapter 0 : The Tyrant Won’t Let Me Go

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ

Five years have already passed since I started working in the Imperial Palace, after becoming an extra in the novel.


“Your Highness.”


Eyes, which were red and dark as if they were colored with red camellia petals, turned toward me.


“Yes, Ciel.”


Cedric Deamant.


The present Crown Prince of the Deamant Empire.


And Cedric was the man who would succeed to the throne as the Emperor, about three years later.


Like ebony, black hair fluttered softly in the sun, and straight eyebrows were beautiful as if drawn with a brush.


However, his overall impression wasn’t just a weak look.


Rather, the sharp jawline and a strong physique that seemed to be sculpted with a knife showed that he was now becoming a mature man after taking off his childhood marks.


‘Okay. Now I have to prepare.’


It’s already been five years.


The contract period ends in the next three years, and I would retire without an extension of the contract.


“You’ve heard recently that it would be better to choose a marriage partner, haven’t you?”


“Well, yes I did, why?”


Cedric scratched his head and asked with an awkward smile.


“Your Highness, so… Recently, I heard that Princess Persephine of Ackeleta was also looking for a fiance.”


Cedric was quickly hit with Ciel’s words first before he could say anything else.


Princess Persephine.


The first princess of Ackeleta and the heroine of this novel.


According to the original story, Cedric, the male sub-lead of the novel, would wage a war all over the continent to take Persephone a few years later.


Unfortunately, since he was a male sub-lead, he could not win Persephine’s heart and lost the war.


As a result, his country, the Deamant Empire, was devastated, and all the people around him were executed by the original male lead from the same country as Persephine.


The problem was that I work at the Imperial Palace and under the Crown Prince, so I am very likely to be the person around him who would also be executed.


‘You can stop the war itself. This should be fine.’


Instead of the male lead, Cedric should be able to connect with the female lead.


That way, Cedric’s obsession with the female lead Persephine, doesn’t have to start a war like in the original.


In that way, my neck would be well attached to my body, and Cedric doesn’t have to live a life stained with defeat and despair.


“Persephine’s very kind and she’s a staggeringly beautiful lady.”


First, I need to throw the name of the female lead and induce interest, and then the natural encounter would take place.


There have already been rumors that Princess Persephine should be chosen as a marriage partner for Cedric.


If things went well, it would be enough to connect Cedric with her.


If I sneak up on Persephine in this way and he starts to wonder about it, Cedric would soon think about Persephine like he’s wet in a drizzle.


“If you put off a lot of conditions, I wonder if she’s the best match for the your highness, I want to tell that-”


“Sorry, Ciel. I have no intention of choosing a marriage partner yet.”


I stared blankly at Cedric, who gave me no room and cut off my proposal with a single stroke.




That’s weird.


If you are seventeen, wasn’t it the time for your interest and curiosity about the opposite gender to explode?


‘No. If you caught Persephine now, it could all be accomplished, but why…?’


In the future, you’re going to cry blood and regret, and you’d become crazy and even start a war.


However, unlike me, who was embarrassed, Cedric continued to speak in a very calm voice.


“Thanks for suggesting, Ciel. You want me to find a good marriage partner, right? I understand.”


Cedric took a sip of tea and talked.


“But I think it’s still a little early to find a marriage partner, sorry.




I touched my forehead and retorted in my mind.


‘Well, no. Yes, it could be.’


Rumors alone may not generate interest yet.


‘Let’s not be impatient.’


Just then, Cedric grabbed me by the hem of my dress.


“That’s right. I still need treatment today Siel.”




Really, it was ridiculous.


“I gave you 20 minutes before!”


“10 more minutes.”


“Don’t joke around, really.”


I said that and tried to turn around, but Cedric was holding the hem and I couldn’t get out.


‘Ah, why are you so strong, this time again?’


“I’m not letting go. Until you give me another ten minutes.”


His stubbornness eventually made me raise both hands and feet in defeat.


“Okay, you could hold it.”


At my words, Cedric curled up the corners of his mouth.


As usual, he clasped his hand and made a cheeky sound.


“Your Highness, did you know this was overtime, right?”


I would have reported it to the Ministry of Employment and Labor if it had been in my previous life to work overtime like this.


No, I would have left the company before that.


“I’ll give you an allowance, Ciel.”


“No, that’s not the problem.”


I was already earning an astronomical amount of money.


It wasn’t that kind of problem I was worried about.


“It’s because I used massive attack magic today. So I think I’ll have to hold your hand longer than usual.”


Recently, Cedric has frequently increased the time to hold hands in this way, or held out to keep our hands to the end.


‘Three years left until retirement, but if this gets worse in the future…’


It was at the time when my head was getting distant thoughts for some reason, and I was sighing.


“It turns out your contract expires in three years, right?”


Cedric slowly rolled his red eyes and opened his mouth.


“In the next three years, I would become an adult and take over the throne of my father the Emperor.”


I replied with a slight bow toward him, who was staring at me.


“Yes, I do.”


Cedric replied in a nonchalant voice.


“Yes. Then I’ll have to prepare a new contract for Ciel.”


For about three seconds, I didn’t understand what he was talking about.


When I realized the meaning of the words late, my head turned white.


“What? Wait a minute. What, Your Highness?”


“I have to prepare a new contract. It’s good to have it in advance, right? It would be convenient to set the conditions for renewal in advance.”


“Wait a minute, Your Highness. A renewal, what’s that-”


But Cedric interrupted me with a smile on his face.


“Oh, when you renew your contract, why don’t you keep the contract term for life?”




“Then we don’t have to make a contract again after that.”


Red eyes glistening with dangerous light contained sincerity.


“You don’t even need to retire, so you don’t need to find a place to live, so you could live your entire life in the imperial palace. Right?”


I thought deeply, looking at that insane laughter with cold eyes.


‘What was that crazy talking about…’


What’s the point of being caught in the wrong hands until the Empire was destroyed?


Never renew the contract.


Eventually I couldn’t stand it and opened my mouth.


Red and transparent eyes rolled along at my call.


“Your Highness.”


The eyes stayed in the overlapped hands.


He grabbed a teacup containing cold tea with the other hand.


“I have to retire after 3 years-”




I turned my head to a terrible sound of something breaking.


It was as if the glass was being crushed and shattered by a heavy stone.


The teacup in Cedric’s hand was disastrously broken, unable to withstand the terrifying grip.




My head went blank for a moment at the very unrealistic sight of a glass teacup crumpled like a paper cup.


I thought to myself as I looked at Cedric’s right hand with tea flowing down, the dark red tea that was in the teacup and, in other words, similar to blood.


‘What did I just see?’


And I think I’m getting chills for some reason.


Was it an illusion that I could hear his teeth grinding?


“Yes, Ciel, I’m sorry, but I didn’t hear you.”


The person who broke the teacup was smiling at me.


However, it was difficult to pretend not to see the angry veins and the cold eyes, as if turning a piece of tea into powder.


And Cedric’s eyebrows, which has risen especially today.


“What did you just say?”


I concluded in my head as I looked at the handsome crazy guy with a cool smile and a cold air.


‘Let’s run.’


No matter what happens, I would make this guy marry the female lead, and then run away as soon as the contract period was over.



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