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    Welcome readers, Travis Translations is currently recruiting for Editors and Translators. Feel free to join our discord for more info!

    1. No experience is needed. (Why need experience when you’re a fresh graduate?)
    2. Must be at least fluent in English.
    3. Able to use Discord and Google Drive for basic communication purposes.

    Job description:
    1. Translating/Editing novels into English or Chinese.
    2. Volunteering work. (For now)
    3. 1-2 chapter a week (Up to you)


    Your English isn’t perfect? That’s alright, we have editors. You can pick up any novel you want to translate given it is not licensed.

    Wait, you’re already an experienced translator and have your own website but you’re too lazy to maintain it? You can join us and transfer your novels here!

    Interested? Join our DISCORD for more information! Don’t worry, we won’t bite. Happy readings.


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