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    Obviously, he has a crush on me

    Chapter 3

    I didn't knit the scarf!

    Translated by RHope
    Edited by RHope


    Jiang Nuan’s chopsticks were in the pot for a long time, but she didn’t pick up the fish balls. She persisted for more than ten seconds, and finally picked them up tremblingly. Before they left the range of the pot, the fish balls fell back and splashed her own face with soup.


    “Oh, crap!”


    “Aiyo, you kid, why did you use chopsticks when you have a nice ladle?” Luo Chen got up and went to the kitchen to get a rag.


    Jiang Nuan hurriedly lowered her head as the soup fell down her cheeks.


    A napkin was stretched out and placed under her chin, Jiang Nuan hurriedly took it, and when she turned her face sideways, she saw that it was Lu Ran.


    The other party’s chopsticks were on the plate, and his chin was gently resting on the top of the chopsticks. He looked at her sideways, and the corners of his lips had the illusion of a slight depression.


    “I thought your brain was just full of imagination, but I didn’t expect that your hands were always slippery. When playing games, your teammates must often use the power outage as an excuse to disconnect.”


    “The brain is full of imagination” means big brain holes. A big brain holes is further extended to be a brain-damaged ah!


    Jiang Nuan was simply looking at her father, pleading with him to support her. Who knew her father was on the phone with Lu Ran’s father, and he didn’t hear a word Lu Ran said. Her mother returned with a rag at this point, wiping the oily soup from the table.


    Lu Ran reached for the hot pot with his chopsticks, his fingers straight and long, easily picking up the fish balls, placing them in his own bowl, dipping it in the sauce, blowing on it with his eyes lowered, and then biting it off.


    It feels as if her own intelligence has been bitten off in one bite. It hurts a little in the brain.


    “Hey, that fish ball is the one I’ve used my chopsticks to hold.” Jiang Nuan squinted her eyes and smiled, “So it has my saliva on it.”


    In Jiang Nuan’s impression, Lu Ran never touched what others had eaten. Jiang Nuan, who was still expecting his reaction, was disappointed, but the other party turned his face to look at her indifferently, “When you were drinking rice wine just now, you took the wrong cup from me.”




    Jiang Nuan lowered her head to take a look at her own cup and Lu Ran’s cup were placed very close to each other, she seemed to really …… have taken the wrong one! The rice wine egg in her cup was less, but the one in her hand now, was more.


    “I’ll… I’ll give it back to you!” Jiang Nuan quickly moved the cup and took a sip from her own, as if to confirm her sovereignty.


    Who knew that Lu Ran dropped another sentence: “I lied to you just now. This time you really drank the rice wine I drank.”


    Jiang Nuan almost spit it out! Nima! This is too much!


    However, Lu Ran took his cup from Jiang Nuan comfortably, took a sip, and there was an unnoticeable smile in the corner of his eyes.


    Jiang Nuan’s puffed up cheeks were about to turn into a blowfish.


    Moreover, at the dinner table, Jiang Nuan’s father talked directly with Lu Ran about Jiang Nuan’s plans for the next semester.


    “Hey, I don’t have any hope that Xiao Nuan can pick up her study from last semester. It’s almost New Year’s Eve, where can I find a teacher for her! The cram school does not accept any new admission. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just go to her school and apply to repeat the semester again.”


    To this point, Jiang Nuan’s heart is in resistance, but to say that it is not enough to repeat the grade is self-consolation. After all, as DouDou says, she doesn’t want to be out of touch with them. She wants to keep up with them and live the same life.


    “In this current situation, sending her to a cram school is like letting a plague chicken fly a plane. The cram school is suitable for people who have a certain foundation and need to improve. She now needs someone to sort out her basic knowledge systematically and logically.” 


    Jiang Nuan, who delivered the lamb slice into her mouth, almost spurt out, what plague chicken, what plane!


    “Then what should I do? Where can I find someone to teach her the basics?” Jiang Nuan’s father was silent for half a minute, Jiang Nuan ate all the lamb in the pot by herself, Jiang Nuan’s father’s next sentence almost choked her to death, “How about you teach Xiao Nuan?”


    “What? Lu Ran teach me? He is also a student, how can he teach me!”


    Indeed, regarding grades, Lu Ran is the typical person who does not usually work very hard and can still sit firmly in the top ten in the first examination room, and does both study and fencing, which is almost inhuman.


    “Didn’t you go upstairs with your homework every day to ask Lu Ran to teach you? You even got into the top three exam rooms!” Luo Chen said with a smile.


    Mom, that’s because I’m young and ignorant…


    “Let’s forget it. Have a good winter vacation, you have your own things to do, you need to study and train…”


    “I’ll teach her. Uncle has been distracted a lot these past two days. Are you worried that Jiang Nuan will repeat the class?”


    “Oh…isn’t that so?”


    Jiang Nuan couldn’t take it anymore, she really didn’t want to be with her “scandal target” for the whole winter break!


    After the hot pot was finished, Lu Ran helped clear the dishes, put on his coat and prepared to go home.


    “Jiang Nuan, my scarf.” Lu Ran said softly.


    Jiang Nuan unwillingly picked up the scarf from the sofa; the thread was loosely weaved, allowing her fingers to slide through it, and it was short in length when she lifted it up. Someone must have knitted it for him by hand, and he/she was still a rookie and foolish enough to do so… Is he able to breathe under such a short scarf that just goes around his neck once?


    Jiang Nuan handed the scarf over, not forgetting to stab him, “Which idiot knitted this for you! Such a big hole! Can you even block the wind by putting it around?”


    When Lu Ran put the scarf on, he lowered his head and leaned in Jiang Nuan’s direction.


    Jiang Nuan didn’t know where the vigilance came from, and always felt that when Lu Ran approached her, there must be no good words.


    “What do you think?” The cold voice as always, but the rising end made Jiang Nuan unable to stop her infinite imagination.


    “What’s the matter, Xiao Nuan?” Her parents who had just cleaned the table came over.


    “It’s nothing, just talking about Lu Ran’s scarf…”


    “Didn’t you knit that scarf?” Dad said matter-of-fact.


    Jiang Nuan stood there, frozen for a few seconds…. This is not true! How can this be true! She just said that the scarf was knitted by a fool!


    If she likes someone, she will definitely stop her bicycle in front of the boy, raise her chin and say, “Hey classmate, I like you very much, do you want to be together?” 


    It’s simple and clear, straight to the point. Knitting woolen scarves, uh… It’s really a poetic feeling…


    Jiang Nuan looked at her father, then at her mother, pointed at the door and said, “That’s certainly not what I knitted.”


    “Isn’t that what you promised to knit for Lu Ran when he took you into the top three in your grade?” Jiang Nuan’s father said.


    Jiang Nuan looked at her mother again.


    Dad doesn’t know his daughter well, but mom should know that her daughter is not only not that kind of material at all, but also where did she found the wool ah!


    “That’s the easiest stitch I’ve taught you for a long time. Later, you were afraid that you wouldn’t be able to finish it in time for Lu Ran’s winter vacation, so you came and begged me to knit the second half of it for you.”


    “Mom, I’m a second-year high school student!”


    “Huh?” Jiang Nuan’s mother had a “what does this have to do with you knitting a scarf for Lu Ran ” look on her face.


    “Second year students should study hard every day, so what the hell is a scarf!”


    That night, she went back to her room, tossing and turning, unable to sleep at all. She kicked her legs hard twice, as if she was struggling in vain.


    What the hell is wrong with her!


    Unable to sleep at all, Jiang Nuan decided to harass her girlfriend. She huddled under the quilt and called Rao Can. After calling several times in a row, the phone was connected. It is estimated that Rao Can, the fairy, is applying a mask.


    “Xiao Nuan, why did you suddenly call me?” 


    “CanCan, I just don’t understand, there is a knot in my heart, and if I don’t untie it, I won’t feel comfortable!”


    “It scratches your heart and lungs, right?”


    “Yes! It’s killing me! Let me tell you, today, Lu Ran came to our house for dinner!”


    “Your parents treat Lu Ran better than you, so are you sad again?” Rao Can said with amusement.


    “That’s not it! Of course, this is also one of them! Do you know that Lu Ran has a scarf around his neck? It’s particularly short and sloppy!”


    “I know. You knitted for him!”


    Jiang Nuan closed her eyes, hating that she couldn’t just faint to death.


    “How could I possibly knit a scarf for him ah! You don’t even think it’s strange, why didn’t you stop me?”


    “I did stop you.”


    “How did you stop me?”


    “I told you to buy a new one! They have those red, black and yellow woolen scarves in the market that have no style and are low cost.”


    “Yes! That’s good!” She didn’t believe that Lu Ran could be so brazen as to wrap around a scarf worn by an old lady.


    “But you’re like a possessed person, you have to knit it yourself! But I just want to say, your scarf is knitted into such a shabby look, it’s really not as good as buying a standard one in the market.”


    “Okay, okay, I will never knit a scarf for someone else again! I just don’t understand how I can like Lu Ran’s?”


    “It’s better than you saying you like !”


    “Yes, I do appreciate King JinLun! No matter how vengeful he is, how villainous he is, when Guo Xiang was in danger, he still gave up everything to save Guo Xiang!”


    “Or Lu Ran is still a lot better.”


    “Liking Lu Ran is a very popular aesthetic! Do you still remember when I was in the first year of high school, I just borrowed his mathematic book to see his work, but he immediately picked it up, and said in front of so many students in the class ‘Jiang Nuan, with your ability, it is normal to not finish the previous basic questions, but copying others will make the teacher have unreasonable expectations for you.’ A bunch of people were laughing at me! Why do others copy his homework and he doesn’t say anything, but when it’s me, I just glance at it, but he acts like I just removed his safe?”


    “…That’s right. It was Lu Ran who really saved your life that time. Several students copied his homework and were asked to answer those hard questions, and as a result they simply couldn’t. They stood in a row in the corridor as a punishment. The teacher even praised you, saying that although you were not good at math, you knew where your weakness was, so at least the teacher knew what to teach you. You remember this, don’t you?”




    “That is to say. Xiao Nuan, liking someone may accumulate over time, or it may be because the other person has done something that pokes your heart, then the things he once said that did not please you will become cute.”


    “You said it as if Lu Ran had done something earth-shattering.”


    “Do you remember who’s your table mate was before the class was divided in the first year of high school?”


    “Li ShuYue! I remember! Did she go to the liberal arts class?”


    “Yes. According to her strength, she should be in the top 100 or above in English. At that time, the teacher who taught English, Teacher Cai was explaining the final exam paper when it happened that you and Li ShuYue were having a small talk.”


    “Aiya, Teacher Cai likes Li ShuYue the most and she is determined to cast the fire of her declining grades on me.”


    “Oh, you can see now, then why are you crying?”




    “I still remember that scene. Teacher Cai directly pulls you up from your chair and says in front of everyone that you have influenced Li ShuYue’s studies with your small talk.”


    “That’s right, I can’t talk to Li ShuYue again!”


    “Yes, you can’t stand the grievances, and instantly claimed that Li ShuYue was the one who was talking to you about the Korean drama you saw the night before! Teacher Cai didn’t believe your words and punished you to stand in the last row until the class ended, and even reprimand you to not interfere with Li ShuYue’s study. However, Li ShuYue lowered her head and remained silent. Guess who defended you in front of the entire class?”


    “Don’t tell me…it’s Lu Ran!”

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