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    Obviously, he has a crush on me

    Chapter 2

    The swan is hairless

    Translated by RHope
    Edited by RHope


    The word “pestering” once again struck a chord in Jiang Nuan’s heart.


    This made her inexplicably think of a child in the supermarket, lying on the ground, kicking his legs and shaking his head, and only willing to get up when their parents bought what they wanted.


    How on earth did she put up with Lu Ran’s comment that she was “better off in kindergarten” and then pestered him to teach her?


    “Don’t think so much! You are not fit to use your brain now!” Rao Can said comfortingly.


    Before the Chinese New Year, many patients were discharged from the hospital. Jiang Nuan’s entire body, including her brain, was carefully examined. MRI was used, but nothing was found. The pneumonia was completely healed, so she was ready to be discharged.


    Jiang Nuan’s father and mother packed her things and took her home. Sitting in the car, Jiang Nuan looked out the window. Everything outside the car window was so familiar, but a small part of her memory was lost. Jiang Nuan sighed.


    It’s just a small fragment, life is so long, the capacity of the brain is limited, and forgetting is to remember more important things.


    Jiang Nuan’s mother Luo Chen, put her arms around her daughter’s shoulder and comforted her: “Are you worried that you’ve forgotten everything you learned in the first semester of your sophomore year? It’s fine; you’ll most likely recall it as you read the book. I talked to your father about finding you a special teacher to compensate for it. If you remember it, you might be able to recall it. Your class teacher will schedule a test for you before the next semester begins. You can continue to senior year if your grades are good. Let’s take another semester of high school as a solid foundation if the outcomes aren’t adequate.”


    Jiang Nuan glanced at her father, Jiang Huai, who was driving. She knew deep down that he, who came from a fencing athlete background, had always wanted his daughter to get into a good college, not to graduate from high school like her father. After retiring, he lost his aura as an athlete and had fewer choices in life.


    “The rice has to be eaten one bite at a time, and the road has to be taken one step at a time. Since you have returned to the original place, if you can’t catch up with others when you run, it is better to start from the original place and walk step by step more steadily than others.” Jiang Huai opened his mouth.


    Jiang Nuan turned her face sideways and looked out the window, muttering in a low voice: “I don’t like to study, I think it’s good to go to a sports school and be an athlete.”


    Her mother gave Jiang Nuan a look and signaled her not to mention the matter of going to sports school again. Her father, Jiang Huai’s greatest hope for Jiang Nuan was that she would be able to get into college properly.


    When she got home, Jiang Nuan took a hot bath and sat in front of her desk. She suddenly remembered what Cheng DouDou had said about the white swan in her blog, and hurried to her parents’ study.


    In their home, computers’ uses are strictly controlled. Her parents are afraid that Jiang Nuan’s addiction to the Internet will affect her studies, they usually lock the door of the study, but they never imagined that there is a place outside called “Internet Cafe”.


    Her mother, who was preparing the evening hot pot in the kitchen, shouted, “Eh, you girl, why do you go to the computer as soon as you get back!”


    “Mom, I have something I have to confirm! Otherwise I wouldn’t ascend to heaven even if the Buddha shines!”


    Jiang Nuan originally wanted to log in to her blog, but who would have known that the goddamn…password was wrong!


    Her birthday plus the house number, not correct.


    Her student number plus birthday, not correct.


    Her parents’ birthday month, not correct.


    She couldn’t get it to work!


    “Forget it! Forget it!” She will try the password tomorrow! But first, let’s take a look at what she’s has posted!


    Jiang Nuan searched for the blog, and then she saw the blog that made her heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys burst. —You are a white swan, but I can’t bear to eat swan meat. You can share a feather with me.—


    Oh my god! It’s not just a hot mess! It’s a denial of the past ten years of life! Can’t look at it any longer!


    If she keeps reading, she will lose the courage to live! Fortunately, only DouDou and Rao Can knew about her blog, and both of them left a message under her post.


    Crunch Crunch Crunch Douer: Hee Hee, under the hand of Master Nuan, the swan will become hairless!


    The Fairy of the Nile: , let’s eat roast duck.


    And an ID she had never seen before also left a message: I would rather you always be an ugly duckling who doesn’t grow up.


    “Nima, the ugly duckling who will never grow up? This person has a grudge against me!” 


    The ugly duckling will never become a white swan if it doesn’t grow up. This is the same as the curse of the little green worm that can never break the cocoon into a butterfly …… Of course, breaking the cocoon may also be just an ugly moth.


    Jiang Nuan immediately turned off the computer, and she was no longer in the mood to retrieve the password.


    At this time, her mother in the kitchen shouted: “Xiao Nuan, do me a favor and set the tableware and chopsticks.”


    Jiang Nuan turned off the computer, gathered herself and walked out, and looked at the table full of dishes. Lamb slices, beef slices, tofu, fish balls, vegetables. She was dumbfounded.


    “Mom! It’s just our family of three, what are you doing with so many dishes!”


    Even if she want to make up for her, this is not the way to do it!


    “Oh, I forgot to tell you. Today, Lu Ran came back from Beijing. His father has to work overtime to prepare for the club fencing league, and his mother will not come back from her training until tomorrow, so tonight Lu Ran and our family will have dinner together.”


    Jiang Nuan almost slipped while holding the bowl.


    “Lu… Lu Ran is coming to our house for dinner?”


    “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you feel happy before when Lu Ran came to our house for dinner?”


    “I… I’m happy?”


    How can I be happy? ——The “” appeared in her mind, looking forward to it…


    “And, this time it was Lu Ran who rescued you from the pond. The doctor said that if it was any later, you would really be gone.” Luo Chen brought the stewed bone soup, which was the base of their hot pot soup, and then gave Jiang Nuan a very serious look, “At that time you don’t know how scary it was. The children on the shore were crying, several adults were scrambling around not knowing where you were, only Lu Ran didn’t say anything and dived in to find you.”


    “That pond isn’t deep…I remember it’s like 1.8 meters…”


    “Not deep? It’s more than your height! You can’t even climb up! Lu Ran pushes you up cause you are unconscious. As a result, you developed pneumonia. The hospital said that your brain would be damaged if the temperature could not be lowered. Both your father and I were blindsided, and it was Lu Ran who accompanied us for two days. Line up for payment, deliver food and water. Lu Ran is really sensible. He was supposed to fly to Beijing for training that afternoon.”


    Hearing this, Jiang Nuan was surprised.


    Because she always felt that Lu Ran is the kind of guy who was very indifferent to other people’s affairs, but she didn’t expect that he would save her. Of course, people’s lives are on the line, and they’re all classmates, so they don’t hesitate to save each other but Jiang Nuan didn’t expect that he would stay with her parents in the hospital for two days.


    At this moment, the doorbell rang, Jiang Nuan’s heart trembled, and she saw her mother rushing to the door with a warm voice: “Lu Ran is here! Come in! Are you tired of rushing back from the capital for the New Year?”


    “Thank you, Auntie, I’m fine, I’m not tired.”


    In the steamy warmth of the hot pot, Lu Ran’s voice has a subdued sophistication that does not belong to this age, like the wind blowing through the treetop on a winter day, with patches of ice clashing with each other that rises and falls, and once it cracks open, the warmth of another world will come in.


    “Where’s your luggage?”


    “At home.” Lu Ran stood at the door and changed his slippers. At this time, Jiang Nuan could only see the top of his head.


    Because of his fencing practice, he is taller than other boys in his grade, the typical with long arms and long legs. Their female classmates who like to watch Korean dramas are full of fantasies about Lu Ran’s long legs.


    He was putting his shoes in the shoe cabinet with his head down. From this angle, Jiang Nuan could just see his straight nose and his slightly raised eyelashes.


    Lu Ran’s eyelashes are very long, but they are not feminine. On the contrary, they make his neat facial features appear much softer.


    “Aiya! I cooked an egg stew with rice wine! I almost forgot!”


    As soon as her mother walked away, there was no longer any barrier between Jiang Nuan and Lu Ran.


    Lu Ran was wearing a dark-colored knee-length coat, and even with the casual slacks, Jiang Nuan could imagine that the lines of his calves must be smooth and strong.


    The smoky gray and white woolen collar seemed to be a little short, and it only went around the neck, and the hard line of the chin was buried in the collar, which gave him a little boyish temperament.


    The words from her blog flashed in her mind – you are a white swan, but I am reluctant to eat swan meat, you can share a piece of feathers with me.


    Jiang Nuan took a step back, but Lu Ran just happened to raised his head. There was not much turbulence in those clear eyes. He took off his coat indifferently and hung it on the coat rack by the door.


    “Are you better now?” His voice still had the chill from the north in it.


    “Ah… um, better…”


    “Have you done all your homework?” Lu Ran turned his back on her, his voice indifferent.


    “No, the things I learned in the second year of high school are returned to the teacher.” Jiang Nuan licked her lower lip.


    But more than ten seconds passed, and Lu Ran’s voice was not heard.


    As soon as Jiang Nuan raised her eyes, she found that Lu Ran was leaning towards her. Under the backlight, there seemed to be a vague stream of light under his eyes, making him impossible to understand.


    “Which teacher can teach you?”


    “What?” Jiang Nuan subconsciously took a half step back.


    But Lu Ran leaned closer, his slightly cold voice sounded in her ear, “Except me.”




    “It should not be returned to the teacher, but to me.” Lu Ran glanced at Jiang Nuan and walked to the kitchen, “Aunt Luo, let me help you serve the rice wine.”


    Like an illusion, the tight heart slowly stretched out. It seems Rao Can’s comment that Lu Ran was her plug-in wasn’t made up?


    “Aiya, let me do the work here. You can just sit. I’ve baked you a meat pie, you can eat one for your stomach.”


    Jiang Nuan touched her chin, it is hard not to think that she was complimentary to her bill of credit, otherwise she had just been discharged from the hospital due to her serious illness, and her mother did not even cook her pork braised, but she still bakes a meat pie for Lu Ran?


    Lu Ran helped Jiang Nuan’s mother put the rice wine pot on the table. Jiang Nuan’s father also finished his phone call and came over from the balcony to eat.


    “Aiya! Lu Ran is here! I heard that you almost won this practice match against  Jian Ming! It’s incredible, the future generations are terrifying.” 


    Jian Ming was her father Jiang Huai’s first student, and the one he most proud of— He was the Fencing Champion of the National University Fencing League and was selected to participate in the Youth Olympic Games.


    Jiang Nuan lowered her head and whispered an understatement: “Almost winning is losing, ah. How is it still ‘the future generations are terrifying’.”


    “Jian Ming’s speed is fast, and the distance control of backward shifting and defensive counterattack is worth learning from him.”


    “He has more practical experience than you. I’ve watched the video of your practice match, and it was beyond my expectation that you could suppress him for so long.” Jiang Nuan’s father poured a glass of rice wine and held the cup with Lu Ran. ” What about your father? Did he put pressure on you again?”


    “It’s not a pressure, just asking me to analyze the reason why I lost to Jian Ming.”


    “It was the reason for each sword, right? There are many things in this world that can’t be achieved by hard work and diligence, but also by timing.”


    The two chatted, which made Jiang Nuan a little envious. Lu Ran practiced the sword with her father and they had a lot to talk about, while her father didn’t teach her much. It was a feeling that made Jiang Nuan sour.


    When she was young, her father was the one she bragged about, he had won the World Championships and had also won a bronze medal at the Olympics.


    But as she grew up, Jiang Nuan stopped showing off to others because her dad refused to teach Jiang Nuan fencing and wanted her to study hard and get into a good university, instead he did his best for Lu Ran.


    Jiang Nuan knew that part of her previous dislike towards Lu Ran was also due to envy.


    Turning his face to the side, Lu Ran looks good even when he eats hot pot, his eyebrows and eyes are like ink dyed, and his seemingly cold and unwilling facial features have a faint charm.


    Don’t look! No matter how good-looking it is, it is not on my own face!

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