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    Speak of the Devil

    Chapter 13

    Chapter 13

    Translated by Naralara
    Edited by Naralara



    When he heard that the teacher was sexually harassing a student, Jeong Yiyeon’s face, which had become serious, instantly softened. I said it, but it was definitely hard to believe.

    “It’s not just a punch either, but a lifelong limp, and the police tried to find a suspect, and the neighborhood was quite noisy…. The culprit hasn’t been caught yet.”

    I opened the door without my parents’ knowledge for my brother, who came in at dawn on the day that it happened. The gloves he was wearing were sparsely wet with an unknown liquid. He took off the mask and smiled. ‘It will be easier to go to school starting tomorrow.’ That’s what he said while stroking my hair.

    “Your brother…”

    “During the investigation, it was revealed that the person had touched a young student during tutoring class in the past, so the student or their parents were suspected, but they said that they were not the culprits either. The culprit hasn’t been caught, so we don’t know who did it.”

    I mumbled my words ambiguously. Of course, the culprit was my brother, but I didn’t have to say that my brother was like that. It caused a stir in my neighborhood for a while. In the end, the teacher was exposed to the past and left the town without a word.

    “He seems to care about his brother a lot.”

    “And well, humans are a little bit violent in everything.”

    There were times when I wondered if he was my brother, but he was crazy. He was still a kind brother to me, but he was definitely not the type I would have been close to if it were someone else.

    “Just yesterday morning, he strangled my throat but only lightly, because it was me, but if it were anyone else, he would have punched them without saying a word.”

    Besides, humans were better skilled. Just yesterday morning, I thought I would have bruises because of the red marks, but today I am already fine.

    Either way, he was a good brother to me. When my parents died, my older brother was barely an adult. I was not an unscrupulous person to the extent that I did not know the affection that had supported me from such a young age.

    “Well. If secretary Lee tells your brother, ‘My boss is bullying me’.”

    “Yes. If I tell him that I even cried because of the boss, the boss said that day…”

    Of course, I have no intention of telling my hyung, and even if I do, I am an adult now, but I don’t think hyung will punish Jeong Yiyeon. I glanced at Jeong Yiyeon, who had become dazed, and laughed inwardly. That’s why I talked about my brother. Don’t get scared

    It was pleasant for Jeong Yiyeon to shut his mouth, so I moved the car into the alley and stopped the car. Just as I was about to get out of the car to pack up.

    “So it’s true that you cried because of me. Was it that good?You’re saying I’m good enough to make you cry, right?”

    “Ah, president!”

    I screamed out loud at what he just said. Looking at him in embarrassment, Jeong Yiyeon smiled.

    It was a warm spring day. The sunlight coming through the window glass was shining on him. A very mischievous smile that revealed white and even teeth. A twinkle of light poured from his face.

    My spirits dropped. My heart is pounding and tickling. I couldn’t breathe with excitement. Yeah, I’m the crazy one. I’m the crazy one.

    Without stopping here, Jeong Yiyeon smashed the final blow.

    “I’ll do my best. So can you not tell your brother?”

    … Oh God. What am I supposed to do if such a perfect man gives me this amount of cuteness? I cried out to a god I didn’t believe in.

    This wasn’t really good. It was my tragedy that the person who gave me so much chest pain earlier was the same person in front of me. He ripped my heart apart with a smile, and now he grabs my heart and shakes it. The painful feeling that spread from the smiling face that was self-evidently making fun of me was just over. The teasing didn’t make me angry. I just melted away with his cuteness.

    “… I’ll go and pack it for you. Just a moment.”

    Saying so, I got out of the car.

    I was very fortunate to be his secretary. The reason I can’t get angry at him is because everything can be packaged under the name of a subordinate. In fact, anger has already been resolved with that smile, so I can’t express it. So I was very happy to be a secretary, but I was also a little sad.

    I let out a long sigh as I walked into the store and ordered what he would like and what I would eat. There is only half of the day left, but I feel like I have already been to heaven and hell several times. In the morning, I had no idea what to do with the man who dropped me into hell with the kiss marks and nail marks on his body, and now lifts me up to heaven with a bright smile.

    When I was in agony, both happy and upset, my cell phone rang. After checking the screen, I paused for a moment. It was because it was Seo Jaeoh’s phone call.

    It was also the name that I had completely forgotten from my memory after I hung up the phone because of the sudden arrival of Jeong Yiyeon. Yes. I flirted with him and didn’t even contact him again. I even remembered that I should have called.


    – You bastard.

    Swearing at me immediately was acceptable. I politely apologized.

    “I’m sorry.”

    -It’s fine. What are you doing in a day or two?

    Jae-oh was a really good guy. He always understands that I am this kind of person and moves on. Of course, a little grumbling followed.

    – You specialize in giving out empty promises. You didn’t even want to come to Busan anyway, did you?

    “I was busy. Look at me, I’m working for the boss even on weekends.”

    I struggled to make excuses. Of course, I’m a bad guy and I’m rude, but that doesn’t mean I’ve ruined all relationships. There were times when a guy like Jae-oh that was hard to miss would bend over. Especially for a good guy who can communicate well, have fun, and even be generous with me. I didn’t want to lose it completely because there was no one I could meet comfortably for as long as Jae-oh.

    -I am in Seoul now.

    “… What?”

    – So, free up time this weekend. If you ditch me again, you’ll really die.

    The voice whispered in my ear gave me goosebumps. Then I remembered in that clubhouse in Busan, he declared war on me.

    It was not very pleasant to work around a rollercoaster of emotions. That made my mind and body harder than I thought. But these days, my every day, every minute, every second was like that, so I was getting quite tired.

    The reason today is especially difficult may be due to lack of sleep. However, that was only incidental, and the reason I couldn’t concentrate on my daily routine all afternoon was because I was still thinking about the scene of the previous day while I was sitting there. The back image of leaving me with Minseowon was not erased. The kiss marks on the collarbone and the nail marks on the back that I saw this morning also occupied my head in a chain.

    After that, I still had a good time with Jeong Yiyeon, and Seo Jae-oh called. In the midst of this, the physical fatigue was added, and the mental wounds were even more unbearable.

    Nevertheless, it was Jeong Yiyeon’s word that brought me back to the entrance to heaven.

    “Secretary Lee, let’s get off work.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Instead of leaving work, he says that we should get off work together. I couldn’t help but feel better about the slight difference in words. Even the fatigue was gone.

    His car keys were in my pocket and it was now my job to drive him home and pick him up in the morning. Besides, I know his house password. I felt like I was allowed to do something that no one else was allowed to do. Of course, the reason was that I was a ‘secretary’, but what about it? I am the most special person to him.

    As I was waiting for the elevator, the boss glanced at my face. Feeling his gaze, I put a little more effort into managing my expression. I shouldn’t show joy or depression, but it was really hard.

    Jeong Yiyeon’s gaze tenaciously turned to me, and then he said something

    “Secretary Lee is really handsome.”

    Thud! My heart was pounding loudly as if it was leaking out. The compliment that I was handsome made my ears tremble. How dare you flutter with such a low voice. My heart kept pounding loudly and the corners of my lips kept trying to rise upwards. It was getting harder and harder to manage facial expressions.

    “Thank you for the compliment.”

    “It’s not a compliment.”


    “You make me want to have sex. I don’t think it’s humanly possible today.”

    A slight frown between the forehead, and a slightly protruding lip. And the last words spoken. Everything made me hard.


    Suddenly, my face flushed. I was embarrassed. It was good nonetheless. Being handsome means that he likes my looks. Does that have anything to do with the fact that you are starting to like me? oh Fuck. Why are you making me look forward to it again?

    “The whites on your eyes look pink.”

    To say that it was not humanly possible was pointing to my condition. Using the metal frame of the elevator as a mirror, I looked at my face and, as he said, it really was pink. I couldn’t sleep and I even shed tears. I just said that my eyes are throbbing for some reason.

    “I don’t know if you can drive.”

    “It’s okay. It’s my job.”

    Feeling embarrassed, I raised my hand and rubbed my eyes. Do you think that my eyes have become like this with only a few tears that I shed in the morning? Jeongyeon smiled softly.

    “I’m driving today.”

    We had this conversation in the morning as well. After having sex, I was exhausted and barely washed up, but Jeong Yiyeon insisted on driving. But on the way to the company, how can an employee make the boss drive? I held on to the steering wheel because it was never going to happen.

    He’s on his way home from work, so if he doesn’t get noticed, he might be able to drive. But the slavish spirit within me cried out. I can’t do that in my professional ethics. I mean, I shouldn’t do that.

    “No. I have to-”

    “Would you like to go to sleep?”

    … I was speechless.

    Did I hear wrong now? A small stone thrown by Jeong Yiyeon caused a tsunami in my heart where ripples were forming even if it wasn’t it. My heart fluctuated like a sailboat in a typhoon.

    Will you go to sleep? Are you really asking that now? Go to sleep??

    At that moment, I almost pulled him up and kissed him. It felt like my heart would explode. My chest swelled up to the point of pain from the spring of love. Will you go to sleep? With that one word, all the worries, anguish and pain that had been cluttering my head all day today are blown away.

    “We can have sex, sleep a little longer, and avoid the hassle of going to secretary Lee’s house.”

    When I didn’t answer, he started pointing out reasons for me not to go back to my house. If the elevator door that arrived on time hadn’t been opened, I might have kissed him, forgetting that it was the hallway where CCTV was installed.

    But when the elevator door opened with a bright light, my face hardened. Fortunately, I didn’t frown.


    “…Min Seowon.”

    Min Seowon was standing there wearing a red rider jacket, a flashy item. He was staring at Jeong Yiyeon resentfully with a shriveled face.

    Jeong Yiyeon sighed briefly and climbed into the elevator. He pointed to the elevator with his chin, so I also got in with them.

    There was no contact from the secretary’s office, so how did he get to the president’s office? It took a while for such a question to arise. Ignoring my existence, Min Seowon’s voice echoed sharply.

    “Hyung, why do you keep ignoring me?”

    “This is the company, Min Seowon.”

    “Can’t you contact me from the company? Is it bad for you to touch your cell phone? Isn’t hyung the boss?”

    “I don’t have enough time to reply to your frivolous calls one by one. And how are you trying to embarrass me in front of and employee?”

    I was a little startled. Contrary to how he was kind to Min Seowon yesterday, I knew that he was not hiding his annoyance after that, but I didn’t know that he would speak so coldly in front of him. Even the air around him froze.

    In front of Jeong Yiyeon’s sullen gaze, Min Seowon made a very unjust expression. He muttered in a voice that looked like he was about to cry.

    “But hyung, you just left me like that, so I.”

    “I told you to stop.”

    Min Seowon finally shut his mouth at the cold tone of voice that was full of irritation. I thought it might be quieter now. However, Min Seowon was a stronger enemy than expected.

    “… Hyung, I haven’t eaten dinner.”

    Crying didn’t work, so he brought out a tone that sounded cautious and pitiful, unlike before. It was absolutely disgusting. And I became anxious. Because I remembered Jeong Yiyeon, who left me the day before and went out with him.

    However, Jeong Yiyeon was a man who was sure to get in and break up.

    “I have an appointment.”

    “At this time? … Still, I’m hungry and I have no money… ”

    “Order room service. They’re not going to ask you to pay.”

    “It’s been a while since I’ve been to Korea, can’t we have dinner together?”

    “Yesterday we had dinner together except for the schedule.”

    Jeong Yiyeon muttered bitterly in a tone that said that it would be unacceptable to use an excuse any more.

    “This is a no-access area for guests. Don’t come here on your own.”

    Jeong Yiyeon manually pressed the button on the 1st floor, and the elevator started. The first floor was connected to the hotel lobby. Min Seowon seemed to be staying at this hotel now. He looked at Jeong Yiyeon with eyes full of resentment, but Jeong Yiyeon was consistent with a cold expression. In the end, Min Seowon got off the elevator with his shoulders drooping.

    … I seemed a little sympathetic. Acting like a child may be because he likes Jeong Yiyeon, but on the contrary, he hated him. Nevertheless, it was sad that this man was good enough to cling to him again, and that he was rejected.

    My mouth had a bitter taste, who couldn’t express or cling to my feelings because I was afraid of rejection. In a way, they were good companions, even if we are not close, but since neither of us can get affection from Jeong Yiyeon, we are in the same situation.

    Of course, Min Seowon is a bastard who dared to leave a kiss mark and nail marks on Jeong Yiyeon. I thought that maybe the appearance of Min Seowon might one day be what I was when I confess that I can no longer hide my heart. Maybe when he treats me, he’ll add more, but it didn’t seem like it would be any less.

    “I’m tired.”

    When the elevator stopped in the underground parking lot, he got off the elevator and rubbed his face. He looked more tired than before after meeting Min Seowon.

    That face feels sad again. All sorts of emotions rushed out.

    The joy and superiority of having chosen me over Min Seowon, however, I had sympathy for him and became depressed at Jeong Yiyeon’s cruel behavior, and now I feel sorry for Jeong Yiyeon and my heart aches. It’s certainly nice to know that someone likes me, but I also knew that sticking around when I didn’t want to can be very tiring.

    But the more it happens, the better the distance control should have been in the first place.

    It is probably because of getting caught up in complicated emotions. Besides, even more so because I’m not psychologically stable right now. So I added something I would never normally say.

    “It wasn’t that you didn’t know whether he likes the president or not. Then you shouldn’t have been in a relationship…”

    I couldn’t even finish the words that I had brought out impulsively without being able to bear it. Standing tall and staring at me, his face was cold. Suddenly, my spine shivered.

    “Sorry. It was out of place.”

    Realizing that now is the time for a quick apology, I bowed my head.

    I was just a secretary, not his advisor. We are also just sex partners, not lovers. Either way, it means that I’m not qualified to point out to him a relationship with someone else.

    “Okay, give me the car key.”

    “No, I…”

    “I’m afraid you’ll have an accident.”

    When Jeong Yiyeon said that, I had to give him the car key. I felt a little depressed. I was also worried that he might withdraw the message to come to his home and go sleep at mine.

    “Take it.”


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