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    Speak of the Devil

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    Translated by Naralara
    Edited by Naralara



    As is usually the case with life, people sometimes encounter situations that are completely unexpected. How do people react each time? It was something I had never worried about so much in my life, nor did I need to do it. I’ve found that most people either freeze or just naturally avoid it. That’s what happened today.

    For example, you find a good partner and go out after paying for a drink, but the person you meet in front of the counter is your boss, and the person next to you is of the same sex rather than the opposite sex. And, crucially, the store is a gay bar full of men.

    Hello. Good evening, boss.

    Well, you must be here for a drink, secretary Lee. The person next to you is a beauty.

    Conversations like this cannot and should not happen. However, we naturally withdraw our gaze from each other, act as if we are strangers, and go our separate ways.

    In fact, even though I was surprised enough to fall into a panic, I didn’t even show my surprise and pretended not to know him.

    “… OMG.”

    And it was while having sex in bed with the man I caught today that I realized that the previous situation was real.

    “ha… Why… Why… ?”

    I held his ankle and raised the strength of my waist to the fullest extent, but suddenly stopped, and the guy with a red-colored face asked me with curiosity. But it’s been a long time since I’ve gone somewhere else.

    “… ”

    Fuck. Without even uttering a single word, I swallowed it, poking through the inside of my partner violently, as if I was expressing my anger. As he reciprocated wildly to match the speed, I thought of another man who had been standing next to my boss earlier. I started to hate it a bit.

    That slick-looking guy must be making this kind of expression under him by now.

    “Hey, uh, ah! Ah!”

    I didn’t like the way the man under me felt and shrieked and shuddered, I didn’t like it at all. Aside from the feeling of pleasure accumulating in my body, I felt dirty as if I had been thrown into a gutter.

    Yes. The day my boss caught me going to a gay bar.

    I wasn’t worried about my future, I was angry at the fact that he went out with another partner.


    To tell you my story – it’s not something I’m going to brag about when I’m at this age – but since I was little, I used to play a lot, no, I was very promiscuous. That’s not to say I was doing the so-called errands. So, it was literally ‘crazy’. My first experience was when I was in my second year of middle school, and once I experienced it, I had no problem with it ever since.

    Since childhood, I have grown in height, and my moderate appearance has been praised for being warm. Thanks to this, in fact, even though my personality is open-ended, even if I didn’t put any effort in this place, I was entangled. There were many peers and noonas who were interested in sex around. Actually, dating was very annoying, but I was interested in sleeping with them. There were many opportunities during puberty, when I was learning about sex for a long time, but what man wouldn’t.

    I may have been greatly displeased by some of the bullies, but I had a strong backup so no one could touch me. That was my brother. From middle school, under the protection of my delinquent hyung who was famous in the neighborhood, who even high school students in the neighborhood couldn’t touch, I played freely.

    And when I was in high school, I unintentionally broadened my playground.

    It wasn’t intentional. It was something I had no choice but to do. How could a single high school student break the will of their parents?

    Instead of giving up on my older brother, whom no one could control, my parents pushed me too far. I was a pretty good student except for secretly meeting women from behind, so my parents trusted me completely and gave me a lot of support. It was obvious that this was not the case, but in the end, they decided to send me to the United States to study abroad. The reason they had to send me to study abroad was because they were worried that I might get stained by my brother.

    Anyway, I left Korea and went to America, which was much more open and free sexually. Just like in Korea, a face that belonged to the axis of handsomeness was quite popular in the West as well. So, I did not shy away from the new world that was unfolding before my eyes. When other boys my age coveted Western women while watching pornography, I directly devoured them with this body.

    One day, while I was so engrossed, I found out that sex with a man is possible, or maybe even more enjoyable than sex with a woman. I’ve been seriously engrossed in sex with men for a while, as I prefer to hit, but I think I know what it’s like to feel from the back.

    Then, the reason why I ended my messy sex life was because my parents died in an accident at the same time and I had to go back to Korea. My older brother, the only one left in my family, said that I could study more in America if I wanted to, but I was so shocked by my parents’ death that I wanted to give up all my messy life and get away from everything. So I just came to Korea.

    At that time, my brother, who was already on the dark side, reassured me that there was no need to worry about life, and he kept his word. I did not know where the money was coming from, but my brother made it possible for me to live without knowing what I was lacking when I returned to Korea.

    Thanks to this, I only studied and was able to enter a university that was well-received in Korea thanks to the fact that I learned English quite well in the United States. Also, thanks to my hard work even after entering college, I was able to get a job at a company that most people would know if I said its name. My sex life became messy again because I couldn’t give up my awful habit, but it was a time when I put a lot of effort into living my life properly.

    Until then, the reason I, who had always liked to play while pretending to study, lived hard was because of the guilt I felt for my parents who died while expecting too much of me, and the gratitude and regret for my older brother.

    Even though we are only one year apart, as my guardian, I felt very sorry for my older brother who was in charge of my life. So, I studied hard and worked hard. Fortunately, I was able to show the results that my boss liked, and I got a scout offer and had to change my job with a higher salary.

    Then six months after I became his secretary…

    “Secretary Lee, did you enjoy your weekend?”

    To be honest, I, who was working well at another company, moved to this hotel because of this man rather than my salary.

    “Yes, sir.”

    3rd generation chaebol. A man who has learned the principles of leadership since childhood and has grown up to take charge of the group’s hotel affiliates and sits as the president of the group and is proving his abilities. If that background alone is great, you can say that he is a great person.

    I’ve never seen a man this handsome above all else. I had never been such a handsome man. I never thought that the day would come when my heart would pound even though I looked up at the man when my height was 180cm.

    “You have a meeting at 11 o’clock. Before that, Director Lee wanted to see you first. Shall I arrange it?”

    “Go ahead.”

    “Yes. Director Lee said it was about the hotel acquisition, so I prepared the related materials first.”

    At my words, he glanced down and checked the documents he was holding with his hand. I looked into the man’s drooping eyes.

    How the hell can a man’s eyes be so pretty? His double eyelids were deep, his eyelashes were so thick, no eyes of any woman I had met were as pretty. It was slightly raised to give a sharp impression, but even that was one of the attractive points that made people tremble. It looked kind of lewd, and when I looked into his eyes, I immediately wanted to grab the end of his neatly tight tie and pull him over here, pouring kisses randomly around his eyes.

    “I will prepare coffee.”

    He nodded as he sat down and checked the documents I had prepared, and I walked out of the office, trying to take my eyes off his face. We met last Friday at a gay bar, but I don’t have much anxiety about my employment. Well, each of us had the same weakness, and in the worst case, if there was any kind of revelation, Jung Yiyeon would suffer more damage.

    Of course, there was no need to assume such a worst-case scenario. Jung Yiyeon, that person didn’t have much interest in my existence.

    Nevertheless, it was inevitable to feel a little nervous because of the man’s unexpected identity. Actually, I can’t tell if this is tension or excitement from meeting the person I like. Anyway, my chest keeps getting weird and I just sweep it down without realizing it.

    The drip coffee, prepared in advance in the kitchen, was slowly stirred after adding a spoonful of sugar to the cup. At the same time, about thirty spoons of affection went into it. Barely stopping the pouring in of more affection, I went into the office with the coffee and set it down in front of him reading the papers. The direction is also beautifully turned so that if he extends his right hand a little, he can immediately grab the handle.

    I was well aware that he wasn’t the kind of person who would reply or give his secretary a glance when he was working. If he needs anything, he will talk to you on his own, so I stood there for about 5 seconds and watched.

    Again, Jung Yiyeon didn’t say anything, and I turned around without any regrets, putting the tray I used to hold the coffee cup next to me.

    But before I could even take a step, his voice rang out.

    “Secretary Lee.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    He turned his body towards me. He still had his eyes on the papers. Ah, let me see that damn handsome face. Such sadness filled my heart.

    “… President?”

    He had been silent for a while after calling, so I tilted my head once more and called him. His gaze glanced at me for a moment, and eventually he put down his papers and pen. I was a little nervous because I thought it was something serious, but the face I met with wasn’t all that serious.

    “Secretary Lee.”


    “What was your name?”

    …For a moment, I felt ridiculous, and my pulse went limp. For a second there, I thought about strangling him.

    My name is a bit unusual, so the evaluation of most people is that once you hear it, it is hard to forget it. But he was so uninterested that he doesn’t even know my name after I’ve been working as his secretary for 6 months. I knew that he was not interested in anything other than work, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Of course, I didn’t show it outwardly and responded in a blunt way.

    “It’s Leenan.”



    “Do you use the characters for orchid (蘭)?”

    Just then, I remembered the moment from six months ago, when I was offered an interview with a scout. It was after a couple of transfers while working at the secretary’s office because I was quick and had the necessary skills – I don’t know what it was.

    I just thought it was a bit odd. My boss at the time, who liked me very much, had been the first to recommend me to change my job. It was then that I thought that the few easy job changes in the past may have been a test of my abilities.I also wondered how picky the person who wanted to leave it to me would be if I had to go through such a procedure.

    I have a dirty personality, so if I can’t work, I should quit and go somewhere else.

    It was a man who made secretaries quit several times and said that it was convenient to work alone, and he only needed an in-office secretary who answered the phone and managed schedules. He didn’t even want to hide his sarcastic look and his expression that he didn’t have to have a secretary to carry out his job.

    ‘If Executive Director Baek is the one who introduced you, there will be nothing more for me to see.’

    The one thing he was interested in was my name, which was rather unusual. Back then, he asked the same question.

    ‘Are you using the characters for orchid?’

    No… I wonder if I, as a man, would use orchids as my first name.

    “I use the warm naan (暖) characters.”

    Barely escaping from the memories of the past, I managed to give an answer in time.

    By the way, my hyung’s name is Leeon. How warm it is. The brothers Leewon and Leenan were quite famous names in our neighborhood.

    “After thinking about it, I didn’t even know secretary Lee’s name.”

    Haha, he smiled shyly.

    The moment when those well-shaped lips drew an arc, revealing clean teeth. The moment when the low tone tickles my ears. Ugh… I felt my heart go down to hell.

    Poker face, am I using it well? Did my cheeks turn red or did my ears turn red? He wouldn’t be able to hear this heartbeat, beating like a giant drum, right?

    As I was barely controlling my mind and secretly trying to calm something soaring in my body, his voice rang once more.

    “I just wanted to know your name.”

    And the next words completely shook me, I had barely managed to grasp it.

    “I think you should be my secretary until the day you die, secretary Lee.”

    Ah. Pamper you until I die. That’s my job. I guess I was born to be the boss’s secretary.

    In front of a man who declared that he would exploit my labor until death, for the first time in my life, I thought that I might be a masochist.


    The reason his former secretaries quit their jobs was because of work that was too hard for their pay. For a simple secretary’s job, he had a lot of chores to deal with, and it was annoying to adjust a severely flexible schedule, and he had to not only work in the office, but sometimes even act as his assistant.

    Besides, he didn’t leave work for dinner, and when he stayed up late, he couldn’t go first and had to wait and get things he wanted.

    At the same time, the person called the employer was so rude, he didn’t even know the first two letters of my name while working as his secretary every day. Since he was such a person, when he started concentrating on his work, even if he didn’t need a secretary, he would boldly forget to tell me to go first.

    If it wasn’t for money, it really wasn’t something to do. Ignoring labor laws, the man, who has a wonderful mindset that his working hours are the hours of his secretary’s working hours, compensated for the hours with high allowances that are hard to resist. So maybe their predecessors worked until at least one of them, health or mental, was smashed. Or, there were many cases where they were paid a lot of money and then got fired because the boss didn’t like the handling of their work.

    I was never the latter. So, the way things are handled is what makes Mr. Jung happy.

    However, I did feel a little tired from the lack of time for privacy and from a physical point of view too.

    Nevertheless, it is because of that man that I cannot give up on this job. There was no reason to quit a job where I could earn a lot of money and have something good to look at too. My heart is full just looking at him, but there is no way I can think of quitting.

    He was a man who shone just by looking at him. If I had to give a single comment about him wearing a tailored suit, it was that it made me hard. He was so beautiful walking towards me in the midday sun that I had to clench my fists and his teeth. In an instant, all the background disappears and I fall into an illusion that the place he walks has become a runway.

    A well-balanced body that is neither thin nor fat, somewhat taller than me. Obviously, the body under that suit must be beautifully woven, regardless of the belly fat of a 30-year-old. It was a suit fit that could not come out otherwise. Moreover, the ratio of the upper body to the lower body was perfect, to the extent that the legs of a man who stretched out and stood proudly on the ground felt elegant.

    Fuck, at this moment, I envy all asphalt. I never dreamed that I would even want to lie down at his feet and try to be trampled on. It got better over the past six months, and after I found out he was gay, it got really bad.

    I was watching him, salivating, but pretending to be humble and not revealing my feelings has been a specialty I have learned recently.

    It felt like my heart was going to explode when I looked at him, and it wasn’t easy to take my eyes off him. I was seriously addicted to it. But how dare you express all of this.

    Even if I found out that he was sleeping with a man, I wouldn’t dare bet on him. You are the boss, I am the secretary. That was the reality. It was a game with too much to lose on my side to reach out to a man who I wouldn’t be 100% over with if he cheated on me.

    He got into the car and carefully pushed the door I was holding on to shut it. My seat was in the driver’s seat, not the passenger seat in front. There were many difficulties even when I first rode a car with him, as he was someone who usually drove a car by himself. The ending was that I, who was scared to be in the passenger seat, took the car key and became a driver.

    After that, during my working hours, my salary was raised again on condition that I even serve as a driver. While I was changing jobs, my basic salary was also raised, and if I include the huge allowances, the amount of money I receive per month is quite a lot. I was receiving a salary that would have taken years if I had taken the step by step promotion at my original company.

    For me, it’s a very noble thing to do. Since I am longing for the person I serve, spending a long time together is happiness, not pain, and I am also receiving money while looking at eye candy.

    “Secretary Lee.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “How about your meal?”

    He was a very polite man. Is it possible to take care of the people around you with just a word or two, even though he didn’t have enough sincerity to memorize my foreign name. Perhaps it was good manners as he was in the tourism business. His greetings also feel very friendly and doesn’t cross the line.

    This attitude and a few greetings haven’t changed much since he and I met at a gay bar.

    But it was because of this that I became conscious. After finding out that he is having sex with a man, it feels special when he occasionally asks if I have eaten or looks directly at me for a moment with his constant gaze on the payment papers.

    Every time his gaze or voice touches me, my ears  and my body trembles. Not to mention the pounding of my heart.

    In fact, even though everything about him was just mediocre. I fall into my own pink imagination, wondering if he might be interested in me.

    “I ate it.”

    Of course, as always, I don’t reveal anything.

    Because it was the first time in my life that I fell in love with someone so depressingly. It was the first time in my life that I was embarrassed to show my feelings.

    After I replied that I had eaten, I thought about it for a while and then asked him.

    “Would you like a hamburger?”

    “… now? Didn’t I just come from dinner?”

    The man who asked the question was a bit dumbfounded. When I was feeling a little regretful, and thinking maybe it was a bit nosy, a hand came up next to my face. He asked me why a hamburger, but the hand in front of me was asking for the hamburger.

    I was a little surprised, but pretending to be calm and okay, I handed him a bag of hamburgers that had been well packaged in the passenger seat. In case he said he didn’t need it, I had it rolled up in plastic to keep the smell out of the car. I should have taken it out by hand, but it was a pity that I couldn’t use my hand because the car was already on the road.

    I heard the sound of the package being opened behind me.

    “I will eat well.”

    Then the smell of hamburgers filled the car. I couldn’t stop the smile on my lips at the sound of one big bite.

    Of course, there was a reason I bought a hamburger for the man who had just left the meal schedule. It was because I knew that on the day he ate cooked fish for lunch, he ate a hamburger.

    It wasn’t every lunch he had, only occasionally, but it was something I learned while cleaning his car.

    He was a person with a bad habit of leaving garbage in the car, but I was just glad to get rid of it. Even though I laughed a little, saying that I like this person this much.

    In any case, the hamburger bag was the most frequent among the garbage. I wondered why this person keeps eating this junk food, so I checked the date and time of the receipt inside, and found out that he always eats hamburgers on the day he eats sashimi and other fish dishes.

    It was also a double burger with added meat patties. I found out that adding a patty is possible thanks to Jung Yiyeon. In addition, the ice can be removed from the Coke offered at the fast food restaurant…

    “French fries?”

    “I took it off because you didn’t like eating it.”

    “How does secretary Lee know that?”

    “Sometimes I find them when I clean out the trash in the car.”

    A few times the fries were found untouched and buried inside the bag. During those times, I wondered what the purpose was for buying a set, but there were times when the fries were often thrown away, probably because he made a mistake without thinking. As a third-generation chaebol, I was just guessing that he wasn’t good at ordering fast food.

    “You shouldn’t clean up the garbage. There are people for it.”

    “It’s okay. It’s not difficult.”

    My mouth was voicing sounds I could never have imagined before. Not only do they say things that are unimaginable, but they also do things that are unimaginable. It wasn’t just about taking out the trash. I went through the trash one by one, checked the receipts and leftover food, and sat down.

    I was so obsessed with this man that I wondered if this was stalker behavior. I had a lot of fun using the position of secretary… I didn’t know before that my job had such an advantage. A secretary is a job that can rationalize stalking by saying, ‘You have to understand everything about the boss you serve.’ After I got to know Jung Leeyeon, I was realizing a lot of new things.

    “Do you want a vanilla latte?”


    Seeing the cup and receipt stuck in the cup holder, I knew his taste for coffee. To be more precise, it was the behavior I saw after eating food he didn’t really like. A large hamburger with two meat patties, ice-free cola and sweet coffee. That was Jung Yiyeon’s digestive medicine.

    “Secretary Lee, is this an occupational disease?”


    I tilted my head at the sudden question.

    “It’s like you’re bending over backwards to be kind.”


    Was the sound of my heart plummeting to the floor only heard in my ears?

    At the words that Jung Yiyeon threw out indifferently, I felt like a fever was rising on my face, so I just stared at the car in front of me.

    What? Kindness? Leenan and affection?? It was nonsense, I was not even laughing.

    My parents gave me the name Nan (暖) to be a warm person, but I was far from a warm person. I was extremely rational and selfish. In particular, in my relationship with my lover, my role was to behead people. I was crazy too.

    I never thought I’d hear those words that I was kind. I was accustomed to basic manners and consideration, but there were people around me who approached me even if I didn’t treat them well, and fell in love with me if I was just a little bit kind. It was fun to meet them, and if they broke up, I stop. I can’t believe how sweet I am.

    “There was no answer. Are you offended?”

    No, what’s wrong with you? It made me think of two combinations that didn’t go well together, so I was just speechless. I just realized again that I was so obsessed with him, to the point where I heard modifiers that didn’t suit me.

    “No. If you think I’m being too much, please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

    “It’s just a job.”

    I didn’t have to answer that. Even when I had my previous boss, it wasn’t up to this level, but I tried to fit in with the boss. It was a necessary part of being a secretary. But now, even without much effort, all my nerves and effort were being used to identify and match him. Emotions were such a funny thing.

    “I didn’t think much when you added a spoonful of sugar to my coffee every morning, regularly cleaning the inside of the car to keep the scent consistent, or putting a pain reliever on my desk when I didn’t even say I had a headache.”

    … I was a little surprised again. It was surprising that he had noticed the meticulous care I was doing for him.

    “After we met at a gay bar, I felt that the actions of  secretary Lee were unusual, so I asked.”

    “… I see.”

    This was the first time he mentioned the gay bar.

    My heart started beating again. The hamburger I ate when I stopped by to buy it for Jung Leeyeon seemed to glow in my stomach. I felt like I was going to get nauseous, and I felt like I was getting dizzy.

    Can I drive properly? The hand holding the handle was tight.

    “It is so that there is a pleasant work environment for the boss I serve…”

    At the intersection, the light turned red. I hit the brake a few times and gently stopped the car. And while waiting for the signal, his voice continued.

    As if asking, ‘Have you eaten?’, it was a businesslike, dry voice, as usual, and a tone without emotion.

    “So, shall we go have sex now?”

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