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    Translated by AmaLynne


    ―――A week later.

    Sam was at the royal palace.


    「Well gathered! Today, the battle for the title of the most powerful in our country will be fought!」


    The clear voice of Clyde Isle Skye, King of the Skye Kingdom, echoed through the magical military training grounds in the royal palace.

    King Clyde was a man in his mid-forties with long, bluish silver hair.

    He gives the impression of being unapproachable and stern, not very friendly.

    Despite such a king, he is very popular among the people because of his good government and his constant consideration for his people.


    「The man who challenges Albert Frege, the most powerful wizard in our country, is surprisingly still a young boy, Samuel Scheidt.」


    From the hastily constructed bleachers for the royal family, the king looks around at all the people gathered to watch the duel.

    Everyone was listening to his voice as they bowed to the king with the greatest of reverence.

    Sam and the others were no exception, kneeling and lowering their heads along with Albert on the square ring that served as the training ground.


    The king and other royalty, the dukes, and other nobles were gathered here.

    There were also many members of the Order of the Knights and members of the magical army who wanted to catch a glimpse of the duel.

    And, of course, there were court magicians, though not all of them.

    Not only they, but also the civil servants and maids working in the royal palace watched the duel from the windows of the buildings and from afar.


    Of course, there were also the Earls of Walker who had come to support Sam.

    Jonathan, the Vice Commander of the Magical Army, as well as his wife Grace, Lise, the second daughter, Alicia, the third daughter, and Erica, the fourth daughter, were all in formal attire and the nobles’ seats.

    Next to them were Delight Sinatra, a former court wizard, and her daughter, Fran.

    Delight’s arrival, who had been a recluse and alcoholic for many years, was a great surprise to his former colleagues and others who knew what was going on.


    「Albert, get your face up.」



    Following the king’s words, Albert looks up.

    His eyes were glistening with the fighting spirit of the duel that was about to begin.

    His magical power is already rising, trying to intimidate.


    「I expect a battle worthy of the name of the strongest.」

    「Of course.」


    King Clyde nodded in satisfaction at Albert’s short but confident response.

    The king then shifted his gaze to the side.





    When the king, who could be said to be above the clouds, called out his name, Sam calmly replied.


    「I will be sure to watch you, young man, as you take on the mightiest of the mighty.」

    「I will not disappoint you.」

    「Mm-hmm. Well, let’s leave the preliminaries at that. I expect this to be a great battle!」


    The king said so loudly and nodded his head, and the person acting as referee climbed onto the ring.

    He was a man in his early forties, with a well-trained body dressed in an indigo-colored military uniform.


    「The referee will be Ludo Orself, the Commander of the National Magical Army! Now it’s time to duel. Rise up, both of you!」


    At the sound of Ludo’s voice, Sam and Albert stood up.

    Their gazes meet.

    Sam looks calm, but Albert, on the other hand, is smiling ferociously, his face contorted.


    「It’s too late for the kid to regret this, okay? You’re going to die a horrible death because I’m going to play with you.」

    「Albert! Curb your private chatter!」

    「Hey, but it’s true, isn’t it? In this duel, you can’t be blamed for killing the kid. Everyone knows what will happen to the little bastard who so cheekily challenged me.」


    Albert challenges him with a nasty smile, but Sam ignores him without changing color.

    He knows there is no use in trying to argue with him.


    「But I’m not the devil either. I’ll at least let you have the last word. I’ll even give you time to say hello to the counts who are watching you die, okay?」

    「Albert, enough! …Samuel Scheidt, I do not agree with Albert’s proposal, but this duel allows for an exchange of lives. If you want to abstain, now is your last chance. Once the duel begins, no one can protect you.」

    「Thank you for your concern. But there is nothing wrong.」


    Sam is grateful for Ludo’s concern, but he smiles at Albert as if he is not afraid.

    This must have offended him, and Albert’s face contorted in disapproval.


    「I’m sure you’re okay with this? Then I won’t say anything else.」

    「Stupid kid, man. I’m going to give you a taste of the most powerful magic. Funny thing is, even the losers Delight and Francesca are here. I’ll make Francesca my bitch with your head as a souvenir.」

    「I told you to watch your language, Albert!」

    「Heihei. Let’s get on with it.」


    Albert, who is warned, shows no signs of remorse.

    It was obvious that he did not doubt his victory.


    「Samuel, I’m going to start the duel. Are we clear?」

    「Of course. Please do.」

    「Then begins the duel for the title of the most powerful wizard in the Skye Kingdom! Both sides, ready!」


    There was no way there could be any fear of the duel that was about to begin.

    The only thing in Sam’s mind was the joy of finally being able to take the first step.

    Sam did not doubt his victory.

    Arrogant, perhaps, but four years under the tutelage of Ur, the best teacher he had ever had, had given him a great deal of confidence.




    Ludo’s voice rings loudly.

    The crowd held its breath.

    A moment later, Albert’s voice rises from his throat.


    「I’m going to show you why I’m called the strongest! This is my―――」


    Albert, his magic power raised to the limit, tries to unleash his magic.

    The audience, who were watching from afar, could see the high concentration of magical power that was being unleashed.

    Albert is about to unleash his magic.


    「Skill Release―――.」


    Sam quietly flashed his right arm to the side.


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