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    South Wind Knows My Mood 2

    South Wind Knows My Mood 2 (Web Novel)


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    Zhu Jiu, who dreams of being a surgeon, enrolled in the medical school of Heidelberg University in Germany at the age of 17. The expensive tuition and living expenses in Europe forced her to work part-time under tremendous academic pressure. In the autumn of her 18 years old, introduced by a friend, she encountered Fu Yunshen who lost a leg in a car accident and came to Heidelberg to recuperate.


    After three years of their encounter, Fu Yunshen, who was in a desperate situation in life and had a bad temper, went from being indifferent and picky towards Zhu Jiu at first,  finally gradually infected by her optimistic and tough temperament. The love between them also grows quietly.


    On Zhu Jiu’s 21st birthday, Fu Yunshen proposed to her with a self-made star watch. Witnessed by Fu Yunshen’s aunt’s family, they married in a church in Heidelberg. But, the sweet married life did not last long. An accident caused by Zhu Jiu made Fu Yunshen seriously injured and almost die.


    The accident made Fu Yunshen deeply understand one thing: in the face of danger, his disability made him no way to protect his beloved wife like a normal man, and the many sequelae caused by the car accident made him weaker day by day.


    After that, he proposed to divorce Zhu Jiu. In his opinion, the best love that can give her is to let go. But he didn’t know that in Zhu Jiu’s heart, this love was a lifetime.


    Seven years later, Zhu Jiu learned that Fu Yunshen had flown to the desert to search for her when she disappeared in the Sahara Desert and fell ill as a result. Her heart was shaken. Her past memories were so beautiful, even though time passed, she never forgot him, so she decided to go back to work in China, ask him for clear answers, and give each other a chance. 


    Although, Fu Yunshen helped her many times, and even shielded her from the knife in danger. He always pushed her away because of his affection. His stubbornness made her feel weak.


    The sudden death of her grandmother who was suffering from liver cancer on the operating table by her own self made Zhu Jiu sad. Because of Fu Yunshen’s repeated refusal, she decided to leave China, return to doctors without borders. She follows the team deep into Syria in civil strife and carries out humanitarian medical assistance for war refugees. During her stay in Syria, she kept writing to Fu Yunshen, exposing herself to the unbearable emotions of the cruelty bombing, blood, death, and fear of war. He became her heart’s support.


    In the summer of Zhu Jiu’s second year in Syria, Fu Yunshen suddenly got bad news. She was held hostage and suffered great physical and mental trauma after being saved. At this time, he had just undergone a serious operation and his body was in the recovery period. But he didn’t care. He went to search for her, and at the same time he made up his mind to let go of all his worries and go to her side…


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