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    Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari -Munou Mahou ga Benri Mahou ni-

    Vol. 1 Chapter 1.7

    Entertaining the Princess

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    The next day, I was standing in front of the entrance of the mansion, waiting for the emperor with a gloomy mood.

    Entertaining a princess, would definitely be hard. I, hardly ever talk to people, so I’m sure I’m going to misspeak.

    Inside the house, our servants have been running around in a flurry of actions since this morning. Even the always calm Sebastian seemed to be in a state of excitement over the emperor’s visit.


    “Your Majesty the Emperor, has arrived!”


    Almost at the same time as the voice, a luxurious carriage surrounded by a number of escorting carriages came into the premises.

    Ah, he has arrived. As one would expect of an emperor, the number of his escorts is amazing……

    When the carriage stopped in front of the front door, a group of strong guards came down and one of them opened the door of the luxurious carriage.

    Then a man got out of the carriage from its inside. And the man turned to my dad.


    “Three years ago, we were both busy with the taking over so we didn’t see each other for a while, but are you doing well?”

    “Yes, thanks to you. I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to His Majesty the Emperor for his continued health.”


    Oh, this is the first time I’ve seen my father act like a nobleman.

    He’s usually so random, but…… as expected, he’s firm in times like this.


    “Oy, oy, I told you not to use honorifics except on official occasions!”

    “Ah, Orton, I’m just making fun of you on purpose. Isn’t this the first time you’ve come here as an emperor?”


    A’re? Was that an act? Oh well, it’s dad.


    “What are you talking about. You’re also the first 『Emperor Entertainer』 to become the head”

    “Ah, that’s right.”


    As the emperor and my father were laughing at each other, a cute voice sounded from behind the emperor.


    “Father, don’t talk too long on the way out.”


    It was a silver-haired girl about my age who came out, pushing the emperor’s back as she said this.

    Sh,she’s cute!

    The emperor pats that girl on the head.


    “Ah, sorry, sorry. Diork, this is my daughter, Sheria.”

    “Oh, you’re as pretty as they say, young lady. Nice to meet you, Sheria-chan”


    When Dad greeted the girl, Sheria, she picked up her skirt and lightly folded her knees in a beautiful greeting.




    “Nice to meet you. I’m Sheria.”




    “This is my son, Leonce”


    I also, bowed to the Emperor and Sheria, according to the custom.

    Then I heard another voice coming from inside the carriage.


    “Oh my, isn’t he cute. As expected of Diork-san and Carla’s child ~!”


    It was the Empress who came down from the carriage with her voice. Then ……


    “It’s been a long time, Ashley! I’ve missed you so much!”


    Saying that, Mom ran up to the Empress.


    “Me too, Carla.”


    Then they hugged each other as if it was an emotional reunion.


    “Yes, yes, I know you have a lot to talk about, but you’ll have to talk about it later. Why don’t we all enjoy a nice lunch first”


    Dad, guided the emperor and the others to the room where lunch was served while pushing their backs.

    All of today’s lunches are definitely more luxurious than usual and look very delicious.


    “Everyone, take your seats!”


    Dad makes everyone sit down. And with a glass of sake,


    “So then, here’s to welcoming Orton, Ashley, and Sheria-chan!!”



    Thus began the tense lunch.

    Then we each reach for a dish that interests us.


    “Each and every time I come here, the food is always very delicious. Whenever I go back to the castle, I always have an irresistible urge to eat it again.”


    The emperor praised our food while eating it with relish.


    “I, have never had such a rare and delicious food!”


    The queen was chewing on the food with a big smile on her face, as if she had never seen such food in the world.


    “Speaking of which, this is the first time Ashley and Sheria tasted the foods at the Forster family. These cuisines are food from the homeland of the Hero.”


    With that said, the emperor cut the hamburger steak with a large knife and threw it into his mouth.

    And when the emperor said so, I then realized that our food was from my previous life.

    The table was lined with fried food, pizza, gratin, and other foods that I had known since before I was born. I had never eaten outside of our home, so I hadn’t really thought about the food culture of this world.


    “Oh my, is it the taste of the Hero’s hometown? It is no wonder that it’s delicious!”

    “I’m glad you like it. This is a dish that my father is very proud of, he came up with the recipe together with our head chef.”

    “Diork, pardon me, but ……. can I have that recipe, please? It’s a lifetime request! Every time, I hated to put up eating this dish for three years, and I dreamed that when I became the Emperor, I would definitely ask you for it.”


    As he said this, the emperor bowed his head so desperately that his head almost touched the desk, begging my dad for it.


    “……You were thinking about that? It wasn’t like I was keeping the recipe a secret, I could have given it to you anytime you asked.”

    “I,is that what it was…… why,why didn’t I ask about the recipe sooner……”


    The emperor was holding his head in his hands and regretted his action.

    That is, how much he likes our food huh. I can’t believe he became an emperor because he dreamed of getting the recipe……


    “Oy, oy, let’s think more positively! From now on, you’ll be able to eat it every day, right?”

    “E,every day from now on!? Yes, there’s no point in regretting what had happened. I can eat it every day from now on.”


    At my dad’s words, the dead-eyed emperor’s eyes took 180 degrees turn, and now they were full of life, as if he was looking forward to the future.


    “Oh, you’re looking better. I’ll tell the chef to have the recipe ready by the time you return. For now, just enjoy the existing food. And when we’re done eating, we’ll go to the hot springs which you were looking forward to.”


    Then lunch continued with the adults happily talking and us children just listening to them……

    Then, after lunch with the Emperor and his family, we all went outside to take a hot spring bath.

    This was the first time I had been to a hot spring since I came to this world, so I had been secretly looking forward to it ever since I was asked to entertain the princess.

    When I went outside, I saw three horse-drawn carriages. Wh,why are there three? Somehow…… I have a very bad feeling.

    Why did they bother to make it three when two will do?


    “Well then, I’ve prepared three carriages, so we’ll split up and get in.”

    “Dad, by the way, how will we be divided?”

    “Of course, it’s me and Orton, Carla and Ashley, you and Sheria.”

    “As I thought that’s the case……”


    Yeah, that’s how I felt.


    “The same with us, there may be times when your mother and the emperor’s wife want to meet and talk with each other for the first time in a long time, so it can’t be helped, right? Therefore, Sheria and Leo should get along and ride in the carriage together.”


    While saying that, Dad pushed my back. I lost my balance and took a few steps forward, stopping just in front of the princess, making our eyes met.


    “E,err, nice to meet you.”


    I felt awkward, so I gave a light greeting for the time being.


    “Now then, there’s no point in talking here, so let’s head to the hot springs. Everyone, ride on you horse carriage”


    Dad pushed me and the princess onto the carriage.


    After successfully getting Leo and Sheria into the same carriage, Diork spoke to his best friend, Orton.


    “It’s kind of nostalgic seeing those two together.”

    “Ah, it was awfully awkward the first time we were put in a carriage together when we were five.”

    “Yeah, as I have to entertain you, I was wondering how to talk to you~. But that was only at first, because we soon became good friends, and now you’re an irreplaceable best friend.”

    “Indeed, so I’m sure those guys will get along just fine.”



    At that time.


    “Uhmm……I’m Leons”

    “Ah, yes. I’m Sheria.”



    We both just said our own names and fell silent.

    It’s so awkward, I can’t think of a conversation I can have with someone I’ve never met before, because I’ve only talked to the same people every day since I was born in this world.

    But I have to talk to her as soon as possible, whether whatever it is……


    “Ho,how old is the Princess-sama now?”


    With great pains, I talk to her with courage, but I bit my tongue.




    “Please call me Sherry, without honorifics.”


    Princess-sama looked at me in the eye and said firmly.

    It’s okay for the youngest son of a noble family like me to swear in an informal setting, but is it okay to call the princess-sama by her nickname? However, I don’t think it’s good to decline here ……


    “Alright, I understand. Then, you can call me Leo, okay?”


    In the end, I decided to comply.

    And then, on the spur of the moment, I asked her to call me by my nickname, which was an outrageous thing to do. I may have said something I shouldn’t have…… is this okay?


    “Leo-kun, right? I understand.”


    Apparently, there was no need to worry. Sherry responded with a smile. In my mind, I sigh with relief.

    But something doesn’t feel right…….


    “Speaking of which, Sherry’s still using honorifics!”

    “I can use honorifics.”

    “I,is that right……”


    Apparently, I had managed not to offend Sherry somehow.


    “Fufufu, by the way, from your previous question, I’m five years old.”


    Come to think of it, I was asking such a question ……


    “Five years old? That’s the same as me.”

    “We’re the same age? I thought you were older than me.”

    “Eh, why!?”


    I, am not much taller than Sherry, so why would she think that?


    “Since from the time I first got out of the carriage until lunch time, your behavior seemed mature.”

    “I,is that so? I don’t think Sherry’s any different, either?”


    That, greeting she gave my dad seemed so mature.


    “No, I’m not capable of eating that neatly.”


    You mean like how to use a knife or something? If so, I have used it in my previous life, so it was easy to use for me.


    “I,is that right~?”

    “That’s right. By the way, what do you usually do, Leo?”

    “Usually? Reading books, pouring magic power into magic stones, and practicing magic.”

    “Eh? You can use magic already?”

    “I could use it a little.”

    “That’s nice~. What kind of magic can you use?”


    Sherry asked with her eyes shining.


    “It’s creation magic.”



    As I thought, she was disappointed to hear that it was creation magic. ……


    “What is that magic!? It seems really amazing! Can you tell me what kind of magic it is?”


    Sherry asked very curiously.


    “Eh!? Don’t you think it’s incompetent?”


    “No, it’s nothing.”


    Apparently, Sherry doesn’t know that creation magic is called incompetent.

    Just as I was thinking about this, the carriage stopped.


    “Ah, it looks like we’ve arrived. Please tell me about creation magic later.”

    “Ye,yeah. Understood”


    When we got out of the carriage, the whole area was covered in steam.


    “Okay, now that we’re all here, let’s get into the hot spring.”


    The hot spring was divided into men’s and women’s baths, so the men and women were separated on the way to the hot spring.

    Hence, since the emperor is probably be talking to my dad, I’ll enjoy the hot spring.

    Then me, the emperor, and my dad went to the hot spring.


    “Fuh, it’s soothing to the touch~”

    “Truly, the hot springs are always soothing.”

    “Why isn’t there a hot spring in the Imperial Capital~”

    “My father says that it’s because of geographical issue.”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


    I also have a few memories of my past life about the conditions under which hot springs are formed, but I don’t know enough to explain them.


    “Well, don’t worry about the small details.”

    “Yes, by the way, Leo-kun, how do you feel about the hot springs?”


    Seriously, he’s going to talk to me as well……


    “Ye,yes, it feels good.”

    “Is that so, I heard earlier that you and Sheria are the same age, so it would be great if you could be friends from now on.”


    “Also, is my Sheria cute?”

    “Ha, eh? Ye,yes”


    Suddenly, he asked me something strange, so I gave a strange answer.


    “Is that so, is that so”


    The emperor laughed in amusement at my panic.




    That time.


    “How’s the hot spring, Sheria-chan?”

    “It feels good to be warmed up inside.”

    “To have something like this nearby …… I envy you, Carla! Do you go in here every day?”

    “I don’t go in here every day. I haven’t been in here since Leo was born because I’ve been so busy.”

    “Eh~, such a waste. Speaking of Leo, how was the carriage ride with you and Leo? Sheria”

    “Eh, how, is it?”

    “What did you talk about in the carriage?”

    “Err, we started talking about what we would call each other, and then we talked about how we were the same age (five) and what we usually did, and at that time, we got here.”

    “Oh, you talked a lot. By the way, what did Leo decide to call you, Sheria-chan?”

    “……I asked him to call me Sherry”


    Sheria said shyly.


    “Arara, you’re already that close? Fufufu, take care of Leo from now on.”




    The hot spring time was over, and when I got on the carriage, Sherry was there.


    “Did the hot springs feel good?”

    “Yes, it felt really good.”

    “I’m glad to hear that. After all, hot springs are great.”

    “That’s right, isn’t it. I want to enter it again. By the way, would you mind continuing where we left off?”

    “Let’s see, I believe we were at the explanation of creation magic?”

    “That’s correct. Please tell me.”

    “Err, to explain it simply, creation magic is magic that uses magic power and materials to create something.”

    “What kind of things can you make?”

    “There are some things that I can’t make with magic power alone, but I can make most things with materials.”

    “It’s amazing that you can create almost anything.”

    “Really? Come to think of it, what attributes does Sherry have?”

    “What do you think it is? Try to guess.”



    I can’t imagine it at all. …… No choice, let’s appraise her!!


    Sheria Vector

    Level: 1

    Age: 5

    Race: Human

    Occupation: Princess

    Health(Physical Strength): 3/3

    Magic(Magic Power): 11/11

    Power: 3

    Speed: 3

    Luck: 500

    Attributes: None, Water, Lightning, Ice, Charm



    Water magic level 1, Lightning magic level 1, Ice magic level 1

    Charm magic level 1, Non-attribute magic level 1






    Oh, she has 5 attributes, and 3 of them are unique attributes. Also, her luck is fifty times more dangerous than normal (I can’t speak for other people).


    “Perhaps, it’s water?”

    “Ah, you hit it!”


    “But, you also have non-attribute, lightning, ice, and charm.”

    “Eh!? Isn’t that a lot? That’s too amazing.”

    “Err, father said that royalty has always had many attributes.”



    I think that the greater the parents are, the greater the children would be?


    “Ah, by the way, you have stopped using honorifics, you know?”


    Before I knew it, Sherry had stopped using honorifics.


    “Ugh, I forgot.”

    “Mou, as it is, let’s stop using honorifics”


    I, don’t like the fact that she’s the only one using honorifics.


    “I understand. Ah~, I was trying my best to make me look graceful~”

    “You don’t need to. Sherry is cute even if she talks normally.”

    “Tha,thank you”


    Sherry’s face turned red. She’s so embarrassed. ……that’s so cute.


    “By the way, the Emperor and the others are going to visit the Demon Forest tomorrow, and they said it’s too dangerous for us to stay with them, but what would you like to do?”

    “Err…… ah, show me creation magic.”

    “Yeah, sure. I’ll make something tomorrow.”

    “Yay, that’s a promise!!”

    “Yeah, it’s a promise”


    After this, we all had dinner together after arriving home, and the first day of the emperor’s visit was over.


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