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    Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari -Munou Mahou ga Benri Mahou ni-

    Vol. 1 Chapter 1.2

    First Birthday & About This World

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    It’s my, first birthday.

    It seems that it is normal for nobles in this world to hold grand parties to celebrate their eighth and sixteenth birthdays.

    By the way, adulthood in this world is 16 years old.

    Hence, it seems that they don’t celebrate every birthday.

    But this time, the whole family was there because it was my first birthday.

    Thereupon, I finally found out the whole family, my name(not nickname), and my age.

    I’m “Leonce Forster,” they say. It’s a pretty cool name, isn’t it? I like it quite a bit.

    In addition to my sister, I had two older brothers.

    My oldest brother is “Ivan Forster”, eight years old. Similar to my father, he has a good physique and a nice face.

    My second brother is “Alex Forster”, seven years old. Similar to mother, he has a thin body but looks smart. This one is also unquestionably handsome.

    And my sister and parents are……

    My sister is “Helena Forster”, four years old.

    My father is “Diork Forster”, twenty-eight years old.

    My mother is “Carla Forster”, twenty-five years old.

    By the way, my oldest brother and sister had red hair and my second brother had black hair.

    Also, I finally got to see a mirror recently and found out that I also have black hair.

    Speaking of which, it seems that black hair is rare in this world.

    My face was still that of a baby, so I couldn’t judge whether I was good-looking or not, but looking at my sister and brother, I felt like I could be good-looking too.

    And now, my two older brothers, who I don’t usually get to see because my dad doesn’t show up, are talking to me.


    “Nice to meet you, Leo. I’m Ivan!”


    My oldest brother greeted me in a loud voice.

    On the other hand, my second brother gave a gentle greeting, “I’m Alex.”.


    “Leo has black hair, huh…… I’m glad to have a company.”

    “I agree. You’re the only one of my brothers with black hair, so I’m glad to finally have some company.”


    Alex-niisan patted my head happily.



    “Sorry I’m late!”


    My father came into the room with great enthusiasm.


    “It’s alright. Since Ivan and the others were just saying hello to Leo.”

    “That’s good. Oh, the kids are all grown up now.”


    Then, father calls out to each one of us.


    “Are Ivan and Alex enjoying school?”

    “Helena is about to start going to school.”

    “I wanted to see Leo”


    Saying that, he stroked my head.

    Then Dad said, “Well, let’s get started,” and everyone took their seats.s


    “““““Happy Birthday Leo!”””””


    The party started.


    “I haven’t been able to see everyone since I’ve been busy with the territory, but now that it’s over, I’ll be able to see you every day.”


    Father happily told everyone.


    “But, I and Ivan-niisan have school, so we’ll be back to the Imperial Capital tomorrow, though.”

    “What!? But I’m glad I met you guys today.”

    “More than that, what kind of child is Leo?”


    After finishing his conversation with my father, Alex-niisan asked my mother a question.


    “Err, that’s right. Leo is so cute and different!”


    Father’s question was answered not by Mom, but by my sister.

    Stra,strange…… , wonder if I was doing such a strange thing?


    “Eh, how is he different? He looks normal and smart, though……”

    “Ah, that’s right, when I thought he was crawling, he moved around the house every day, and when he found a book about magic in the library, he seemed to like it so much that after that, he stayed in the room and let a maid read it to him”


    When mother finished explaining, she was, “Isn’t that strange?”. She gave me a look like that.

    Certainly…… if you ask me…… I may have been doing something a little bit weird …….


    “Is that so ~ that’s a promising future~”

    “Right? I can’t wait to see his Aptitude magic.”


    Aptitude magic huh …… what the heck will it be? I’m looking forward to it~.


    《Four Years Later》

    Finally, I turned five years old.

    Since then, I had been training my magic power or reading books in my study every day without leaving the house.

    Also, since I was able to talk, I asked my family, maids, and butlers about this world, the world in which I live, the country, and the Forster family.

    As a result, my future was looked at more promising by the family.

    However, in the beginning, my questions were simple and I was taught in a way that even a child could understand it with a smile, but as my questions gradually became more detailed, the adults found it difficult to answer and even the maids stopped approaching me when I was reading.

    However, Sebastian, the head steward, was sincere in answering any questions I had.

    Moreover, he “As soon as you think of a question, you solve them. The more knowledge you will have, the more power you’ll have to enrich your life. So don’t hesitate to use me to get your questions answered.” even cheered me on.

    And as I was wondering if there was magic in this world, the answer was there is.

    It seems that there are even monsters and Demon king as well.

    However, between the human world where humans live and the demon world where the demon king lives, there is a large mountain range and a large forest in between. There are many ferocious monsters and dragons living there, so it’s called the Demon Forest, the Mountains of Death, and it seems that humans and demons can’t interfere with each other.

    Also, since there is a Demon Lord, there are elves, dwarves, and beastmen.

    Each of them has their own country and village, but most of them live mixed in with humans.

    Next, there are three major nations in the human world, known as the Kingdom of Alvar, the Vector Empire, and the Garm Religion.

    The three nations are of the same population, the Kingdom of Alvar and the Vector Empire are so close to each other that they are always on the verge of war, and the Garm Religion has declared neutrality in order not to make an enemy of either of them.

    I live in the Vector Empire.

    It’s a nation focusing on magic, and if you have the ability to use magic, you can rise to the top, and the magic academies in the empire are of such a high level that people from all over the world come to study there. However, because it borders a huge forest that is the border between the demon world and the city, disasters caused by dragons and monsters often occur in it. Because of this, the east side of the empire never flourished, even though it had a large land area. …… Until some time ago …….

    Next is the Alvar Kingdom.

    Swordsmanship flourished in this country, and swordsmanship is prioritized in education over magic. If it were only about sword skills, no other country would be able to beat them. In addition, this country is also known as the land of heroes, as they can summon men and women heroes.

    Finally, the Garm Religion.

    This country has developed holy magic, and the churches in the town will heal anyone’s wounds for free. It is also a religious state, with most of its citizens adhering to the Garm religion, and their Pope ruling the country.

    And, about the Forster family.

    The first Forster was a Hero. And, he seems to be my grandfather.

    My hair is black because of my grandpa. My grandpa is apparently a former Japanese.

    And the story of how a hero became a nobleman is so famous that it became a story, and I read it too.


    “About fifty years ago, the Demon King suddenly appeared in front of the kings of the three major countries and declared war on them. Then the number of monsters increased, and then the monsters became more and more powerful. Flustered with this, the three countries decided to cooperate. First, the princess of the kingdom summoned a hero from another world to travel with her, along with the saint of the church and the mage of the empire. With the help of his friends, the hero defeated powerful monsters, gained strength, and finally defeated the Demon King in the Demon Forest. However, the hero who defeated the Demon King was involved in the battle for power in the kingdom and defected to the empire with the mage he fell in love. Then the hero married the mage, was conferred with a Marquess title by the Emperor, received a fiefdom bordering the demon forest, and protected the empire from disaster-grade demons and dragons until he retired.”


    This is what I put together.

    It’s like a story and it’s so cool! (It is a story)

    It’s amazing that this guy is my grandpa.

    Also, my grandpa is still alive!

    When I was born, he was knighted as a Duke as a reward for continuing to protect the country, and he’s been living in hiding in the imperial capital. By the way, it seems that I will be able to see him from now on.

    While checking up my aptitude magic ……



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