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    I’ve been sleeping most of every day since I became a baby. Therefore, I don’t know about it exactly, but I think it’s been six months since I was reincarnated.

    For the past six months, I’ve spent my waking hours concentrating on listening to the maids who take care of me, my mother who comes to check on me, and my sister. Thanks to this, although I can’t speak because I can’t move my tongue well, I can understand and hear simple words.

    And the information I was able to get was……,

    They call me Leo. My sister’s name is, apparently, Helena. I don’t know the names of my parents.

    My mother just said, “I’m your mother”, so I couldn’t know her name. My father was busy, and I hadn’t seen him since the first day of my reincarnation.

    And there’s a new fact!!


    『There’s magic in this world』


    When I first saw it, I was amazed. Since when I thought that the maid’s hands were glowing, my body started shining, and the next thing I knew, my body became clean. This confirms that this world was different from the one I remember. Moreover, it’s a world of magic.

    Ah, I can’t wait to be able to use magic…….


    《After two months》


    Finally, I’ve learned to crawl.

    Now that I can crawl, I would like to go on an adventure around the house!

    However, it would be with a maid’s supervision ……

    They allow me to move freely because it gives me more strength, but it is indeed dangerous, so a maid is supposed to accompany me outside the room.

    And as soon as I started exploring, I noticed something.

    This house is really big.

    I mean, how many rooms are there in this house? I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I exhausted myself and had the maid carry me to my room, over and over again.

    A week passed, and I found the room with what I was looking for. It was the 《Library》.

    What I want to get in this adventure was…… a book. With a book, I can learn about this world, especially about magic.

    I, at any rate, want to use magic as soon as possible!

    I walked into the study and jumped right into a book. However, although I found a book and opened it, I had completely forgotten that I couldn’t read the characters in this world. So, I turned to the nearby maid for help.

    The maid understood what I was trying to say and asked me, “Are you interested in this book, Leo-sama?”. I then nodded vigorously.


    “Ufufu, which one, this book about magic, right.”


    When I heard that, my eyes lit up. What a surprise, to think I’ve hit it in the first book I get.


    “Do you want me to read this? It’s fine. However, this book is difficult, so I think picture books would be more interesting, you know?”


    I shook my head, buzzing. I think it’s good to learn to read with picture books, but I’m more interested in learning about magic right now!


    “I understand. Then let’s go back to your room and read it.”


    Thus, we returned to my room with the treasure. And since the magic book was a thick book, I asked her to read it to me for several days.

    However, its content was still difficult. In the latter half of the book, I could not understand what she was saying at all.

    And in the book, it says, “Magic is the ability to do many things using the magic power inside your body. Magic power is something that everyone has, and that exists in nature. Then why do some people can use magic and others can’t …… It may simply be that they have less or more magic power, but what aptitude magic they have or not is most likely the reason. Aptitude magic is divided into the six attributes, which is fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness, as well as non-attributes and other unique attributes. Half the people in the world have one of the six attributes. Most people have no attribute. Unique attributes, are possessed by very few people. Some people, have more than one kind of attribute. Furthermore, some people have more than one unique attribute, which is very rare. When most people hear this, they will think that at least the non-attribute is something they can use. Non-attribute, is a magic that can be used on yourself to increase your muscle strength, eyesight and hearing. However, it takes a lot of training to use this freely, so most people give up on it. Moreover, most people are blessed with aptitude magic, but do not have the opportunity to learn how to use magic itself……” I think this is what it said, as far as I can tell.

    With this in mind, let’s take a look at what’s to come.

    First of all, I can’t know my attributes right now, so I’ll have to think about it in another time.

    If so, the best thing I can do now would be to train my magic power.

    However, I don’t know how to train my magic power ……

    What I don’t know is inevitable, so I have to figure it out on my own!

    So, first of all, I will try to find out where is the magic power inside my body.

    How am I supposed to find it, then?

    That is, I just have to look for any place where something doesn’t feel right between my previous life’s body and my current body!

    If it doesn’t work, I’ll just have to give up now and wait until I can read!

    With these thoughts in mind, I meditated and focused on my body.


    I feel a slight but uncomfortable sensation in my stomach.

    Furthermore, when I focused on my abdomen, I felt that there was something small around my navel.

    Is this magic power?

    It’s hard to believe, but since I can’t find anything else that seems like it, I’m going to assume that this mass is magic power.

    Well then, now that I’ve found the magic power, I’d like to address the main issue, which is how to train the magic power.

    But, regarding that, I have no idea……

    In times like these, that it’s time to change my way of thinking!

    Let’s not think in terms of what we should do, but in terms of what we can do with this mass right now.

    Even if it was a misstep that it had no effect on my magic power at all, let’s just say it was inevitable. I have no choice but to believe that it will become useful in some way.

    And if there’s one thing I can do with this mass, it’s to move it.

    The reason is simple; I can’t think of anything else to do with it……

    Well, let’s think about how to move the magic power for the meantime…… However, the only thing I can think of is to do something about it with my fighting spirit.

    For the time being, I think I’ll move the magic power with my fighting spirit.

    I close my eyes and focus my consciousness on the mass in my navel.

    And I kept thinking about things like 『Magic power! Move』 ……

    Then …… unbelievably, the mass moved, though only slightly.

    I,it move……!

    I was really surprised to see that it worked just by my sheer force of will. Well, it’s a good thing that it moved, though.

    It’s just, it’s so easy, isn’t it? it was just a thought inside my head?

    In this way, I easily succeeded in finding a method that would allow me to train ,y magic power, which was my purpose.

    I doubt the method I found, but since I have nothing else to do or doable at the moment, I’m going to try this for now. Well, you know what they say, continuity is power. I’m sure there are times when continuity becomes magic power!

    Every day after that, I kept moving my magic power for the few hours I could stay awake.

    Well, even if I said that I was moving it, the range of motion of the mass was very small; I could only shake it and hardly felt a sense of accomplishment, though……

    There are so many times I wondered if this training was really worth it.

    Still, I told myself, “Just a little more, just a little more,” and continued for a while, not giving up.

    Then, after a week…… I notice something.

    The magic power is getting bigger!!

    And its range of movement is getting wider!!

    The size of the magic power was definitely larger than my navel. Its range of motion had also grown to the point where I could move it freely around my navel.

    It seems like I can really increase my magic power with this magic training …….

    Now that I know this, I can continue this practice without doubting it.


    《Three months later》

    Finally, I was able to move the magic power throughout my body. And, the size of the magic power had grown to about four navel-sized pieces.

    However, as soon as it reached a certain size, the magic power stopped growing.

    Still, I didn’t throw myself into it, hoping that something might happen.

    Then —— I think the color or density of the magic power that I could feel was getting thicker? I felt that it was getting darker, I guess.

    And in terms of moving it, I’ve learned to move it all over my body, and I thought it would never expand anymore, but this time, I noticed that the speed at which I was moving my magic power was gradually increasing.

    Thus, this began my magic power growth drama.

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