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    Translated by Translated by Mlzkzr
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    “I will grant you special abilities and limited memories of your past life. How you choose to live with it, is up to you. I can’t wait to see what kind of life you will have……”


    (Special abilities? Memory? Life you will have?)


    I can’t think straight at all; what’s that voice?

    I tried my best to think, but that’s where I woke up.


    (What was that. A dream……)


    However, when I opened my eyes, I felt a lot of discomfort.

    First of all, I was surrounded by unfamiliar people.

    There was a handsome man with dark hair who looked to be in his late twenties, a woman(beautiful girl) with red hair who looked to be around twenty, and next to her was a girl of about five who looked to be their child.







    Eh!? The three of them are talking about something.

    They were waving at me, so I knew they were talking to me, but I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. At least it wasn’t a language I’d heard before, like Japanese or English.

    Why, am I in this place? I tried to remember about it…… but I couldn’t recall anything that might give me a clue at all.

    And when I was confused by this situation, the man reached out his hands and lifted me up lightly.

    Yes, this is the second discomfort.

    My body has turned into that of a baby!? Confused by this situation, I looked around for now.

    Then I started to feel that this place was different from my world.

    First of all, this room. There were no electrical or plastic appliances in the room.

    In addition to that, every single decoration in the room seemed to be made by craftsmen’s hands, not by machines.

    And then, there are the clothes of the three people surrounding me. No matter how I looked at it, it was a far cry from the clothes of the era I was in. It looked like something a nobleman would wear in a movie set in the Middle Ages.

    Could it be that I reincarnated in another world!? But I have no memories of when, where, or how did I die. I tried to remember, but then I realized I didn’t even know who I was and what I did. I also didn’t have any memories of my parents or friends. Then, I remembered that voice that came out in my dreams.


    (I will grant you special abilities and limited memories of your past life.)


    If I’m not mistaken, it said something like that. I don’t know what this ‘special abilities’ is all about, so let’s give up and think about something else. Besides abilities, it also said something about giving me limited memories of my previous life. Could it be that who I was isn’t included in these limited memories?


    Perhaps he was worried about me not reacting at all, the man brought his face closer.




    When I let out a good sound, the man happily turned his face to the two people next to him.

    If this is reincarnation, then is this man my father?

    I looked at the two people next to him.


    If so, those might be my mother and my elder sister.

    Then, I looked at my body. As I thought, it was completely small and rounded.


    Yes, this might really be a reincarnation to another world.

    Aah, I look forward to my life from now on…… I hope this is not a dream either……

    Also, I’m wishing there’s an unimaginably exciting life ahead……

    While hoping for that, my consciousness gradually faded away…….

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