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    It was definitely like that. The woman who used to cling onto the Duke to the point that anyone who sees her pities her.

    She proudly asserted herself and did not care about others.

    All those pretty accessories and colorful dressed she used to wear around, has been strangely removed too.

    But was that really a strategy to attract attention?

    He even wrote a contract as a document of breaking the engagement off. Isolet decided to answer Verndia honestly.

    “Aren’t you just attached to the Princess?”

    “In a day?”

    “Yes, well. People are different. Some fall in love at first sight, whereas others fall in love on later time. Or maybe her feelings for you were falling, but she exploded after holding it in.”

    ‘Is that why? Is that why she wanted to break up her marriage so much?’

    Verndia was lost in thought, touching his chin.

    ‘Surely. It’s strange to say that it’s just to attract my attention.’

    The report from the loyal lower rank, Crowe, which he had just received, made Verndia perplexed.

    Blacksmithing which specializes in ore, and the Magic Association.

    These were the places Psychke visited from the day she proposed the breakup up today.

    She wasn’t just trying to help him with words, she was moving into real action.

    In those actions, we found nothing that could pose a threat to Lestir, Crowe added.

    “That’s why I told you not to be concerned about her.”

    Half serious and half joking, Isolet muttered.

    Verndia, who deviated from his thoughts, responded in a tone of absurdity.

    “Concerned my foot. Who is concerned to whom?”

    He heard Isolet mumbling something, disagreeing at Verndia’s words.

    But Verndia heard it all with his ears and ignored it.

    Then, as soon as he arrived at his destination, the Magic Association, he opened the door without hesitation and entered.

    He simply ignored the rule of knocking three times before entering and waiting for an answer from inside.

    “Oh, my. Duke!”

    The freaked aide cried sadly.

    Wizards are usually high-esteemed tribes.

    In most cases, if people did not follow the rules they had set, they would not meet them, let alone receive a request.

    But Verndia is the crazy dog from the north and he didn’t care about it.

    Isolet followed him in a hurry, feeling like his lifespan was being cut off.

    “What’s wrong, Duke? With his aide?”

    As expected, the pink coned hat wizard in the lobby clearly showed signs of disapproval.

    If it was someone else who came in here on a whim, the wizard would have poured out magic to drive them away.

    The wizard only showed signs of unwelcoming them, but she knew that it won’t change anything if she’d be hostile towards Lestir.

    Verndia said his purpose of bathing in without hesitation.

    “I’m here to see Lia.”

    A medicine which temporarily quenches the flames of the heart. It’s a medicine that’s made to bless, and was handed from generation to generation to the Lestir Family, thus not anyone can make it.

    Lia Colt, known as a nerd among the Ice System Wizard.

    Only she could make it.

    In the present era.

    “Lia is away for the time being. She have works to do there.”

    “Then when is the day we can meet?”

    “But she has many scheduled things to do… oh right, the Duke’s fiancée. It was written that Lia would go to the Dukes’ fiancée. Weren’t you informed?”

    The wizard, who was checking by flipping through the list of registered wizards in the association, voiced his words.

    Verndia’s expression became dark at the unexpected words.

    Crowe’s report did not say anything related to that. It was because Crowe couldn’t sneak in due to the association’s rules and regulations.

    “No, I didn’t know.”


    The wizard’s face, who realized that he had accidentally leaked secrets with the customer, turned white.

    Verndia did not care and fell into his own thoughts again.

    ‘Is she trying to meet the Ice Barrier Wizard in the Northern? That place is the Flame Realm, is it not?’

    The use of ice magic for northern magic was a taboo among taboos.

    Not all, but most of them are known to be the type that gets stronger as it gets colder.

    ‘… In no way possible that you’re trying to raise more monsters in that area?’

    That’s how she planned to postpone the breakup as much as possible, right?

    The assumption of, ‘I am asking for breakup because I’d be out of touch’, hit his head hard.

    This was just a new way to attract his attention.

    ‘It was unexpected that she wasn’t caught even Crowe had stalked her.’

    He knew from a long time ago that she was smart.

    However, the actions she has shown have been very simple and transparent.

    It wasn’t even in the early stages of engagement, and I didn’t know it would come out like this

    I let my guard down.


    Verndia, who swept her hair roughly, clicked his tongue.

    “I should go to Silkisia.”

    “What? At this time?”

    It was well past dinner. Even if he leave right away, it will be midnight when he arrive.

    “I need to meet the princess.”

    “Why all of a sudden? Duke! Hang on. Hang on!“

    Isolet managed to catch him walking without hesitation.

    He seemed to be suspicious of her the moment he learned that she’d meet an ice wizard.

    “She must had thought about this thoroughly. Isn’t it just that she wants to talk about demonic matters? I must have not noticed.”


    “She’s dangerous.”

    Isolet never understand a word coming out from his mouth, but one things was certain.

    It is a great disrespect to visit a princess at this time.

    “Please let’s go tomorrow. I’ll write a letter of your arrival.”

    “No, don’t write.”


    “I don’t know what else I’m going to prepare.”

    He thought that he had to find excuse to be able to meet her if he’d inform her. So he decided to go unexpectedly.

    It was Isolet who didn’t comprehend what he said.

    He could not see why the lord valued the princess so highly, when she is known for her foolishness.

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