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    ~ Chapter 9 ~

    “What kind of attitude are you showing to your Older Brother, Psychke?!”

    “Calm down, Lenox!”

    Lillian, who was crying like a baby, clung onto him, preventing him to throw the teacup.


    Yzhar was greatly embarrassed at the unexpected unfolded scene, yet people’s eyes were already looking at them. It was already too late to stop this.

    The eyes of the people around them, twinkled upon hearing that Silkisia’s real princess returned, and it created a fuss in the family.

    Recognizing them, Yzhar whispered as if chewing on what he wanted to say next.

    “Sit down.”

    “But, brother!”

    “If you don’t sit down right away, you’ll be locked in you room for a week.”

    For a wild animal running around even with the order to stop, is best to be punished.

    Lenox sat down, grinding his teeth, glaring at Psychke.

    Yzhar glared at his younger brother, signaling him to stop being arrogant, and observed the surrounding with his sullen mood.

    People who met Yzhar’s glare, instantly turned their heads away. But of course, if they can’t witness what will happen between the siblings, they can just listen to them.

    They should not be worried about them, as Silkisia is like hyenas, otherwise their heads will be sent flying.

    Yzhar leaned toward Psychke. He also lowered his voice so that others could not hear it, fearing of damaging Silkisia’s image.

    “Let’s go back first and talk about the rest.”

    “No, I hope you finish what you want to say here, right now.”

    She particularly doesn’t want to waste her time on something useless. Psychke voiced her reply in a cold manner, looking at the man who ignored her for his entire life, and woke her back to reality that she couldn’t be recognized as one of Silkisia’s.

    “As per your description, I am not deserving to use the Hall. In that way, I will prove it.”


    Yzhar’s face was slightly distorted.

    “I will compete with the soldiers who were designated by my beloved brother. If I proved that I am better than them, then I am eligible to use the Hall however I like.”


    Yzhar who unconsciously raised his voice, shut up at once when he realized that they weren’t in the Silkisia mansion.

    Not missing anything from what she said, Psychke had nailed on defeating Yzhar.

    “I’m just following what you said.”

    It was said that she has problems thus she have no rights to use the Hall. And so was it wrong to use it if she prove?

    It would had been okay if she heard him spatting lawful reason for banning her to go to the Hall in the first place.

    Unable to reverse what he had already said, he chewed the tender flesh in his mouth.

    Then, what he only felt were the nearby aristocrats interesting gazes. He accepted it with shame in his heart.


    “What should I do?”

    It was after a few hours after breaking up with Psyche.

    Verndia, who was taking the lead in walking, drew wrinkles on his forehead with Isolet’s mischievous voice.

    “You don’t usually talk like that. The Duke’s ideal type is—”


    “—He like the kind of woman who wields sword, not only pretending to gain his attention, but is more than willing to join in real battles—”


    With his irritated tone, Isolet shut his mouth. However, he couldn’t last long and made fun of him by laughing.

    “It has been 10 years ago when I held back, but is it possible to compete with that Duke again?”

    That was ridiculous.

    Ten years ago, when Verndia was not still an adult.

    He once defeated the leader of one of the two imperial knights, Adenthal.

    Although it wasn’t an official duel, the leader still looked down on Verndia’s skill. Despite it was late, carelessness was also a skill that anyone has.

    If he was old, he would have been the head of the Adenthal as he was.

    It became a mess as it was impossible to set a minor in the position of a leader, not even being the Commander of them.

    He has nothing that he desire. He only wants to fulfill his duties as a Duke rather than a knight.

    He didn’t care about positions, but it’s obvious that he would labeled as negligence Duke if he leave his land.

    He was rather satisfied with receiving an honorary knight position of Adenthal.

    It was like that 10 years ago, but now it–

    “Were you trying to say that a Princess can be a swordmaster?”

    “No, that was not what I was saying.“

    Isolet whined as he watched Verndia, one of swordmasters, accepted his joke seriously.

    “I can hear you well.”

    “Yes, you have good ears, too.”

    Isolet groaned inside with his mouth shut. How did he become a servant to such a dirty boss? He must be sure to quit his jokes soon before he gets angry.

    Verndia, who doesn’t know what Isolet was thinking, recalled what happened a few hours ago. Thus, the moment he faced my fiancée’s scarred hands.

    If I left it alone, it would only be a scar…’

    Then the Duke was surprised and stopped walking, wondering what he was thinking.

    Isolet in the back was puzzled at Verndia’s unusual actions.

    “Is something wrong?”

    “… It’s about Princess Psychke…”

    After a while, the answer came back.

    He asked Isolet to stop teasing him about the princess, but here we go again with the topic of the Princess. Isolet frowned.

    Verndia, who did not see it, said seriously.

    “I think she have changed her strategy.“

    “What strategy?”

    “Strategy that catches my attention.”


    “Other than that, people won’t change overnight.”

    What is this……. Isolet pondered solemnly over the Psychke he saw today and a few days ago.

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