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    ~ Chapter 6 ~

    I barely endured the cold sweat creeping me all night. And it was already morning.

    Psychke struggled to open her eyes. There was a cold tea cup and a letter on the desk.


    Blue eyes read the contents of the letter. An expressionless face was gently reflected on the brown surface of the tea.

    After looking at the letter for a long time, she did not drink the tea and abandoned it near a vase on the desk.

    Although her headache was severe from the teas, I no longer wanted to receive something from this family at no cost. It was still awful.

    Then she picked up the letter. The royal seal with a golden lion painted against the background of the shield was removed and the inside was examined.

    On the inside page, it was written that all the nobles of the empire were invited to the second prince’s, the son of the Emperor, coming-of-age ceremony banquet to be held in a few months.

    ‘I couldn’t go there before.’

    That was because a certain someone tore her dress apart the day before the banquet.

    Psychke was speculating that it might had been done by an employee who kept her eyes on her closely, who couldn’t let go of her even though the real princess appeared.

    Yzhar who greatly values the prestige and reputation of the family, was not a man who wouldn’t her to be absent by violating the order of the Emperor.

    Lenox was a human being who would rather break an armor with his arms and legs, rather than do the hassle of tearing off a dress.

    ‘Neither did I thought that it was Lillian. If that was the case, then the fake Princess will shine even more than the real one.’

    Nevertheless, Psychke was not going to attend the banquet again this time.

    In social circles, there were several people who felt an indescribable joy by staining a princess who was in a high position but was not recognized by her family.

    It was more reasonable and profitable to do the work she promised to the Duke of Verndia, than to be insulted by those people.

    But her family didn’t seem to think so.

    “Where are you going?”

    I was about to leave the room in my outdoor clothes when I heard a voice.

    Psyche ran into Yzhar, who was also ready to go out.

    Behind him were Lillian and Melissa in the same outfit. Apparently, Melissa seemed to have established herself as Lillian’s exclusive maid.

    “I have a place to go to.”

    As long as she did not harm the prestige of the family, Yzhar would not care what she does at all.

    They just attached guards in their carriage disguised as escorts to prevent accidents from happening.

    So I thought that this would be the same as what had occurred before.

    “Didn’t you hear it from the butler?”

    Yzhar, who crumpled his forehead, expressed his displeasure. His black eyes shook with annoyance.

    Obviously, the butler would have only said what he had to say while I was sleeping. So I answered back calmly.

    “I didn’t hear it.”

    “That’s strange. The butler told you for sure.”

    “May I know what it is about?”

    “I’m trying to match your clothes for the Prince’s banquet.”

    “I see.”

    When I said I would give everything to Lillian, I felt good and wondered if she was trying to match a new dress. I’m not going to go to the banquet, so what’s the point of all the dresses?

    It will be fine if the tailor will not be in the mansion at the promised time. Thinking so, Psychke casually inquired.

    “What time will the tailor come?”

    “No, we’re going in person.”


    “To show Lillian around and to greet people.”

    When she was ordered to walk around in the middle of the day with the real princess, Psychke gave a blank expression on her face.

    Why does the person who always values the prestige of the family tries to create such a situation? I didn’t understand him.

    “I originally planned on going only with Lillian, but Lillian asked me to go with you and Lenox. In which you can be thankful.“

    “Yesterday, you seemed to be in so much pain, so I wanted to go with you.” Lillian, who mumbled silently from behind Yzhar, smiled mischievously.

    Really, I felt like I kept losing my words when I was facing her.

    Psychke looked at Lillian from afar with her lips slightly opened.

    Then she licked her dry lips and said to Yzhar, who was waiting for her appreciations.

    “Thank you for your consideration, but I don’t need a new dress. The existing ones are enough.“

    “If you don’t want to be harmonious with the family, don’t force yourself. But, it’s been a while since the family went out.”

    At his not-so sincere words, Psychke realized one thing.

    Yzhar wanted to show a Duke’s etiquette that harmonizes well in the family even after the real princess returned, rather than the turmoil that will arise when the real princess and the fake princess go around together.

    At the same time, boasting it that he was one of the Duke’s family that embraces the useless fake princess without abandoning her.

    I thought I put everything down.

    I was choked that he saw me as a tool, not a person with character. Psychke muttered in a trembling voice.

    “I’m sorry. I have something urgent to do.”

    “Is it more important than harmonizing with your family?”


    Yzhar’s face hardened due to the deviation of her words, who was usually obedient.

    He gave a firm voice as if scolding the child who had done wrong.


    However, Psyche, who always had to change her words when this happens, was oddly quiet.

    It was the expression of rejection of changing her words.

    It has been incredibly annoying to her when she realized how she was treated in this household, but it was not a fake reaction, more than that, or less than that.

    It was heartbreaking to see my younger Sister rejecting me, who should have acted like what she was doing all the time.

    Yzhar looked down proudly at Psychke while moving his long fingers.

    In my mind, I wanted to educate her right now.

    However, it was not possible because Lillian was waiting behind him and Lenox was waiting on the first floor.

    Eventually, he decided to take a step back. Just now then.

    “… As soon as you’re finished with the urgent thing you need to do, come to Madame Bell’s boutique.”

    Psychke silently bowed. I didn’t raise her head until the regular footsteps in the hallway subsided.

    No matter what happens. No matter what’s the cost.

    I will never follow the words of the people in this house.


    Waiting for the carriage of her brothers to move away, she went out of the mansion. As Yzhar didn’t escort her because he was so angry, I became more at ease.

    She headed straight to the Magic Association.

    To find out what kind of ice magic can be inserted into the bodies of the monsters.

    And advice on how to deal with the wizard-type monster, the Asum monster.

    Unfortunately, I could not meet the wizard.

    It was because the Ice Barrier Wizard was absent to answer her eager question.

    Once every half a year, wizards of each attribute gather from all over the world to have a meeting, which is this week.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t help it.

    After making a reservation, Psychke turned and headed for the jewelry store. I really wanted to see the moonstone, which I had only seen in books.

    However, Psychke failed to achieve her goal again this time. As soon as she arrived at the jewelry store, several noble ladies who appeared from somewhere, surrounded her.

    “Oh, my. Who is this? You’re the Princess, right?”

    Yellow eyes that seemed to be made by melting pumpkins with her gray hair which comes down to her chest.

    Of all things, it was Marquis Miss Hilvia Esland, who bothered her the most in the society circle.

    Hilvia glowed her eyes like a fox who found her prey.

    Then she covered her mouth with a fan and bent her eyes. The ladies with her also laughed and added words.

    “All of your family were in the boutique. Why are you here alone?”

    “Hey, you can’t say that. The princess might not had known.“

    “Or maybe you came out to find your family?”

    Psychke casually skimmed through the women laughing at her.

    Then she slightly sighed so that no one could bother her anymore and turned around blatantly. It was an action to get out of place.

    “Are you ignoring us?”

    As expected, Hilvia, who was offended, blocked her way when there was no response coming from her.

    Psychke looked closely at her, who has the same similar height as her. Her blue eyes, which were always filled with sadness, anxiety, and sorrow, was only expressionless.


    “Ha, then why didn’t you say anything… Huh?

    “I said I’ll ignore you.”

    I left the frozen Hilvia alone and moved my feet. Other ladies except Hilvia hurriedly blocked Psychke again.

    “Princess, I didn’t view you that way. Aren’t you being too rude?”

    “How can you say that you’re ignoring her personally?”

    I don’t care.

    “Get out of my way.”

    Psychke took a step. It was a waste of her time facing them.

    However, she had no choice but to stop walking by the evil cry of Hilvia when she had decided to walk away.

    “You’re rude at me because you’re sad at your engagement with Duke of Verndia that was going to break off?”

    What do you mean broken marriage? Did he spread the promise he made with me to others?

    Her shaking gaze reached Hilvia. When embarrassment came to her mind on her expressionless face, Hilvia’s pumpkin eyes flashed horribly.

    “Oh my, I guess you didn’t know yet. Unfortunately, there are rumors that the Duke will soon welcome his new fiancée. Well, it’s amazing that you two were engaged even though you knew that you’re just a fake.“

    Psychke’s expression changed strangely when he said ‘new fiancee’. An odd expression that she can’t clearly display.

    One thing was certain that it was not the anger, frustration, or grief that Hilvia wanted. Rather, it was more of a positive expression.

    Without noticing this, Marquis Miss raised the corners of her mouth violently. She approached Psychke and tapped her chest with the end of her fan.

    “Do you understand now? Pretending to be the princess is now finished. As long as Princess Lillian and Duke of Verndia get engaged, even your brazen face—”

    “Who said they’d be engaged to whom?”

    Suddenly, a man’s voice was heard from behind Psychke. It was a voice that both women knew well- a confrontation voice.

    They looked up at the direction from which the sound came from.

    “You seemed to be telling very interesting stories. I’d love to them hear from you.”

    There was Verndia, smiling beautifully, and Isolet, who helplessly called out ‘Lord, Lord!’ with his paled face.

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