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    ~ Chapter 13 ~

    She seriously think that he had eaten something wrong.

    She then turned to the man, Verndia, who was still staring at her with his hot eyes, sending him back and she went back to the Hall afterwards.

    She knew that it was indeed the time for the soldiers to return since the sun has went down. But, she just thought that Aiden might still be there.

    Unfortunately, the Hall was empty.

    Wanting to relieve her disappointment, she simply went back to her room. But when her sight caught a glimpse of the note plastered on her desk, her expression stiffened.

    「Master took the tea because he had something to check.」

    Before meeting with Verndia, it was the reply from her order to have the tea bottle.

    ‘It’s the tea leaves that you used to give to me. What is there to check then?’

    This has never happened before she returned back time. Despite being locked in that solitary room, Yzhar gave her that tea continuously in the name of her being sick, and she drank it until she died.

    She couldn’t believe that he’d removed the tea as soon as she noticed it.

    Was my timing right by chance? Or…’

    Psychke casually looked at the vase on the desk. The vase, which should be decorated with dead flowers, was already empty.

    Melissa could not have cleaned it up on her own accord, and must be an order from Yzhar.

    She felt that her mouth was bitter. She didn’t know it would come out like this.

    ‘She shouldn’t have thrown the tea leaves that were on the teacup.’

    Or wet the tea on a piece of paper.

    All that left were the pungent taste, the aroma of tea, and the feeling of dizziness when I drank it.

    It would disappear over time, and there will be no evidence.

    There’s nothing I can do if it’s inevitable anyway.’

    It is useless to regret an irreversible thing.

    She decided to comfort herself. If from now on, and she saw suspicious signs, she must leave evidences.

    In fact, she have tea leave right in her hand, but even if it was identified, nothing would change.

    ‘Even if they ask me about that tea, it’s just deserving to say that I don’t know anything about it. I shouldn’t be the one apologizing for poisoning them accidentally… and besides…’

    She had been drinking that tea for over a decade.

    Although, the tea seemed toxic considering that the flower died.

    Only implies that the tea isn’t that toxic looking that she had been drinking it over a decade, and she was still alive.

    She don’t know if detoxification it will be easy. One could easily tell how much poison they had accumulated in their body through asking the priest.

    She should go to the temple as soon as she finish her work tomorrow. With determination, Psychke closed her eyes.


    It was early in the morning the next day.

    “Who is this Lia? Isn’t she that woman who seemed addicted to revealing the Duke’s secret whenever she’s bored? And you like to meet that kind of person with the Princess?”


    “But in the meantime, you’ve only touched those things that I can fix.”

    In the corner of the Magic Association lobby, which was decorated with a red carpet, there was an aide who looked like he had died ten years ago.

    “I don’t know now. Even if the Princess will take advantage of you if she was informed by your weakness, I really don’t know now.”


    Verndia, who cut off the aide’s words, jutted.

    The owner of the shiny silver hair, who stood out from a distance, was opening the door and entering the lobby.

    Isolet banged his hands on his chest in frustration, and Verndia threw him  away as if comforting him.

    “Don’t worry. I won’t let you talk.”


    Isolet’s face turned pale and he was about to fall and die with a vase, but Verndia didn’t spare him a glance.

    She passed though the aide calmly and arrived in front of her fiancé.

    “Seeing the Princess early in the morning, I could tell that today will surely be a good day.”

    verndia, who folded his eyes attractively, whispered to her sweetly.

    Psychke looked at him with her cold eyes.

    “Good morning, Duke.”

    In front of the eyes of others, he was a perfect lover and fiancé.

    She didn’t want to go with the flow and greeted him casually.

    “Did you practice swordsmanship yesterday?”

    “Yes, I do it every day.”

    “I’ve never heard that the princess wields a sword from either your family members or from your father ….”

    “They don’t like me using swords.“

    While the two were talking, a wizard from the association approached them. It was to guide them where Lia was.

    Verndia followed her and recalled the strange words he had just heard.

    Why don’t they like her using swords?’

    It could not be said that men and women were equal.

    It’s not because there was no Knight to protect her, besides Silkisia was a family that is known for their swordsmanship.

    Although they became less famous because they only occupies the title of one of the Swords Masters.

    Lenox had no talent for swordsmanship, and even Yzhar, who would become Duke of Silkisia in the future, failed to take up the rank of commander of the Knights Templar when he tried.

    There were dark clouds over the future of the family famous for their swordsmanship. Shouldn’t they cheer and encouraged whether Psychke was a real child or an adopted child?

    ‘……No, there’s one.’

    Come to think of it, there was a reason not to be happy that a fake princess wields a sword in Silkisia.

    ‘If the princess exceeds the talent of the Head of the family. That must be the reason.’

    When his thoughts reached to that point,

    “You can go in here.”

    A cold voice awakened him.

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